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  1. Thanks for reply, Re 10 - I just found PESum 0.2 command line utility that correct the PE header checksum. And now I have tested ModifyPE and it works on Windows 98 as well and have more useful functions, good find. Re 11 - Sysinternals? Sigverif.exe is part of all MS OSes, I tested Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows Vista versions and only Windows XP version can be used for checking the signed packages with logging the result to a file, unfortunately the log contains only the information if the signature is valid, and who signed the file. There is no information about the date when the package was signed. Edit: Sysinternals tool is Sigcheck 1.3, it displays the required information, but does not work on Windows 98 SE, just quietly dies. Although there seems to be no unresolved references. Edit2: Sigcheck.exe dos not work correctly even on Windows XP if the tested file has different character set than US ASCII (1252). Re 15 - I think INF files cannot use the information from DLLs, there is some strange construction with registry entries check and chained INF files but I was not able to understand to it. Typical task is to install one file version for Windows 98 Standard Edition and different file for Windows 98 Second Edition. The information from kernel32.dll is used by wextract.exe to check if the whole package is intended for this platform. Regards, Petr
  2. It would be nice to make to work with Win9x - generic USB 2.0 (EHCI) drivers - HD Audio support - generic SATA driver - Intel 915G/915GM video drivers - new Intel network adapters, like Intel 1000 PRO/GT - Intel Matrix storage driver Any chance? Petr
  3. Does anybody know how to do the following things? 1. How to compile examples in Windows 98 DDK? I tried clean install with VC4.2, clean install with Visual Studio 6.0, and still most of the files are not compiled and I received many errors. I've read the documentation but no success yet. 2. How to compile UMSS from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/257751 ? 3. How to compile KEYBOARD.SYS file from the source referenced at http://digg.com/security/MS_DOS_6_0_appear...gle_Code_Search ? (I'd like to unify Win98 and DOS mode keyboards) 4. How to compile COUNTRY.SYS from the source above? 5. How to create/decompile/compile KEYBOARD.SYS file? 6. How to create/decompile/compile COUNTRY.SYS file? 7. How to create/decompile/compile LOCALE.NLS file? 8. Is there any editor for *.KBD, KEYBOARDSYS, COUNTRY.SYS, LOCALE.NLS files? 9. How the PE executable file checksum is calculated? I'd like to check it (and correct if wrong) in my program. 10. Is there any utility that would just correct the PE file checksum and nothing else? All utilities I found so far changed many other things too. Both command line version and GUI version would be nice. I just located pesum utility that corrects the PE checksum: ftp://ftp.sac.sk/pub/sac/utilprog/pesum2.zip 11. Is there any command line utility that would check the digital signature of the file and outputs the signature validity, date and signer name? 12. Does anybody know how to create .CAT files and (root) certificates for use in Windows 98? 13. Does anybody know how is calculated the checksum in INF files? 14. Does anybody know how to unpack the IO.SYS (WINBOOT.SYS) in Windows Me and replace the text strings? It is necessary for patch localization. 15. Does anybody understand how Microsoft Iexpress packages - updates - distinguish between 98 x 98SE and 95 x 95b x 95c? 16. Does anybody have Windows 95 or 98 (any version) in Basque, Catalan or Vietnamese languages? 17. Does anybody have Windows 95 or 98 or Me (any version) in Greek version, codepage 869 (IBM Greek)? All Greek Windows versions from MSDN are supporting codepage 737 known also as 437G only. 18. Does anybody have bootable Win98/SE/Me CD but NOT OEM version? If yes please send me the boot image. 19. Does anybody have good idea where to place all 20 language versions 98FE, 98SE, Me (95) if I will finish them, 25 language versions of IE 4.01SP2, IE 5.01SP2, IE5.5 SP2 that are no longer available from Microsoft, any maybe also all stanalone updates in various languages? It could be about 10 GB altogether. 20. Does anybody have any language versions of the latest IE 5.5 SP2 Cumulative update IE5.5sp2-KB905915-WindowsME-x86-ENU.exe other than ENU, ESN, CSY, JPN, SKY, SLV? 21. Was anybody able to debug the Windows Update v4 process, especially where is stored the information about the required test for each update and the download loaction? For WU v3.1 it was easy, there are files like http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/R1150/v.../0x00000409.gng (product 90719 = Windows 98, language 0409 = US English) but WU v4 goes via https and even proxomitron is not able to trace it. 22. Is there any Windows tool like linux strace command, that would be able to trace all the system calls? 23. Does anybody know (exactly) how to use debug builds? 24. Does anybody have experience with MS Hardware Compatibility Tests for Windows 95/98/Me and is able to proceed them successfully for all modified drivers located here? 25. Does anybody have an idea either how make Windows 2000 universal EHCI (USB 2.0) drivers to work on Windows 98 (SE), or how to remove the hardware id restriction from Orangeware drivers? 26. Does anybody have USB floppy drive and can verify if the Maximus Decim's NUSB works with it? 27. Does anybody have an idea how to modify ESDI_506.PDR (or create new one) to support generic SATA controllers/drives? Regards, Petr
  4. I have listed the missing functions here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=308713 Petr
  5. Maybe I don't understand exactly what is written here but I see the following bug: If I go directly to some forum like http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=91 as I was always used to go I'm not automaticaly logged in - even though the "Remember me?" checkbox was checked during the previous login. I use SeaMonkey 1.0.7, I cleared the cache with no change, this bug appears on all of my computers, both Windows 98 and Windows XP. Is there any way how to force the old behavior or is it necessary to log in every day manually? Other change (not nice to me) is that the "quote" and "code" buttons do not insert separately starting tag on first click and ending tag on second click, but both tags together. Is this intentional? Is there any way how to force the old behavior? The last question, I don't know if related to the last upgrade - is there any possibility to set the time/date format? phpBB has the possibility to use PHP formats like "d.m.Y H:i:s". Regards, Petr
  6. I don't know Compaq but all Gigabyte motherboards for PII processors (GA-686LX, GA-686BX series) had BIOS upgrade with HDD support up to 137 GB. Sometimes it is good to read release notes or changelog to BIOS updates. Petr
  7. I'm not sure what do you mean. IE 6 SP1 contains the following system updates: AXA.CAB - DirectAnimation (98) AXA3.CAB - DirectAnimation (98) CRLUPD.CAB - Windows CRL Update (98, Me) HHUPD.CAB - Internet Explorer Help Engine (98) ICWCON.CAB - Internet Connection Wizard (98) IEDOM.CAB - Microsoft Windows High Encryption (128-bit) Pack (98) MPLAYER2.CAB - Windows Media Player (98) OAINST.CAB - OLE Automation (98) SCR56EN.CAB - Microsoft Windows Scripting Support (98, Me) TS95.CAB - Task Scheduler (98) USP10.CAB - Uniscribe (98, Me) Language Auto-Selection Arabic Text Support Hebrew Text Support Japanese Text Display Support Korean Text Display Support Pan-European Text Display Support Thai Text Support Vietnamese Text Support Chinese (Simplified) Text Display Support Chinese (Traditional) Text Display Support Japanese Text Input Support Korean Text Input Support Chinese (Simplified) Text Input Support Chinese (Traditional) Text Input Support For Windows 95, there are the following IE5.5SP2 cabinets available: AXA.CAB DirectAnimation AXA2.CAB DirectAnimation Java Classes AXA3.CAB DirectAnimation DCOM95.EXE DCOM for Windows 95 DXDDEX.CAB DirectDrawEx DXMINI.CAB DirectX Layer HHUPD.CAB Internet Explorer Help Engine ICWCON.CAB Internet Connection Wizard IE4MFC40.CAB Foundation Class Libraries IE4SHL95.CAB Windows Desktop Update IEDOM.CAB Microsoft Windows High Encryption (128-bit) Pack MDAC_IE5.CAB MDAC MPCDCS.CAB Windows Media Player Codecs MPLAYER2.CAB Windows Media Player MSN_AUTH.CAB MSN Site Access NM30.CAB NetMeeting OAINST.EXE OLE Automation TS95.CAB Task Scheduler USP10.CAB Uniscribe VMX86_01.CAB Microsoft virtual machine VMX86_02.CAB Microsoft virtual machine WEBFLDRS.CAB Web Folders Is this the information you are looking for? Petr
  8. Petr

    DVD player

    Thank you, I just tried MPC and it seems to work. Petr
  9. Petr

    DVD player

    Unfortunately: Before installing Zoom Player Standard Windows 98 SE DVDPlay.exe plays audio and not video. After installing Zoom Player Standard Windows 98 SE DVDPlay.exe plays video and not audio. Petr
  10. List of processes on Windows 98 SE - Typical install including Microsoft TCP/IP networking: PID PRIO THR NAME ff0ff299 high 13 4 c:\windows\system\kernel32.dll ffff8621 norm 8 1 c:\windows\system\msgsrv32.exe ffffb1b1 norm 8 1 c:\windows\system\mprexe.exe ffffab79 norm 8 1 c:\windows\system\mmtask.tsk fffe0285 norm 8 2 c:\windows\system\mstask.exe fffe2c99 real 24 3 c:\windows\system\ddhelp.exe fffe3709 norm 8 2 c:\windows\system\spool32.exe fffe4a11 norm 8 5 c:\windows\explorer.exe fffd54f5 norm 8 1 c:\windows\taskmon.exe fffd152d norm 8 1 c:\windows\system\systray.exe Windows XP default install: PID PRIO THR NAME 4 norm 8 53 system 138 norm 11 3 smss.exe 17c norm 13 10 csrss.exe 194 high 13 26 winlogon.exe 1c0 norm 9 15 services.exe 1cc norm 9 24 lsass.exe 264 norm 8 20 svchost.exe 2e8 norm 8 9 svchost.exe 328 norm 8 67 svchost.exe 358 norm 8 6 svchost.exe 3ac norm 8 18 svchost.exe 4e8 norm 8 15 explorer.exe 504 norm 8 14 spoolsv.exe 5d8 norm 8 1 rundll32.exe 160 norm 8 7 alg.exe 164 norm 8 1 wscntfy.exe 3c4 norm 8 10 wuauclt.exe 4c4 norm 8 5 wuauclt.exe Plus there are 32 services started. Petr
  11. Petr

    DVD player

    Hello, what DVD (video) player would you recommend for Windows 98? I only read that dvdplay.exe that is part of Windows 98 does not work without 3rd party DVD decoder. I'm looking for some easy-to-use application that has minimum hardware requirements, i.e. gives good results even on old computers. The only feature that seems not to be in all players is a possibility to select the DVD drive for playback. Petr
  12. I think that the sad truth is that there are no suitable volunteers available. Please think who is needed: - programmers with very deep knowledge of programming and windows internals - they have to be Win9x enthusiasts (not too likely, most such people want to work with the newest technology) - they have to have plenty of time (do you know top programmers that are not constantly busy?) - finally, there have to be many skilled testers The reality is that - untested, not working packages are published here - even simple drivers like generic SATA driver, generic EHCI (USB 2.0) driver, generic HDA bus driver that are needed for new hardwere were not created for Win9x - nobody is able to add few simple finctions to KUP project - nobody is able to put a few existing files to one working package, sesp21a is more than one year old I think that it has absolutely no sense to dream about open source Win9x. Petr
  13. There is no Intel Windows 98 driver for 915GM graphics adapter. You can try to use Scitech driver, downloadable here: http://my.scitechsoft.com/ Petr
  14. I have tested Foxit Reader 1.3 and 2.0, both with and without gdiplus.dll and the image quality and text readability is still very poor, much worse than with Adobe Reader 6.0. Just try to read this document: http://www.ryston.com/x/foxit/01561329.pdf with Fit Page and Full Screen settings - all the text displayed by Adobe Reader 6.0 can be easily read while the text displayed by Foxit reader not. Petr Edit: On exit Foxit Reader caused series of GPFs and finally Fatal Exception with blue screen - something that I haven't seen for several months. And corrupted filesystem on all disks. I was sure my last try to use it.
  15. It should be tested if any of USB FDD driver is so generic that it can be used with any USB FDD. Petr
  16. Well, according to this: %USB\VID_03EE&PID_6901.DeviceDesc%=USBSTOR_CBI,USB\VID_03EE&PID_6901 USB\VID_03EE&PID_6901.DeviceDesc = "Mitsumi USB Floppy" seems no. Are you stating that all USB FDDs will fail? I'm discussing this topic here for more than 1.5 year and nobody reported any success. The problem seems to be in Win98 DISKTSD.VXD that is incompatible with Windows Me files contained in NUSB - and Windows Me DISKTSD.VXD is incompatible with Windows 98 SE. Petr
  17. This is expected result. I wrote you before that there are no such drivers available. Your audio is not AC97 so you cannot use AC97 driver. Petr
  18. It depends on the version, Netscape 3.0 Gold was the best browser in its time. Netscape 4 was not so good but still much better than IE 4.0. Of course, IE 6.0 SP1 is better than Netscape 4.8. In fact, I never used IE as my main browser, I switched from Netscape 4.78 (?) to Mozilla 0.8 and today I use Mozilla Seamonkey 1.0.7. As with everything, people are just used to use some products, know what they can expect and what not, know workarounds for known problems and are surprised by the behavior of other product. Petr
  19. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wine_(software) http://www.winehq.com/site/myths http://sourceforge.net/projects/wine/ Petr
  20. Are you sure? I don't think that this could be possible. "D1" just means stepping "D1" of Northwood P4 Processor, it is given by the 0F29 family/model/stepping. For example: (for CPUs in 478 and 775 pin packages) 0F24 = Northwood B0 stepping, latest microcode update 1E 0F25 = Northwood M0 stepping, latest microcode update 2B 0F27 = Northwood C1 stepping, latest microcode update 37 0F29 = Northwood D1 stepping, latest microcode update 2E 0F33 = Prescott C0 stepping, latest microcode update 0C 0F34 = Prescott D0 stepping, latest microcode update 17 0F41 = Prescott E0 stepping, latest microcode update 17 0F43 = Prescott-2M N0 stepping, latest microcode update 05 0F49 = Prescott G1 stepping, latest microcode update 03 0F4A = Prescott-2M R0 stepping, latest microcode update 04 etc. The relation between steppings and CPUIDs can be found here: http://processorfinder.intel.com/List.aspx...c=&OrdCode= It is possible to detect the microcode revision by CPU-Z but only indirectly and with older versions of CPUID (up to 1.35). Go to Tools -> Registers Dump and in the cpuz.txt file find the CPU information Name Intel Pentium 4 Code name Northwood Specification Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz Family/Model/Stepping F29 Extended Family/Model 0/0 Brand ID 9 Package mPGA-478 Core Stepping D1 and then MSR registers dump: MSR 0000002C 00000000 12110012 MSR 0000002A 00000000 00000000 MSR 00000017 000A0000 00000000 MSR 000001A0 00000000 00000089 MSR 0000008B 0000002A 00000000 - the microcode version is stored in MS 8B and it is 2A in this example. Other utility that displays the microcode revision is Everest. Petr
  21. CPU-Z does not display microcode revision so it is useless for this purpose. Petr
  22. HTHThe size change is not an issue, crashing Restorator is the issue. I suppose that this crash is caused by improperly calculated numbers in some headers (offsets, lengths, ...), I don't know which, but if PE Explorer can rectify this problem, it should be possible to correct the origibnal file too. Petr
  23. I have no experience with 98SE2ME, 98WMP10, 98SE2XP and Autopatcher and I don't use WMP v9.0 so I'm sorry, I can give no advice to you. Gape's sesp21a obviously does not contain fixes released after its release more than one year ago. Regards, Petr
  24. Why anybody should spent time creating such a service pack when there is Gape's Unofficial Service Pack tested by thousands of people? Softpedia shows 457,584 downloads Major Geeks: 585,987 downloads Freeware Files: 83,871 downloads Do you think that it is not tested well and people should instal, older files with more bugs instead? Petr

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