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  1. All good here Tihiy. Bring on the beta
  2. Unpack with 7-Zip then simply overwrite the old flash files with those ones. Runs fine in Opera 9.64. Thanks for the security update head-up Btw it's an NSIS installer and there is a problem with running the newest NSIS installers It would seem. See just above about foobar2000 for another example.
  3. Graphic trashup in Opera : Gone. Gimp 2.4 series crash on launch : Fixed. Gimp 2.6.6 crash on launch : Still there albeit not in gdi.exe anymore and it is the GDI heap expander that appears to be the responsable. Other RP components don't seem to affect that.
  4. Do you have KernelEx installed ? If you haven't maybe you could try that.
  5. Whereas the amount of RAM you have is not an issue it may well be that your RAM is faulty. Random freezes/lockups are often due to faulty memory if I am not mistaken. Perhaps you could run memtest86+ to confirm or eliminate that suspicion : http://www.memtest.org/
  6. Latest foobar2000 running Installer would always crash in kexbases.dll but I could unpack it with 7-Zip. Needs to be put in XPSP2 compatibilty and requires on my system two extra files, dbghelp.dll and shlwapi.dll 6.0.2900.2180. Grab it all below : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?fjtmn2qqnad
  7. I dunno but I just bought for £1 a MicraDigital/Belkin 802.11g Wireless USB Adapter last week from a dude on my local market. I haven't installed it as I have no need for it but it looks quite cool. There is a driver for 98/ME on the CD and it's called O4501U9X.sys. There are also PCI cards but I am thinking that perhaps a USB one is more flexible. I haven't checked but I think it's the kind of stuff that can be found easily for dirt cheap on eBay.
  8. It appears that you're running Wilma with XP-compatibility level, am I right? In this case all child processes (including Opera) will also be running under this compatibility level. Opera doesn't like XP level. For the time being try setting "Windows 98" compatibility level for opera.exe. Compatibility level for Wilma is 2KSP4 and the problem is fixed indeed by setting Windows 98 or ME compatibility mode for Opera, didn't think about trying that obviously. Flash 10 and Java 1.6.0_13 still working fine in Opera after doing that so no need for another fix I guess. Thanks for the head up.
  9. Opera always crashes in kexbases.dll or user.exe when launched from Wilma. Wilma is a very nice text indexer program which runs thanks to KernelEx and Opera is launched from it as the shell program for html documents when double-clicking on a html document from its search results. I don't have issues with other types of document and their respective associated shell programs, eg, Acrobat 6 for pdf, etc... I am not sure it crashes in user.exe when RP9 (+ RP10 Alpha 2) is not installed as I got it to crash only in kexbases when RP wasn't installed. In case anyone is interested : Wilma : http://s3.amazonaws.com/redtree/wilma/en/h...ll.html#windows Crash logs : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mnonmjnzwtz
  10. The corruption of systray and 7-Zip toolbars icons is gone since I also installed the RP9 updates with the patched dibeng. Graphic trashup in Opera always occurs shortly after I close my email client, an old version of Thunberbird (0.7). The problem with some icons being displayed at the wrong color depth in explorer (lower than it should) occurs only when 32-bit mode is selected in RP9 config. I've also tried to run Gimp 2.4.3 and it also crashes in gdi.exe whereas GimPhoto which is a customized and skinned version of Gimp 2.4.3 does not crash. I still have the problem with no content being displayed in Becy IconGrabber. Other than that zero incidence on system stability and nice little boost for both free GDI and User resources. Perhaps I will manage to test the shutdown if I don't forget not to shut down the computer with the power button as I always do.
  11. Vcache settings perhaps. Just a wild guess based on some stuff rloew wrote about his unsuccessfull attempts to run a 512MB graphic card.
  12. If you run KernelEx 4 and RP9 (not RP10 alpha) you should be allright IMO. None of them load in safe mode so if any big problem arises such as failing to boot at all you can reboot in safe mode and uninstall them.
  13. Killbits are dead : http://www.hustlelabs.com/bh2009preview/ Bottom line, don't use IE, or any app that embeds its runtime, for going online.
  14. I did not install it properly After proper install, here are some issues I experience : Icons not visible in Becy IconGrabber. http://www.becyhome.de/download/BeCyIGrab230Eng.exe In Explorer, icons with 2 or 16 colours are displayed instead of the proper color depth when executables contain them. Corrupted systray icons. Corrupted 7-Zip toolbar icons. Gimp 2.4.7 and 2.6.6 crash on launch in gdi.exe. Graphic trashup in Opera may still occur.
  15. True but it is most often better than nothing.
  16. Google for a help decompiler. You'll get rtf or doc files as output which contain the text you want to translate. All that procedure does work, I have done it with japanese .hlp files myself several times.
  17. It does not seem to happen if I do not open/close apps while it is running.
  18. That's how I do it. Convert the text you want to translate to html. Upload that somewhere it can be browsed and run Google translate on it. Copy the translation. If its really big you'll need to slice it but you'll have much more than 500 words like that anyway.
  19. It happens when other app exits or all by itself? Haha, interesting question. All by itself I would say but I may have closed apps before it happens. I'll try to browse the web without closing any app and will tell you if it still does occur in those conditions. Screenie in the meantime : Generally I can get rid of toolbar graphics corruption by switching briefly to another skin but I can't get rid of tab content corruption even if I close the tab and reopen the same website, only closing and reopening Opera clears it all up.
  20. Really? Who can confirm? Me. I have print preview working and I have been able to print with acrobat distiller 5. Only tried once on a single local html page as I am not using Firefox normally. Edit : I can't confirm anything actually as I just checked the Firefox version and it is 3.0.11 I have. I have just tried 3.5 now and I have the same problem reported by RetroOS with Print Preview and if I try to print without preview it crashes in Kernel32.
  21. Graphic trash-up occurs regularly in Opera when running the expander. Usually affects the content of one tab only, or the content of one tab and the toolbar graphics. I am sure you are aware of it but in case you aren't give a whistle and I'll pass you some screenshots.
  22. You haven't mentioned any specific program. Perhaps you could be starting by saying which programs you have issues with.
  23. Well spotted as I actually can't get it to initialize a GUI but it runs. Latest version that initialize a GUI, albeit you've got to wait a while for it to be there, is version 0.45.1-1. Latest Gimp runs fully with some crashes and has missing checkboxes in the preferences so not everything is OK. I haven't spent more time than that with both of those but I have spent a lot of time with GimPhoto which is a very nice fork of Gimp 2.4. It has got only two little problems that also affect Gimp 2.6. The first one is that it is abnormally slow at initilializing and destroying windows. The second is that the default options for brushes is to show the outline of the brush and that it trashes the view when you move the cursor about over the image without actually painting something. Other than that it works beautifully and I have found no fault or bug in any of the functions and tools I have tried so far. I am in the process of dowloading and adding plugins to it right now. Leave me another couple of days and I'll upload an enhanced GimPhoto with all the very good plugins and scripts that aren't already included with it. Amazing job guys.
  24. Whooo-hooo-hooo the latest Gimp and Inkscape are running
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