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  1. hey i have installede windows XP SP 2 build 2096 but i can not use any themes and i have tryed so many patches can some one help me with that i need a patcher there works i hate windows XP standard ugly design
  2. Hey All i am looking for SP2 to windows XP PRO can some one give me a link to where i can get i PLEASE
  3. to aaronXP where i insert these commands you said in the winnt,sif ore main_batch?
  4. to terminator what did you deleted?? so it f*** up big time???
  5. year i know but thanks but i need these commands to these 2 Netmeeting Movie maker are there somone there have these commands
  6. Hey all..... i need some commands in to my winnt.sif file so i can disable NetMeeting and movie maker are there some one there can help i hope so PLEASE HELP ME
  7. hey all... what is the command in to the winnt.sif to remove outlook express??? please help outlook express SUCKS
  8. Hey all i have disable windows messenger and msn explorer in that winnt.sif file under compoments so windows messenger and msn explorer not be installed i like that but i will all so disable outlook express how i gonna disable that in the winnt.sif file which command are outlook express in winnt.sif file??? please help it will be nice if some one could help me with that
  9. but can put the files ind the install folder and then use this trigger /QB???
  10. but aaronxp can i do it with nvidia driver???
  11. heya all i have a problem i am almost finnish with my unnatted CD winxp but i only need help with the Nvidia driver i need to now which files i need to use please help mee!!!!!
  12. forget the daemon tool i just need to now which files in NVIDIA driver i need to use to install the driver please AaronXP help mee
  13. heya ALL i would like to know how i can get a nvidia driver and daemon tools intp the cd i now i can take the EXE FILE but der must be another way to do it please help me!!!!
  14. yaer i know but i will now which OS there are best to programering on which one??? that is what i would to know
  15. hey are there someone there can tell which OS i should take if i gonna make my own programs are windows xp pro good ore windows 2003 server standard, enterprice ore web edtion please HELP MEEE
  16. FFA

    Windows Longhorn

    thanks AaronXP and thanks again from the help you gave me about the CD there can you remeber that?
  17. hey all... are there someone there can give me link 2 the newest windows longhorn dashbord please i can not find it thanks
  18. ok thanks for your help i came back about 45 min and tell you if it work ok thanks again
  19. thanks again but i don´t need to make 3 bat files i have just created one bat file i don´t have eny drivers to install so i don´t have make a folder named driver just install folder i have maked
  20. sorry i meen what are they doing? DelUser System Internals PSshutdown utility

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