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  1. Hey all, I was scrapyard diving in Germany last weekend when I came across this device that had 3 simcard slots ( Much larger than a phone), one of them was filled. I took the simcard home but left the device it was in behind (It was crushed partially by the cranes over there anyways). Its a "T-mobile pink" like simcard made by infineon. Link: http://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/cha...11406f3ba9c012b I want to read whats on it, but I don't know where to start because of lack of experience in these things. Does anyone has experience it? Cheers,
  2. Hey all, I just got a stirdy robot base. (from an old lady scoot , like this: Link. And I want to use some servos which I have left (standard futaba) in combination with a arduino to build a robot. Which arduino is the best choice(and cheapest) to be controlled live by an eee (via usb?), controll 4 to 5 servos and have access to 3 to 5 switches/sensors? Cheers,
  3. Project Documentation is HTML format. I think I've got all the things MDGx requested. Can this topic be marked sticky please? The enduser version gives the user the choice to choose his own office pack (abiword,gnumeric, foxit), or openoffice... Greetings, NL-Stitch
  4. Sourcecode of my programmed programs can be found at the SourceForge download page: HERE Those are coded in the Multi Media Builder language. There is also documentation about it how jackhammer is build. I will re-release this document tomorow in a .doc file tomorow. In this document, developers can find how Jackhammer was build, which pack of software, tweaks and etc. where included and how jackhammer installer can be build from scratch on a computer. As this topic has already stated, there is a Open Developement beta free for download.HERE This release comes with Installation guide. Tomorow at 12:00 CET (GMT +1) I will have these resources all available. I wil give a msg when its done. Greetings,
  5. It has bin a month since the release of the Open-Developement beta. We are going to leave the beta behind me soon and begin.. on the END-USER product. Are there still any ideas or content that you want to see in Jackhammer? Then this is your last chance! All current things and suggestions where carefully read, and most are added to the project. I would like mention MDGx and DeadDude apart; thank you for your support. I do not know when we will finish.. But the more time we spend on it, the more professional it will be and function. More technical details will come along the way. Greetings,
  6. Hi all, This is a question about the Windows 98 Logon. I am trying to set 2 accounts up for my Windows Jackhammer like I did in the beta using normal windows 98 logon screen, but now I am thinking of replacing the Windows 98 logon program with one of my own (hopefully skinnable in the future) My question is: Is it possible to replace the Windows 98 with your own logon like Netware and Dameware did in the past? Or is the windows 98 logon a instance of explorer.exe ? The awnser may be simple, maybe I overlooked it or maybe it is getting late here in Holland... but can some one please explain? By the way, is The revolutions pack currently working on a new login screen? Greetings,
  7. hahaha.. the hardware.. erhm.. Jackhammer was build on a 500mhz AMD K6 500mhz pc. Maybe VMWARE has a slight bug when it comes to cpu's and it automaticly changed the cpu back to its orginal setting. I will take a look at a jackhammer duron 1800 pc and if its cpu is incorect. Anyway, This is an issue that will be resolved in the end-user version. Greetings, NL-Stitch
  8. sorry for the delay.. I just thought for a while that the topic was dead... sorry.. @stepcorrectson: your software shall be added soon. I am interseted in your software such as the webview etc. that you suggested. please contact me by email (*REMOVED*) @Milos M. : I think so... did not test that yet. @DeadDude I could indeed put this installation on a DVD, but then it would not be suited for old hardware anymore. And two cd's which are smaller are a faster download as 1 dvd. @MDGx wow.. nice to hear to hear your feedback. I would be glad to include your software and patches @deaddude thank you for trying Jackhammer. keep me updated on your testing @ all!! Erh... now I have a question to you all. I hope you all still love my work. I hope to make it my work some day. I am currently still studying application developement in The Netherlands. I need to have a internship from august 2007 for a period of 20 to 40 weeks. Is anyone interested to do a project with me, or finish jackhammer with me? (I'll come to your country, but I prefer USA since I bin there in 2001) I also hope to post this in the proper forum with a more detailed description. Greetings, NL-Stitch
  9. The FAQ page was a little bit "buggy" indeed. I fixed it. NL-Stitch
  10. I remembered that I used a Dutch version of Windows 98 SE for Windows Jackhammer. I got some english upgrades installed. (how?, I don't know) But my pc was half english/Dutch, and it irritated the s*** out of me.. Format c: So.. I do not think it is possible, you may get a error that says: "This upgrade does not have the same language as the installed os". About the cd-key; forget digging into the registry man! (that is so 2006 ), try jellybean keyfinder (free to download). Works on all Windows Versions. NL-Stitch
  11. Reply to patchworks We all know that you have the drive to complete this project, but in my opinion you are just taking the steps from the wrong side. Please take the time to read the folowing: My point of view of your position and my solution for you You have a goal to implement/replace windows standard with open-source ones, thereby creating a much more stable, reliable OS. There is nothing wrong with that. You know what software could replace files, what I mean man, is that you already have the needed puzzle-pieces. You just have to put them together. And that is also where you take the wrong turn. In my opinion, you are relying o other people to help you get you started. This is not what happend here. You got critics, methodes and "what you should do" post thrown at you. Don't take that s*** man, prioritize. The one (you) who chooses to join msfn.org and want to make a project has to come up for it by yourself. Think about what you want in this project, collect all the information you have gained in this forum topic, and make it work.With or without help. Did you think I could always rely on the developers @ sourceforge? Hell no. They dropped from december 2005. If you are not a code-breaking developer just like me, you have to search how to do things. Only ask questions where you need awnsers. You have to fill in the blanks. Get a WPI working or any installation method. Do not wanna-be coder, be a developer. You cannot plan revolutions, you cannot make up revolutions, Revolutions go their own way - Quote from Linux:Just for fun by Linus Torvalds. So.. what I am telling you is.. GET IT DONE! Greetings, NL-Stitch
  12. I know that it is none of my bussiness, but what I understand from this, is that you want us to go to work. And not discuss the importance and meaning of each part that must be included, such as drivers for example. Go create and stick with a batch file or something man. Here is your code: All replacement *.exe files are located in C:\replacement , you only have to have a automatic unzipper and launch the batchfile after unzip. -Run this in dos mode by floppy or so- @echo off echo Going te replace iexplore.exe with some lame open-source browser, because I hate firefox too. echo. cd C:\windows\ rename iexplore.exe iexpore.old copy C:\replacement\iexplore.exe C:\windows\ cls echo Replacing notepad with notepad++ echo. cd C:\windows\ rename notepad.exe notepad.old copy C:\replacement\notepad++.exe C:\windows\ echo. echo. echo Now your windows has open-source replacements!, WOW! echo Congrats!! echo Copyright (c) 2006 - 2020 PatchWorks A.K.A : *your name* exit voila!! I am sorry for my sarcastic behaviour, but patchworks is saying we should go ontopic on "helping him open-source windows" (wich sounds like a good thing, honestly), but he keeps repeating it so many time that it seems that he want to continue, and not discuss all that has to bes discussed to make this work, he is pushing it a little to hard now in my opinion, sorry.. Greetings, NL-Stitch
  13. Reply to all. I have something to say about this project. I am thankfull of those who support me in this project, I really do, but I am receiving a lot of "complaints", and "you should have done that, "this way" " posts. I just want to say, that this is OPEN-SOURCE. This is not "my" project, it is not "your" project. It is teamwork. If you really think that I need to include something (software related) in the end-user version, then please say it here. If it concerns a "method" or choice that I have made for a specific part and you disagree with it, then please, just change the code at the end-user version without having a discussion with me. Remember that this is OPEN-SOURCE.. people have the right to improve what mistakes I have made, BUT they must give away the code. If you think that your improvement makes the pack better, but you want to keep that improvement for your own good, then please, just make a service pack yourself. Please note that this critic is not meant for you all, but those who know that this is true but do otherwise. Greetings, NL-Stitch

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