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  1. Thanks for this, i did pick up a couple great ideas! And a great utility....
  2. Just ran a quick test, and factory mode might be what I'm looking for..
  3. Just thinking of something as I research this a bit, it might be a stretch but would Factory mode be any advantage to me with this issue?
  4. Supporting Older Hardware

    I'll give UniExtract a try and let you know, thank you. Thanks for the info about the $OEM$ too, just starting to learn how to use this actually :-) Can you tell? LOL
  5. Just curious, and I have asked this before in other forums, but does anyone here know of a way to get a executable to run specifically before (or even at the same time) as the prompt for the workstation name in mini setup? I've added the exe to the cmdlines.txt file and if I sysprep using the -pnp switch, because of the time it takes to get to the workstation name prompt, my exe has run. Without the -pnp switch, which is my normal routine, the exe runs just AFTER the workstation name prompt. The exe is CapsLock.exe. I want to ensure my admins are typing in workstation names in caps, if the caps lock is on for them, there's no worries. That's just the way it is in this environment, so if anyone has some advice when/how I can run that exe, please let me know. Thanks a bunch! I've been trying for a very long time :-)
  6. Thank you. So am I reading this correct? Essentially haldetect.vbs performs the "[sysprep] BuildMassStorageSection=yes" function?
  7. I'm thinking this is a good place to post this, hopefully. I've been working on getting one master image that I can use across many machine types, all Dell desktops, and I've been pretty successful so far thanks in large part to this site. I've just encountered a new situation that I'm not sure how to handle. I created this master image on one particular machine, have all the drivers I need for the other machines, and the correct entries in my [sysprep] BuildMassStorageSection=yes and [sysprepMassStorage] sections (also I've dropped using -bmsd as it appears you don't need to run it if these sections are populated correctly) When I sysprep this master machine and shut it down I capture the image, and I can deploy it to all my workstations without issue. Actually I'm using the runonceex key, and I have my drivers for each machine packaged in executables, the setup autodetects the model type and installs the correct drivers. It's actually great to watch, looks very professional. As long as I take that sysprepped image out in the field I'm set. I do have a copy of the very same image that's not sysprepped, just in case. Here's the problem I just ran into. I traveled to a new site, they have specialized applications. If i deploy the sysprepped image I'd have to run through setup, the drivers would install and I'd end up with a "final" machine...now yes I could install what I wanted, resysrep it and as long as they are all that same machine type I'd be set. But I'm thinking there's something I can do with that plain vanilla PRE sysprepped copy...Any thoughts? My thought was to put it on a machine, install what I needed, sysprep it and off I go. But it blue screens as it's not the same type of machine that master was built on. It's almost as if I need a NON sysprepped image that has sort of a BuildMassStorageSection=yes property to it...if that makes sense. Thanks for any and all thoughts :-)
  8. Supporting Older Hardware

    Oops my bad, i did the wrong directory....but i'll make it even simpler as i found this, for a new broadband card thats integrated to the dell e6400 laptop, heres the driver exploded: 03/31/2009 02:49 PM <DIR> . 03/31/2009 02:49 PM <DIR> .. 03/31/2009 02:49 PM 0 1 04/30/2008 10:45 AM 27,081,774 setup.exe 04/17/2008 08:53 AM 918 systemid.zip 08/13/2008 12:08 PM 421 Version.txt 4 File(s) 27,083,113 bytes 2 Dir(s) 29,525,884,928 bytes free Essentially just a setup.exe. Here's whats in version.txt: Title: Communications: Dell Wireless 5720 VZW Mobile Broadband (EVDO Rev-A) MiniCard DRVR Version : A01 OEM name : Dell Wireless 5720 VZW Mobile Broadband (EVDO Rev-A) MiniCard OEM Version: Build#021 Computers : Latitude E6400, E6500, E4300, E4200, E5400 OSes : Windows Vista 32-bit,Windows XP x64,Windows Vista 64-bit,Windows XP Languages : English Created : Friday, November 07, 2008 I'm guessing this isn't a driver then, just a software pack....but then again it could have driver files in the setup.exe, I just cant figure out how to explode it :-)
  9. Supporting Older Hardware

    Anyone have thoughts on how I can support some of the older hardware I have in my environment? Some of it is, believe it or not, years old, and the company that makes it isn't even around. Yeah, I know tell them to buy new stuff :-) But in the meantime, take this one usb device that may or may not be attached to a machine....as of now I'll put my base image down on it, reboot and when it finds the hardware I'll run through the installation. Obviously I'd rather have it just autodetect to when the PC comes out of mini setup it will auto detect and install the software. Here's a dir listing for the install files for that usb device 01/31/2000 05:00 AM 25,600 borlndmm.dll 07/08/2005 09:16 AM 1,496,064 cc3250mt.dll 07/06/2007 10:02 AM 23,040 DocDetectDll.dll 06/26/2007 04:45 PM 49,152 ErrorHandlerDll.dll 12/22/2005 04:58 PM 92 Ftdiun2k.ini 09/02/2005 03:44 PM 77,824 FTDIUNIN.exe 07/18/2003 01:55 PM 1,700,352 gdiplus.dll 07/06/2007 10:01 AM 25,088 GPIODLL.dll 06/26/2007 04:45 PM 65,536 ImgDll.dll 03/30/2009 09:00 PM 3,834 INSTALL.LOG 06/26/2007 04:46 PM 14,336 LedDll.dll 08/19/2004 01:39 PM 57,344 lfbmp14N.dll 08/23/2004 11:36 AM 401,408 Lfcmp14n.dll 08/19/2004 01:39 PM 102,400 lffax14N.dll 08/19/2004 01:40 PM 262,144 LFJ2K14N.dll 08/19/2004 01:40 PM 163,840 lftif14N.dll 09/28/2006 04:04 PM 1,073,152 libeay32.dll 08/24/2004 03:33 PM 1,703,936 LTCLR14N.dll 08/12/2004 01:33 PM 299,008 LTDIS14N.dll 08/19/2004 01:37 PM 282,624 ltefx14N.dll 08/19/2004 01:37 PM 167,936 ltfil14N.DLL 08/19/2004 01:37 PM 950,272 ltimg14N.dll 08/23/2004 05:56 PM 495,616 ltkrn14N.dll 08/02/2006 11:20 AM 434,245 lucamapi.dll 08/19/2004 01:38 PM 274,432 Lvkrn14N.dll 03/18/2003 09:20 PM 1,060,864 MFC71.dll 09/16/2003 09:07 AM 499,712 msvcp71.dll 02/21/2003 04:42 AM 348,160 msvcr71.dll 06/26/2007 04:45 PM 163,840 OCRdll.dll 11/02/2005 09:50 AM 147,456 Reader.dll 06/26/2007 04:46 PM 45,056 ReaderDll.dll 06/11/2007 11:31 AM 23,552 RTDecodeWrapper.dll 06/26/2007 05:21 PM 40,448 RTE8000ePassportAPI.dll 07/06/2007 10:02 AM 192,512 RTE8000LowLevelAPI.dll 06/26/2007 05:21 PM 479,744 RTePassportAPI.dll 06/26/2007 04:46 PM 11,264 SecurityDll.dll 06/08/2006 02:26 PM 90,112 SetEnv2K.exe 06/26/2007 04:45 PM 69,632 SettingsDll.dll 06/26/2007 04:46 PM 21,504 SoundDLL.dll 09/28/2006 04:04 PM 200,704 ssleay32.dll 05/10/2001 10:04 AM 162,304 UNWISE.EXE 06/27/2007 10:41 AM 208,896 USVISIT-12.dll 06/27/2007 10:41 AM 208,896 USVISIT.dll 07/08/2005 10:16 AM 2,023,424 vcl50.bpl 07/08/2005 10:16 AM 248,832 vclx50.bpl If I put all those files into C:\Drivers\usb and set OemPnPDriversPath=C:\Drivers\usb it doesn't seem to work, notice no ing file for this legacy piece of hardware....anyone have any thoughts?
  10. Sysprep -bmsd

    Figured this one out by complete happen stance. Putting that section in isn't enough, you need the blank [sysprepMassStorage] section too. Which makes the -bmsd switch essentially useless, you don't need it if these sections are present.
  11. petmphive bart pe issue

    Hi all, Just thought I'd post something I found here, surprisinly I haven't found too many petmphive issues on MSFN, though I've found a bunch at http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php? Just to clarify, I'm not using a dell cd, I'm using good old fashioned Windows XP SP2 right out of the box as the source, and I'm builing Bart on a Panasonic laptop. I like playing around with PE Builder and have successfully built many an ISO on this laptop. Then I got the idea to have an all inclusive cd and started building up my list of plugins. I know what some might say, but just as a test I copied the plugin directory from my UBCD installation figuring I'd have one enormous amount of plugins. Then I got the dreaded petmphive error with the registry when Bart was building. Everything I read points to a Dell reinstallation CD as the source, or it's being built on a Dell....neither apply in my case, so the only thing that's left is one of the plugins. This is where it gets strange. I not only disabled, but I removed all of the UBCD plugins, and I still get the error. I even went as far as installing a clean new version of Bart to a different folder, and sure enough, I get the petmphive error! Obviously something was changed on my system (or the source ISO?) but I can't for the life of me figure out why. Just wondering if anyone's encountered this? Haven't had much of a chance to troubleshoot just yet, but I'll be back.. Thanks
  12. I have bitmaps...

    I know how to change my XP boot logo, and if someone had a picture I wanted I'd be set. But I'd like one for the agency I work for. I have the bitmaps and a mental image of what I'd like. I just can't get the pic/color palette looking the way i want... Anyone out there want to tackle the job of creating the pictures for me? As I said, I have a couple of ideas how I'd like it to look, but by all means, artistic license and all, run with it...I'll give you the original bitmaps with the logos I want incorporated... If not, no worries, just thought I'd throw it out there.... Thanks :-)
  13. Sysprep -bmsd

    I just noticed something while looking at my sysprepped harddrive while it was shutdown...I booted to BartPE, and took a look at the HDD, specifically my sysprep.inf file which contains the section [sysprep] BuildMassStorageSection=yes I ran sysprep -bmsd at the cmd prompt, then sysprep -mini -reseal -forceshutdown -quiet Shouldn't the mass storage section be populated?
  14. Sysprep question

    So in essence, my goal of not having the admin password listed in clear text is never going to happen? Because the auto logon feature is a must, and I know I can't encrypt the pwd and auto logon....man! I have been beating myself up over this! Thank you....