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  1. this is a really nice i like it alot i have not done it yet but when i come home i need to work on it i see hehe
  2. whats happend if you press OK ? Try to make a new Winnt.sif file with the correct information i have try something like that but i just make a new winnt.sif file and the it works fine
  3. hey all... i have problems with windows 98se and windows ME boot my first quastion is: do i need a floppy disk with windows 98se boot on to install windows 98se from my dvd? i have downloaded that finish ima from the guide and put it in to my AIO-DVD folder and make a iso then i test it in vmware.... i have came into the welcome screen of windows 98 setup screen then there comes a large disk support somthing.. if i take that yes supports large disks i need to insert a windows 98se bootable floppydisk into drive A: and then restart but if i have understanding the guides right i do not need a floppy disk but i could do the hole thing from the dvd is that right? and the same thing is happens for windows ME... can some one help what i'm doing wrong? all others OS works fine boots fine nothing there but it is only windows 98se and windows ME i will be very happy if someone could help me with that
  4. hehe i have found my error and i shoul not have any problems again
  5. nice tYpO you have been a really big help hehe i have press delete when i change the code in hex edtior hehe but if i press delete i DELETE the code hehe but if i only write these few letters over i only change the name hehe so thanks mate REALLY NICE i can be finnish with the DVD
  6. sorry jcarle it is the multiboot DVD i can not use that boot sector from the site you have give me i have try it but no luck
  7. okey you meen i should pack the files down and give you a link and then you can download them and check them ? right?
  8. ye thats right i have doing these things correct and i have follow the guide over and over and i can not find the problem i only know when i try my AIO-DVD in vmware it comes with that fail CDBOOT: Cannot BOOT from the CD - Code: 5 it is totally wierd i have started over and over about 9 - 10 times now
  9. yes i have followed the GUIDE directly over and over but it still come with that error code 5 crap i cannot find out whats wrong
  10. what do you meen with that can you tell me more
  11. ok my problem is i want to test my AIO-DVD in vmWare but this fail comes CDBOOT: Cannot BOOT from the CD - Code: 5 what is the problem i have check the guide again and again i can not find the problem some one there can help me with this??
  12. i'm sure i don't have do somthing wrong i have hex edited them totally right and i have just follow that guide i have check my files but can not find a error
  13. what boot.bin file where can i get that from?
  14. i have this problem here when i'm testing that AIO-DVD in vmWare when i want to boot from the windows xp pro ore windows 2000 pro it comes with this error CDBOOT: Cannot BOOT from the CD - Code: 5 what is the problem i'm stuck here please help me THX all
  15. i got the easyboot but i will use CDShell instead... but know i test my DVD in vmWAre and get this error code 5 Code Error 5 is CDBOOT: Cannot BOOT from the CD - Code: 5 what is the problem?
  16. i get the same error code 5 CDBOOT: Cannot boot from CD - code: 5 what is the problem there some one there can help
  17. ok that is totally nice but do you know where i can get that esayboot?
  18. i got it know it works i have placed a converter to ps2 port. But i test my multi dvd in CD shell when it comes with that menu so i press 1 to go into the next menu and then i have to press 1 again but it comes with a fail "FILE NOT FOUND" what is that ?
  19. i have a USB keyboard i tryed to push the enter button but nothing happens
  20. i try to download CD Shell 2.0.11 from http://flyakite.msfnhosting.com/ but i couldent some one there have that version i have download a version from CD Shells homepage but after i have placed the BOOT folder in my AIO-DVD folder the hole thing blow my mind up. i have startet the CD Shell and the splash screen come and the command "Press Enter to boot from DVD..." after that i have placed CD shell on D:\AIO-DVD\BOOT\cdshw.exe that is the exe file i'm runing and the CDShell.ini file D:\AIO-DVD\BOOT\CDshell.ini i have try to make that multi dvd before and then the CD shell works perfect so what is the problem i give up BTW i will be glad if some one have a link so i can get that version of CD Shell 2.0.11 www.msfn.org has i think this is the reason but i'm not sure i hope some one can help me with that problem
  21. FFA

    SP2 Final

    to neophyte hehe ye thats right to prathapml thanks then
  22. FFA

    SP2 Final

    lol i try but find nothing that is the reason i maked a topic about the release date but whatever now i got it

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