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    SP2 Final

    Some one ho knows when the sp2 final released to Danish Version?
  2. Hey all how i enable ultra DMA beacause my harddisk i really working hard but i can not use my computer hehe some one there can help me are there a program so i can change it ore somthing else? peace to ya all
  3. and yes i make a Fresh ISO file evry time i make one.
  4. To LiquidSage I understand what you meen about winiso but i have use the cmd commands and take the command from the guide and know it says maybe the setupdlr.bin in my xp root folder is corupt or the folder PRO1 but are there special command so it dosent be corupt?
  5. ok you say is is a bad setupdlr.bin file there is corrupt or somthing like that but how do i fix this problem?
  6. yes i have hex edit the setupdlr.bin file
  7. hey again now it say in the dos when i'm booting from the dvd and take one of my options "CAN NOT BOOT FROM THE CDROM CODE 5" i don't know what is happend here
  8. LOL hehe i'm read it wrong **** im stypid hehe edit these files again and try hehe
  9. hehe i'm sorry to say i have not do it wrong i know it i have edit the pro1.DAT file in hexeditor and i have not use caps soo it is not that
  10. jow but can some one tell me whats wrong with that since i can not boot from the sectores there are just like pro1.DAT i have make it from my windows xp pro sp1 but the problem is i the boot sector do'es not work
  11. i have maked a ISO file and tested in vmware when i will boot from PRO.dat file it says "Can Not Boot From The Cdrom drive" what do i do wrong
  12. i have put the pro1.dat file in the boot folder and remove the / and now it says "Command not availble in script debugger" do you think it works know? But do it make eny difrennt if the dat files are in the BOOT folder because in the guide it says the dat files should be in AIODVD folder i have maked.?
  13. ok that winxp.dat is here PRO1.dat but the command are in cdshell.ini this one: XP_Pro_Key: getkey 20 goto menu if $lastKey == key[1]; then chain /PRO1.DAT if $lastKey == key[2]; then chain /PRO2.DAT if $lastKey == key[F1]; then goto Help now i have tryed to put that PRO1.dat in the same folder but cdshell.exe still say file not found i don't understand it i can not se somthing wrong with my commands
  14. my problem is my menu works fine when i'm jumping around in the menu in cdshell.exe but when i for example try to install windows xp it says file not found and i have followed that guide corectly
  15. no i meen it is /n i use but it still say in cdshell.exe file not found
  16. hey all... my project is that multiboot DVD and i have maked my dos boot screen with cdshell with this guide http://flyakite.msfnhosting.com/bootmenu.htm and i have make that cdshell.inf file and i have run the boot screen with cdshell.exe but how do i know if it worked in the cdshell.exe when i'm runing cdshell.exe my menu comes and i can jump around in the menu then i take windows xp there come this error it says "File Not Found" about a chain. remember i'm running my bootscreen with cdshell.exe not from dos should i make a ISO file and try it with vmware some one there can help me here
  17. Hey all... i have a problem i have worked with that multiboot DVD but i have to make a bootmenu i know there are a guide to that DOS boot but i meen in windows just like the real windows XP. my problem is i need a program to make design and buttons if there are someone there can help i'll will be a VERY HAPPY PERSON
  18. hmm is it a new Harddisk you will create a new partion on ore the same harddisk where you have windows 2003 installet if it is on the same harddisk you can not create a partion with out losing some data. if it is a new harddisk can you use windows manage right click at my computer and then manage you should find Disk Management in there you can create a partion if you have a new harddisk it will be unlocatted because there are no partion on a new harddisk but let me know if you find out
  19. Have you try to boot up in safe mode with commando promt and delete from there i have tryed with some files i couldent delete and try a lot of things but i couldent then i try to boot up in safe mode with commando promt there i could delete the file there was no problem try it and let me now if it work hehe i hope so
  20. You can not rename administrator i meen, but you can make a account there have the same just like a administrator user i have try the same problem at once i couldent rename my administrator account but i make a new account there can the same just like a administrator but with a another name
  21. As Arron say go to the msconfig and disable the problem i should be in msconfig beacause it is a program there starts up and almost all software there starts up are in msconfig go to start then run and type MSCONFIG when the msconfig pop up go under START and find it and disable it i should be there and it works
  22. i use windows 2003 uxtheme.dll patchet file it works perfect to
  23. ok thanks i will do that but do you know when the SP2 realease?
  24. Hey All... I have make my own Windows XP sp2 build 2096 and it work perfect... but the problem is i have a problem with this uxtheme.dll file i have followed the guide on http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/hacked_files.htm AND http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/wfp.htm i have followed the guide 100 % But after i have Reinstalled my Windows XP SP2 build 2096 and will apply a Visual style file = msstyles Files there come this ERROR what's wrong some one plzzz.... help me i'm totally LOST here and i will have it to work hehe your all know that... hehe

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