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  1. OK thank you i try again i tell you if it works ok but i have a quasten what is these files do? DelUser System Internals PSshutdown utility System Internals PSshutdown utility
  2. uuhhh i seee in my winnt.sif file i can see that command OemPreinstall is set to no if i set it to yes it will work right?
  3. hey i have a problem with my bat file "main_batch" i have do it right but i can not install my all my programs. i think the problem is %systemdrive% that command if i am right it is C:\ the command meen right but the programs are not on drive C it is on the XP cd i have make and it works but not my programs are there a command somthing like %systemdrive% but to a CD-ROM drive beacuase i can not think it out how i gonna fix that problem please help

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