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  1. How to make the "Multi-boot DVd" boot on an other pc without dvd-rom drive ? I am going to use my "Multi-boot DVD" at the office, but I need to find a way to get the "Multi-boot DVD" to boot on an other pc, because it don´t have a DVD drive. What I had in mind is, if I boot on a floppy disk on an other pc into dos and then map a network drive to my laptop´s shared dvd-rom drive, my question is then how do I start the "Multi-boot DVD" (cdshell.ini) so I get the menu where I can select what I want to do ???
  2. Partion Magic 8 Problem

    Thanks a lot Boot friends Yes yes yes it´s working now Maverick you are right that flyakite guide is working, the only thing I found out was that I shout not touch the boot sector because the boot sector is set correctly from Partion magic 8 the first disk and then it was just to do like the guide says. Again thanks a lot gays, it sometimes helps to get someone else to have a look, 4 eyes see better that 2 :-))))
  3. Partion Magic 8 Problem

    Thanks for replying Maverick I have an winimage of all my floppy disks that I use for work if one disk is broken somehow, is very easy to make a new one in the field. So I copy all the files from disk 1 and 2 to a temp folder and open up winimage and select file/new and then select the format for 2.88MB and then I drag all the files from my temp folder into the Winimage window and save it as PM8.IMA :-) jrm
  4. Partion Magic 8 Problem

    One more thing I have others .IMA that works fine : 98SE.IMA PQDC.IMA But these are only 1 disk where the Partion Magic 8 is 2 disk, can it be something around that my problem are ?
  5. Partion Magic 8 Problem

    Hi Tribble You are 100 % right I am using CDshell and Yes I have my menu on the screen and that is working fine, I can see that it´s calling the PM8.IMA and starts to load it and then you can see the rest on the pictures I have attachs. In my Cdshell.ini I am using memdisk ! Looks like this : if $lastKey == key[1]; then memdisk /PM8.IMA Do I have to change the "/" to "\" does that matter ??? That is why I can´t get this, that is will not work !!! Thanks for your reply
  6. Hi all I still have a problem to get my Multi Boot DVD to work with Partion Magic (PM8.IMA) I simply don´t get it that you can get it to work, because I have read all the post with Partion Magic and tryed everything, but not the right thing. I am using VMware to test the AIODVD.ISO I have tryed all regarding the boot sector dos, win95, winnt and in the VMware dos window says that it´s "non-system disk or disk error" OR "Boot:couldn´t find NTLDR" or "just hangs", and the Vmware stops when it´s loading boot sector... booting... Please come with all your ideas what I can do to fix my problem. I have attach the pictures from my Vmware. Thanks PM8Prob.zip
  7. Partition Magic 8

    Sorry one more thing Mavericks. I have now in the AIO folder 5 images that I have made, the boot sector for these is like this : 98SE.IMA = MSWin4.1 PM8.IMA = MSWin4.0 PM8T.IMA =MSDos5.0 ( only made to test if it matters with the bootsector ) PODC.IMA = OpenDos7 UNBXP.IMA = MSWin4.1 First of all why is the boot sector different ??? They all work, except PM8 and PM8T that was why I thougt that something must be wrong in the autoexec.bat Thanks again
  8. Partition Magic 8

    A question to Alanoll, Mavericks or ArmyDoc you have writting that you created the image with Winimage what version ? Because in my version (6.10.6100) I can´t set the bootsector to Dos6.22 I have these options: MS-Dos = MS-Dos5.0 Win 95 = MSwin4.0 Win NT = MSwin4.0 Do you have any good ideas why ??? I actually posted this question for you at June 2 2004 at 04:31 am but mayby you havn´t seen it. Good idea to try to change the boot sector, but it would be nice to have a answer from you regarding the Winimage version.... Thanks a lot
  9. Partition Magic 8

    Thanks a lot Mavericks, that was atually really nice that someone is helping out in sted of being a very big smart A.. But the autoexec.bat you provide is exacly as mine and I just copyed all from the 2 disk into the image file as what have been written here, but still it hangs in dos when I start it up in Vmware. Please have a look at the picture provide before... Here is my autoexec.bat @ECHO PROMPT $P$G REM ------------------------------------------------------- REM -- DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! IF YOU WISH TO ADD NETWORK -- REM -- OR CD-ROM DRIVERS, CUSTOM KEYBOARDS, ETC., PLEASE -- REM -- EDIT AUTOEXE2.BAT INSTEAD. -- REM ------------------------------------------------------- IF EXIST AUTOEXE2.BAT CALL AUTOEXE2.BAT ECHO. ECHO Please Insert PartitionMagic Disk 2 ECHO. ECHO. ECHO *** Press Any Key to Continue *** ECHO. PAUSE >NUL ECHO PartitionMagic 8.0 ECHO Copyright 1994-2002, PowerQuest Corporation ECHO All rights reserved. ECHO. ECHO Loading. Please wait... ECHO. PQMAGIC And here is autoexec2.bat REM ------------------------------------------------------- REM -- Put keyboard codes (xx) and -- REM -- code page variables (yyy) here. -- REM ------------------------------------------------------- REM MODE CON CP PREP=((yyy) EGA.CPI) REM MODE CON CP SEL=yyy REM KEYB xx,yyy REM ------------------------------------------------------- REM -- Put network or CD-ROM drivers here. -- REM ------------------------------------------------------- REM Windows DOS: REM MSCDEX.EXE /D:driver_name [/L:drive_letter] [/M:buffers] REM Caldera DOS: REM NWCDEX.EXE /D:driver_name [/L:drive_letter] [/M:buffers] So now I am a bite lost what to do ???
  10. Partition Magic 8

    Can anyone provide me with a working autoexec.bat for PM8.IMA for I don´t understand it, the disk where I made the image from is working okay when I boot a PC. Why it´s not working in VMware ??? Please help
  11. Partition Magic 8

    Please help me with a problem with PM8. I have attach a picture where you can see that it hangs in dos, as far as I can see is that it don´t start the image ( PM8.IMA ) at all. A question to Alanoll, Mavericks or ArmyDoc you have writting that you created the image with Winimage what version ? Because in my version (6.10.6100) I can´t set the bootsector to Dos6.22 I have these options: MS-Dos = MS-Dos5.0 Win 95 = MSwin4.0 Win NT = MSwin4.0 Do you have any good ideas why ??? One more thing is that when you creared the image file how did you do that, my version of Partion Magic floppys (Ver.8.01) have to disks as yours but the autoexec.bat is in disk 1 and disk 2 !!! I know that they are the same but just an idea to what the problem cut be. I have seen ArmyDoc´s picture and you have io.sys and msdos.sys I don´t I have ibmbio.com and ibmdos.com any idea why ??? Can anyone please help me here !!! PM8Hangs.zip
  12. Win 98SE issue, D drive not found

    I found the fault, I have downladed the 98boot.IMG from your long message Alanoll and forgotten to change to setup.exe insted of oemsetup.exe so in the autoexec.bat in the image (98boot.img) was still pointing to oemsetup.exe "sorry for that". But now an other problem I have read what you were writting about the formatting before actully starting the installation of 98SE - I don´t get it because you were not writting about VMware that I am using. What do I do ??? I have attach a picture again and I thing this problem have something to do with the formatting or not ??? Thanks a lot for all you help regarding the Multi-Boot DVD jrm Picture98FollowUp.zip Picture98FollowUp.zip
  13. Win 98SE issue, D drive not found

    Hi all Can anyone help me out there with this problem with F...98SE, I have read all the message regarding 98SE in this forum. I have read all between Mavericks & Alanoll with 98SE, I have to agree with Mavericks "Why don´t Flyakite get the manual updated" ??? No offence, but all us new users are doing all the same mistakes that you have done. I really don´t get it why...!!! okay, I have attach a picture of my boot in VMware, it don´t get past the dos mode, it hangs in the dos window, what am I doing wrong ??? jrm Picture98Startup.zip Picture98Startup.zip
  14. Hi Alanoll My PRO1.dat is in the AIO-DVD folder. I have now tryed to edit the cdshell.ini file to this : if $lastKey == key[1]; then chain \PRO1.DAT but it did not help with my problem. cdshw.com still come out with the same error message : error: File not found. [command: chain] [line:96.2] [File: cdshell.ini] Thanks a lot for trying to help BG jrm
  15. Hi All I am a very new user of the multi-boot dvd so be nice... I have download all files, manuals and created all the folders as in the manual and I want to make a multi-boot DVD over time, I am starting with WinXP PRO. D:\AIO-DVD\ D:\AIO-DVD\SETUP\ D:\AIO-DVD\BOOT\ D:\AIO-DVD\BOOT\tools\ I have done all regarding creating the PRO1.DAT and moved it to the AIO-DVD folder. I have done the editting to the setupldr.bin, txtsetup.sif, PRO1.dat Have anyone seen in the hexeditor windows this text k.....i....g..CDBOOT : Cannot boot from C D - Code: 0...CDBOOT : Couldn't find NTLD R...CDBOOT: Memory o verflow error....... this text is from the downloaded PRO1.dat file, will that become a problem later ??? I have copy all thise files readme.html, spnotes.html, win51, win51ip, win51ip.sp1 to the AIO-DVD folder. I have done an image with this string "start cdimage.exe -lAIODVD -t08/23/2001,09:00:00 -b\AIO-DVD\BOOT\loader.bin -h -n -o -m \AIO-DVD C:\AIODVD.iso" Before burning a cd/dvd I would like to test that it works, so I want to test the cdshell.ini with cdshw.com The cdshell.ini is the downloaded one. My problem is that when I try to test the cdshell.ini with cdshw.com I get this error error: File not found. [command: chain] [line:96.2] [File: cdshell.ini] /aio-dvd/boot> Line 96 is this : if $lastKey == key[1]; then chain /PRO1.DAT that can be wrong ??? Thanks for any reply jrm