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  1. Thanks man. I noticed with vLite you get driver is not signed error. Where can i get the vista-tools?
  2. Thanks man. I noticed with vLite you get driver is not signed error. Where can i get the vista-tools?
  3. I have downloadeded the .img file for the WAIK and i don't know how to open it, please assit? What program do i use, how do run it. Do i need to burn it.
  4. check this website for were you can download different versions of linux www.distrowatch.com
  5. jonken

    USB Problem

    Can someone please assist. When I connect a flash to my USB front prt of my pc it freezes. I can't do anything and have to reboot the machine. But it will hang if the flash is still connected to my pc. I am using windows xp dual booting with Suse 10.0 which again don't see any flash or my digital camera connected through the USB port. Do i need to reload my windows and Suse or is it a hardware problem?
  6. thanks although its been posted lots of times i had not seen it as well.
  7. I think VMware 5.5 is quite faster than Microsoft's Virtual PC.
  8. I have included this file as http://rapidshare.de/files/27520365/ADDON_...Sounds.cab.html as an addon but whenever my windows on first boot it always uses the old default sounds. How do I make sure it uses the new sounds? It boots with my new theme no problem.
  9. How do I assign things file association for certain programs, eg winrar, 7zip, classic media player. I want to associate .7z and .z files with 7zip, .rar with winrar, .zip with windows zip application and .iso files with isobuster. Please assist me Thanks a lot
  10. I have stopped using nero and am now using ImgBurn. It is light and very good. Also free.
  11. This might be a silly question, but can someone please assist me. I have just downloaded Ryan's adobe reader, dotnet 1 and 2 switchless installers and want to integrate them onto my unattended XPCD. Question: Can i use nlite to integrate or do i need to use my runonce file to put them onto the cd?
  12. Thought someone might be interested in reading this piece of news. I came across it at www.digitalfive.org and the link to the website is this http://www.petitiono...5/petition.html A Petition to the Windows Beta Team We believe that this program is going in the wrong direction and communication towards the beta team has been stagnant. The goal of this petition is to get Vista back on track and hopefully become the Operating System we are all hoping it for be. A lot of us have already lost faith. A few issues that plague the Vista team include (but aren’t limited to): Very slow response times on bug reports Not enough interims for testing The builds we do get are “CTPs” which are always recompiled a bunch of times and are usually way outdated once they are “dropped” on Connect Connect’s website is unusually slow and buggy compared to the Whistler WindowsBetaWeb website The Microsoft Vista Beta Team gives very vague reports and usually closes bugs as not reproducible or fixed and usually this is not the case. Very poor communication from the team in general in newsgroups and the Connect site (though there are exceptions to a few employees) If you agree with any of the above or are worried about Windows Vista in general, please sign it!
  13. maybe this can help as well fitting large amounts of data on one cd (optimized CD) http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=ST&f=19&t=14050 i haven't tried it yet but will today. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=64996
  14. hie just read this guide found here: http://flyakite.msfnhosting.com/ it will help you. but you'll need a dvd to fit all the oses i think
  15. i use perfect disk 7. not sure if its the best.
  16. Thanks Screwz Luse, your explanation worked very well. I tried it last night and i got the required results. Thank you again.
  17. Thanks for the wonderful app. I've been looking for something like it for some time now. My problem is how do you point this setup to your location of the various windows setup, eg how do i link it to the Windows xp setup.exe also how do i remove some of the windows you have included eg Windows 2003 enterprises sever, etc, etc. how this is not a **** question. would really appreciate your help very much.
  18. Hie i just wanted to ask if you have finished your custom setup.exe

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