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    Symbols for what version of the files? Both FE and SE, both debug and retail versions. Windows 98 Debug Binaries and Symbols ------------------------------------- The Windows 98 DDK ships with a number of debug versions of core Windows 98 system components and drivers. These binaries are intended to aid in testing and debugging drivers developed with the Windows 98 DDK. Below is a list of the binaries currently shipped with the Windows 98 DDK, and the directory each binary needs to be copied to for it to be loaded by Windows 98. The debug symbol files are also included, they have the same base name ending with the extension .SYM. Please refer to the documentation for the WDEB98 system debugger for information on how to use the specific debugging features of each debug binary. NOTE: There is a version dependence between VWIN32.VXD, KERNEL32.DLL, and KRNL386.EXE. You must run with either all retail versions of these binaries or all debug versions. Mixing retail and debug versions of these binaries will result in Windows 98 hanging or faulting during boot. System VxDs ----------- VMM.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 VWIN32.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 VPICD.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 VXDLDR.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 VDMAD.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 DEBUGCMD.VXD \windows\system (loaded statically via system.ini entry) System DLLs ----------- GDI.EXE \windows\system KRNL386.EXE \windows\system USER.EXE \windows\system GDI32.DLL \windows\system KERNEL32.DLL \windows\system MAPI32.DLL \windows\system USER32.DLL \windows\system SETUPX.DLL \windows\system WDM --- NTKERN.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 WMIDRV.SYS \windows\system32\drivers PnP --- CONFIGMG.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 PCI.VXD \windows\system ISAPNP.VXD \windows\system BIOS.VXD \windows\system EISA.VXD \windows\system 1394 ---- 1394BUS.SYS \windows\system32\drivers TILYNX.SYS \windows\system32\drivers OHCI1394.SYS \windows\system32\drivers AHA899X.SYS \windows\system32\drivers WDM Streaming (WDM Audio, Video Capture, DVD, etc.) --------------------------------------------------- STREAM.SYS \windows\system32\drivers KSCLOCKF.AX \windows\system KSDATA.AX \windows\system KSINTERF.AX \windows\system KSPROXY.AX \windows\system KSYPINTF.AX \windows\system KS.SYS \windows\system32\drivers MSKSSRV.SYS \windows\system32\drivers KSUSER.DLL \windows\system USB --- OPENHCI.SYS \windows\system32\drivers UHCD.SYS \windows\system32\drivers USBD.SYS \windows\system32\drivers USBDIAG.SYS \windows\system32\drivers USBHUB.SYS \windows\system32\drivers OnNow/ACPI ---------- ACPI.SYS \windows\system BATTC.SYS \windows\system CMBATT.SYS \windows\system COMPBATT.SYS \windows\system EC.SYS \windows\system Still Image ----------- USBSCAN.SYS \windows\system32\drivers Multimedia ---------- SYSAUDIO.SYS \windows\system32\drivers USBAUDIO.SYS \windows\system32\drivers WDMAUD.SYS \windows\system32\drivers MMDEVLDR.VXD \windows\system MMCI.DLL \windows\system MIDIMAP.DRV \windows\system MMSOUND.DRV \windows\system WDMAUD.DRV \windows\system (symbol file is named wdmdrv.sym) MMSYSTEM.DLL \windows\system MSACM.DLL \windows\system MSACM32.DLL \windows\system WINMM.DLL \windows\system Storage ------- CDTSD.VXD \windows\system\iosubsys CDVSD.VXD \windows\system\iosubsys DISKTSD.VXD \windows\system\iosubsys DISKVSD.VXD \windows\system\iosubsys IOS.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 RMM.PDR \windows\system\iosubsys SCSIPORT.PDR \windows\system\iosubsys VFAT.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 CDFS.VXD \windows\system\iosubsys VOLTRACK.VXD \windows\system\iosubsys IFSMGR.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 HID --- HIDCLASS.SYS \windows\system32\drivers HIDPARSE.SYS \windows\system32\drivers HIDUSB.SYS \windows\system32\drivers MOUHID.VXD \windows\system JOYHID.VXD \windows\system KBDHID.VXD \windows\system VKD.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 VJOYD.VXD \windows\system HID.DLL \windows\system MMHID.DLL \windows\system VMOUSE.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 Display ------- VDD.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 VFLATD.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 DIBENG.DLL \windows\system Networking ---------- NDISWAN.VXD \windows\system PPPMAC.VXD \windows\system VDHCP.386 \windows\system VIP.386 \windows\system VNBT.386 \windows\system VTCP.386 \windows\system VTDI.386 \windows\system VUDP.386 \windows\system NDIS.VXD \windows\system NETDI.DLL \windows\system WAN.TSP \windows\system PCMCIA/CardBus -------------- SOCKETSV.VXD \windows\system CBSS.VXD \windows\system PCCARD.VXD \windows\system Comm ---- VCD.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 VCOMM.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 VPD.VXD \windows\system\vmm32 SERENUM.VXD \windows\system UNIMODEM.VXD \windows\system IRCOMM.VXD \windows\system IRENUM.VXD \windows\system IRLAMP.VXD \windows\system IRLAPFRM.VXD \windows\system LPTENUM.VXD \windows\system TAPI.DLL \windows\system Video Capture ------------- MSVFW32.DLL \windows\system MSVIDEO.DLL \windows\system VFWWDM32.SYS \windows\system32\drivers VFWWDM.DRV \windows\system Pen --- PKPD.DLL \windows\system PKPD32.DLL \windows\system Printing -------- SPOOLSS.DLL \windows\system UNIDRV.DLL \windows\system DIBENG.DLL \windows\system and The debug files found here are for use with Windows 98 Second Edition (SE). This is a "delta" or change, from Windows 98. Only new, changed files appear here. If you do not find the files you are looking for and they appear in the original Windows 98 folder ("Dbg_sym"), use the original Windows 98 ones. Petr
  2. This fix is for Windows 98 Gold, (4.10.1998), not for Second Edition. Download links: http://support.toshiba-tro.de/tools/quick-...-q280448-en.zip q318307 is part of IntelliPoint 4.12 Mouse Software for Windows Me, 98, and NT 4.0 Petr
  3. How does it look wioth this bugfix? Petr
  4. I think it is possible - at least for most of languages. Every executable file in Windows 98 has two portions - binary code and resources. While resources are different for all languages, the binary code has only a few variants: United States (single byte character set) Middle East (single byte character set, right-to-left writing) Far East (double byte character set (DBCS)) Thai More details here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/archive/w...t7/wrkappa.mspx An analysis for files contained in sesp21a is here: http://old.winpack.org/petr/win98_internat_files.html - this table contains the information about files on distribution CD for specific language. And regarding the shell32.dll fix. I have not looked at it yet but there are two possibilities in general: - duplicate the binary patch to the localized file (the binary portion should be the same) - move all language dependent resources from the original localized file to the new fixed file. With Restorator it means just few cliks (maybe with other resource editors too). So it is not really big problem. Regards, Petr
  5. Petr


    Interesting. I have the following CDs and DVDs from MSDN: 1009 (Nov 2001) contains: Windows 98 DDK, Windows 2000 Driver Development Kit - October 2000 Edition, Windows XP Driver Development Kit 1009.1 (Feb 2003) contains: Windows 98 DDK, Windows 2000 Driver Development Kit - October 2000 Edition, Windows XP Service Pack 1 Driver Development Kit 1009.2 (May 2003) contains: Windows XP Driver Development Kit, Windows Server 2003 Driver Dvelopment Kit 1797 (Oct 2002) contains Windows .NET Server Release Candidate 1 Driver Development Kit 1968 (Feb 2003) contains: Windows 98 DDK, Windows 2000 DDK - October 2000 Edition, Windows XP SP1 DDK 2426.15 (Jul 2005) contains: Windows XP SP1 DDK, Windows Server 2003 with SP1 DDK There was also nothing in Subscribers download section. But I see a note in Q322361: Petr
  6. But Q313829 exists in many languages: http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4...-US/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../AR/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4...-BR/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../CS/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../DA/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../DE/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../EL/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../ES/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../FI/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../FR/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../HE/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../HU/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../IT/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../JA/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../KO/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../NL/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../NO/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../PL/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../PT/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../RU/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../SK/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../SL/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../SV/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../TR/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../TW/q313829.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie4.../CN/q313829.exe Petr
  7. Petr


    I have never seen it so probably yes. Petr
  8. Thank you for your comments. The PCI Latency Patch is for older chipsets only: - my chipset contains VT8237R.Petr
  9. I never had any PC VIA/AMD motherboard so I decided to test one very cheap but new one to see how it works with Windows 98 SE. The configuration is as follows: Motherboard: GA-K8VM800M-RH with K8M800 chipset (includes UniChrome Pro IGP) and Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter CPU: Sempron 2800+ (Palermo core, 256 KB cache) RAM: 512 MB DDR400 HDD: WD1600JS-08NCB1 160 GB SATA disk DVD: TEAC DV-W516GDM Standard case with power suply, FDD, accessories. The cost is about $250. I installed Windows XP - everything OK, Windows Vista RC2 - everything OK but it was not possible to set refresh rate since there is no specific driver for integrated graphics, and then Windows 98 SE. It was necessary to change the setting of the SATA controller from IDE mode to RAID mode because there is no Win9x driver for SATA IDE but there is driver for SATA RAID. This is recommended by VIA. All other drivers work as expected with one exception - the audio driver supplied by Gigabyte (Realtek WDM driver) caused GPF during driver detection after the reboot. For example: Date 11/12/2006 Time 21:50 MSGSRV32 caused a general protection fault in module COMMCTRL.DLL at 0001:00000afc. Registers: EAX=36eeec40 CS=1caf EIP=00000afc EFLGS=00000282 EBX=0000fffe SS=1f57 ESP=000070d6 EBP=000070dc ECX=00000000 DS=1d47 ESI=00020058 FS=0000 EDX=80d736ee ES=0eb6 EDI=0002b242 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 66 26 89 07 8e 46 0e 26 ff 04 8b c7 1f 5e 5f c9 Stack dump: ec400e27 70ee000f 29a79e40 36eeec40 0058422e 0e270eb6 9a487268 ec4029a7 422e36ee 0eb60058 00010058 36ee0000 575c3a43 4f444e49 495c5357 445c464e Very often the GPF was in module KRNL386:EXE and in other 16-bit modules. But alwas it was caused by MSGSRV32. It means dead end - Explorer will not start and the only possible thing to do is to shut down Windows. Then I disabled sound card in BIOS but problems remained - it was not possible to install DirectX9, nUSB caused same MSGSRV32 errors during disk detection. So I have reinstalled Windows 98 SE with SESP2.1A, IE6.0SP1, all updates, DX9.0c, and then tried to install various sound drivers. At first Windows Update offered a driver (This was for the first time I have seen Win9x driver in Windows Update). It worked. Then I tried Vinyl Audio driver from VIA website. It worked. Then I tried the latest Realtek driver (setup.exe) and again the same problem with MSGSRV32. This time I had the sate before saved by Ghost so it was easy to go back and I tried to install the Realtek driver maanually using the device manager - and voila, everything was correct. I remember that I had exactly the same problems with Realtek WDM AC97 driver on board with Intel 915P chipset so there is - probably - some conflict between the drive, Windows 98 SE and some hardware configuration. Has anybody found out what is the reason of those MSGSRV32 errors and how to avoid them? Other two problem are not so easy to describe. The first is significant random slowdown of Windows - everything is extremely slow. Even the disk transfer rate drop for short time to < 10 MB/s while standard is 60 MB/s (measured by HDTach 2.70) The second appeared repeatedly when I pressed backspace in Total Commader several times. Then blue screen with Exception 0E appeared, repeated 5 times, then almost black screen appeared, no mouse, when I pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del the task mananager appeared but behind it appeared small window with GPF in VTTimer.exe (part of the video driver) and everything got frozen. I supposed that there sould be no problems - but there are some. Has anybody encountered any of these problems and/or does anybody know how to solve them? This PC is just for testing, I will have it another two days and then it will go away with Windows XP, but I would like to know if this PC is not compatible with Windows 98 SE or I made just some error. If I will have some time I will also try to use Windows ME, Windows 98 (Gold) and maybe also Windows 95 and OSR2 - to see what VXDs and PDRs will cause faults because of high speed AMD processor. Petr
  10. Thank you very much for the offer hp38guser, we will see if there will be more people wanting to work on the SP. It does not look so so far. Regards, Petr
  11. What do you mean by this? The file on Rapidshare is: DriverVer=08/01/2002,2.00.0006.0 File in the post above is DriverVer=3/1/2006,2.04.0002.0 This Orangeware driver is referenced here: http://www.orangeware.com/developers/faq_usb2.html and this version can be downloaded by OEMs from http://www.orangeware.com/oemusb2.html This driver: http://www.orangeware.com/oemusb2.html works with any USB 2.0 controller but is timebombed and available to OEMs only anyway. Apparently there is no possibility how to obtain this driver. It is bad to know that there is driver that works with SiS motherboards, all new Intel chipsets etc. - but there is no way how to get it. Every $5 USB PCI card has license for USB driver - but motherboards not. Petr
  12. The correct way is to add them using Control Panel -> Fonts -> Add Font My experience is that it is sufficient to copy them to fonts folder and the open the fonts folder either in Control panel or in Eplorer (I hope I remember it correctly) Petr
  13. This is just old version (DriverVer=08/01/2002,2.00.0006.0) of the Orangeware driver mentioned above. Petr
  14. Do you mean WiX? MS Installer has also MSP format for distributing patches only. I have not looked at at all yet. Petr
  15. For all international developers I have prepared Iexpress tools in all Windows 95, 98 and Me languages as they are specified at http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/referen...locversion.mspx The zip file contains: ADVPACK.DLL 6.00.2800.1106 - localized IEXPRESS.EXE 6.00.2800.1106 - localized to 10 languages only: Brazilian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. MAKECAB.EXE 5.1.2600.1106 - always US English W95INF16.DLL 4.71.704.0 - always US English W95INF32.DLL 4.71.0016.0 - always US English WEXTRACT.EXE 6.00.2800.1168 - localized Most files are from ieak6sp1 for the specific language, wextract.exe is taken from MS updates, some languages has been added (Basque, Catalan, Slovak, Slovenian), some were corrected (Greek wextract.exe). I hope everything will be OK: Arabic Basque Brazilian Catalan Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Hong Kong) - I never seen any Hong Kong version of IE or update Czech Danish Dutch English Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Turkish Vietnamese - I never seen any Vietnamese version of IE or update Enabled Windows 9x versions (Arabic, Hebrew, Thai) use US English version of Iexpress. Installation instructions: Just unpack to any folder, add this folder to the path for your convenience, it is not necessary. Petr ____________________________________________________________ Edit [March 30 2010]: Added mirror for all files above [4.58 MB, single ZIP]: http://www.mdgx.com/files/IEXPRS60.ZIP INF/SED/Iexpress info, guides + tools: http://www.mdgx.com/add.htm#INF Enjoy. MDGx
  16. Just the oldest versions (1.0 to 1.2) contain different Defrag, newer versions like 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 don't. Petr
  17. Do you think that nUSB could work on Windows 95? Or on Windows 98 (Gold)? I remember you have mentioned somewhere some generic driver, may I ask you to remind me where is able to obtain that generic driver? Regards, Petr
  18. Hello all supporters, what do you think about the future of the Unofficial Service pack for Windows 98 SE? The latest list of changes from Gape is dated Mon, 20 Feb 2006 15:22:46 +0200: Since Gape is not replying for about half a year we should either to decide to continue or to bury this project. As I mentioned in Future development of 98/SE/Me service packs it would be good to focuse on core functions and consolidate service packs for 98, 98SE, Me and maybe even 95 to have the same structure, and to use new installer with 100% uninstall with recovery of all files and registry entries. It must be 100% safe for everyone. So - how to continue? Petr
  19. I tried to make a sorted list of posts here to be able to find quickly what I'm looking for, so far the first 8 pages of this forum. Please submit your suggestions how to improve it - or improve it yourself :-) Windows 95 Windows 95 unofficial patches Windows 98 Service pack for Windows 98 Standard (First, Gold) Windows 98 SE 98 SE SP 2.1a Changes in future versions The complete list of hotfixes & updates for Windows 98se Autopatcher for Windows 98se Corrected FDISK and FORMAT Kernel Update Project Add functions to kernel32.dll Windows Media Player for Windows 98se New Features of Version 2.0 When a new & latest Service Pack 2.5 ? Windows 98 and Windows 98 SE WMP10 in windows 98? 512 MB ram and above? What boot sector is better? Improving Windows 98 / safe mode Windows Me Service Pack for Windows ME Windows 95 + 98 (Gold) Windows 95/98 First Edition + WMP 9 Windows 95 + 98 + 98 SE + Me Enable48BitLBA | Break the 137Gb barrier! 137GB limit - ESDI_506.PDR and other limits SuperVGA+ Project RICHED20.DLL compatibility I like my good ol' Notepad Windows 98 + 98 SE + Me Future development of 98/SE/Me service packs Copy2Gb, U891711 = Unofficial Q891711 [MS05-002] fix U918547 : unofficial 918547 fix = OBSOLETE [RELEASE] Windows 9x Power Pack v4.1 RELEASED! Windows 98 PowerPack v3.0 released [details itt] W98_Slip: genuine slipstreaming for windows 9x Working on w98_slip v0.2 (error checking, automatic service pack integ Deintegrate INFs with from Windows 9x distro tool, First Magical Plugin for W98_Slip has arrived! Microcode updates - UPDATE.SYS IE Unofficial Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Updater Maximus Decim InternetExplorer 6.0sp1 Component Update 1.1 Data Maximus Decim Data Access Component Update, New! MDDACU 1.1 Unresolved problems "Empty Task Process Windows" Incompatibility of the latest MDAC and HHELP Internet Explorer, Script Error IE script error on 98se w/ SP 2.1a on .chm help files 06-015 (Q908531) still not up on WU, but... Windows Me IO.SYS (WINBOOT.SYS) format ? Slow booting in VMWare Fixes 98 FE + 98 SE + ME updates + patches + (hot)fixes Separate fixes and add-ons Maximum-Decim Native USB Drivers 98 (FE), 98 SP1 + 98 SE SHELL32.DLL fix Packaging and other tools: SED, INF, DDF file format description What suitable installer to choose for the SPs? Resource editors MS patch (mspatcha.dll) - how to use? INFEX 0.3 BETA Code signing, catalog files etc. International versions and support: International support in 98/ME Windows 98SE Sp2.01 Italian Unofficial SP2.1a italian version I´m interest in making a brazilian win98servicepack Unofficial SP2.XX Spanish version Unofficial Service Pack in Spanish Spanish Unofficial Win98 SE Service Pack International versions of Windows needed Service Packs - All Translations nUSB Maximum-Decim Native USB Drivers Polishing Up Maximus Decim NUSB USB 2.0 USB 2 / SiS chipset Yes, it is very rough. I'll continue when I will have some time. Petr
  20. At least some information in that post is wrong. The package with 4.10.2225 version is 273017usa8.exe, not 273027usa8.exe But what is much more important, the CacheWriteDelay registry entry is used by version 4.10.2225 only, not by 4.10.2223, you can just look into the file, this text is contained in 4.10.2225 version only. It means that it has absolutely no sense to set the registry CacheWriteDelay to any value if 4.10.2225 is not installed. Petr
  21. Exactly my opinion, I think that skins/themes should not be part of the uSP too. uSP should contain bug fixes and remove some restrictions, like 137GB disks or 2GB files. With Metapad - there may be two points of view. One is that it is just a tool that removes another limitation ~ 40 kB maximum size of edited file, the second is that it is just 3rd party application that should not be here. Petr
  22. Hello, I have installed many versions many times recently and I got many errors during the OS install: Windows 98 (Gold) SK Setting up personalized settings for: Windows Setup - Direct Cable connection RUNDLL sposobila veobecncú chybu ochrany pamäte v module SETUPX.DLL na 000f:00003739 Registre: EAX=00000490 CS=248f EIP=00003739 EFLGS=00000246 EBX=17c70001 SS=25a7 ESP=00004638 EBP=0000464a ECX=000023df DS=240f ESI=0000048e FS=0da7 EDX=00020000 ES=23df EDI=0000c748 GS=0000 Bajty na CS:EIP: ff 5e 08 89 46 fa f6 c4 80 75 75 8a 46 fa 2a e4 Výpis zásobníka 25a74a7a 23df0490 c7484a7a 00020000 465a23df 4a7a4078 3fc025a7 000130e7 46684a7a 248f7762 25a74a7a 4aa8240f 47e64ab6 4a7a2307 24ae25a7 00310000 Windows 98 (Gold) EN Setting up personalized settings for: Windows Setup - Clipboard Viewer RUNDLL caused a general protection fault in module SETUPX.DLL at 000f:00003739 Registre: EAX=00000490 CS=248f EIP=00003739 EFLGS=00000246 EBX=00000001 SS=2507 ESP=00004638 EBP=0000464a ECX=000023a7 DS=0d8f ESI=0000048e FS=0000 EDX=00000000 ES=23a7 EDI=0000c748 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: ff 5e 08 89 46 fa f6 c4 80 75 75 8a 46 fa 2a e4 Stack Dump: 25074a7a 23a70490 c7484a7a 00020000 465a23a7 4a7a4078 3fc02507 000130e7 46684a7a 248f7762 25074a7a 4aa80d8f 47e64ab6 4a7a22c7 30d62507 00310000 Windows 98 Gold EN WebTV for Windows Update Regsvr32 caused an invalid page fault in module <unknown> at 0000:763a0730 Registers: EAX=7800265f CS=0167 EIP=763a0730 EFLGS=00010246 EBX=81731ac4 SS=016f ESP=00feff68 EBP=00feff98 etc... white dialog GSUPDATE caused an invalid page fault in module <unknown> at 0084:763a0730 Windows 98 SE EN no reboot, cannot terminate a process without name, after terminating it it ends in "Windows is shutting down" state. Next reboot is OK. All install were to Virtual PC this time but I have seen them or real PCs too. Does anybody had similar problems? How to avoid these RUNDLL errors? Windows 95 install problems (and maybe also 98, I'm not sure): During one of the reboots the CD-ROM is not available, but Windows Setup needs many networking files from it. Is there any workaround other than copy all files to HDD? Regards, Petr
  23. Petr


    MSDN Version is about 45 MB (contains also symbols) and the file name is WIN98DDK.EXE. Petr
  24. Hello, I think it's time to do some advance in Service Packs field, especailly with SESP. Gape is not replying several months to PMs and e-mails so we should make something ourselves. Besides of other things that we can discuss later, we should choose some good installer. IEXPRESS + INFEX combination is not very flexible and does no provide all necessary features. Some of the features I'd like to see are: - full support for Win95/98/Me - test of OS version and OS language - complete backup of all replaced files, registry keys and INI entries - full restore of the previous state after uninstall - support for all languages in which Win95/98/Me exist - ability of conditional installation depending on -- OS version -- OS language -- certain file versions -- certain registry entries - good compressing ratio - easy to learn and use - free for any use - maybe also the possibility to create patches, something like MSPs for Windows Installer. I see two candidates: NSIS Inno Setup but I have not tested them. Maybe somebody know anything better? Maybe also good patching program would be nice, maybe useing mspatcha.dll, maybe something different, but it should save the space and troubles with distribution of some files. Any ideas? Petr Edit: Additional tools suggested to me: WiX - free Indigo Rose Software Deployment Suite - rather expensive InstallShield 12 Express - €399.00 VISE $695 + $200 per language file Advanced Installer - free limited version, $249 professional Setup2GO - free or $ 29.00 InstallConstruct - $295.00

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