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  1. just remember that if you were going to do it that way in the last post, then you need to have sections that when found rat you did the sarch in that file to find all occurances of the next word. Here is a copmlete working solution FINDSTR /I /M /S /C:" hat " *.* > hat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /B /C:"hat " *.* >> hat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /E /C:" hat" *.* >> hat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /C:" cat " *.* > cat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /B /C:"cat " *.* >> cat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /E /C:" cat" *.* >> cat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /C:" rat " *.* > rat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /B /C:"rat " *.* >> rat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /E /C:" rat" *.* >> rat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /C:" cat " /L:hat.list > cat-hat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /B /C:"cat " /L:hat.list > cat-hat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /E /C:" cat" /L:hat.list > cat-hat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /C:" rat " /L:hat.list > rat-hat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /B /C:"rat " /L:hat.list > rat-hat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /E /C:" rat" /L:hat.list > rat-hat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /C:" rat " /L:cat.list > rat-cat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /B /C:"rat " /L:cat.list > rat-cat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /E /C:" rat" /L:cat.list > rat-cat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /C:" hat " /L:rat-cat.list > hat-rat-cat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /B /C:"hat " /L:rat-cat.list > hat-rat-cat.list FINDSTR /I /M /S /E /C:" hat" /L:rat-cat.list > hat-rat-cat.list That should find all occurances of hat, cat, rat wether it is at the end, beginning, or in the middle of a line in all files on the computer, not just txt files. (barring any typos) Now this should take a while to run. As for the error in the last post, it should just post it to the command line, not the redirect.
  2. your right. But that is you can run several other commands, like redo the search and instead of /c:" hat " you can use /b /c:"hat " that way it will only search at the beginning of the line. I will post the complete answer in a an hours or so.
  3. should be FINDSTR /I /M /S /F:rat.list /C:" hat " > rat-hat.list That way it will search for the literal " hat " in the rat list, and wala you will have a rat-hat list!
  4. almost, you would want to do the /c:" hat " instead of using the /l on the two words. That way you get to find the actual word.
  5. if you really want to send faxes, there are a couple of ways. Internet fasxing is by far the easiest, but i dont know of any free places that will let you send. I would find an adapter for one of your cell phones, that will either mount the phone a a regular dialed modem, or a converter that takes the serial port on it back to a rj-11, and then you can just plug it back into a regular modem. One thing to be careful about is that you need to tell windows that you dont need to wit for a dial tone. If I remember correctly it is in themodem setting in the control panel. If it thinks it should wait, then it will never dial. good luck.
  6. if you want just go in and remove all permissions except you, then log in as a diffrent user and the programs running in user mode wont have access, it would be easier to do it with fast user switching.
  7. wouldnt it be faster to just go into windows manage and rename? 15 seconds flat
  8. you know, doing a findstr /? will give you the complete syntax, but here is how. If you want to find a string literal, hence " rat " you have to use the /c it works better becuase it allows the use of quites. like this. C:\>FINDSTR /I /M /S /C:" rat " *.txt > rat.listThis will find all txt files that contain " rat " in them and it should be case insensitive, hence the /i for it Specifies that the search is not to be case-sensitive. Integrate this, and you whould be done.
  9. Sure, let me organize a couple of my better ones, and I'll post them. If you have any ideas on stuff that would be cool to from prompt, just tell me.
  10. what is important to note is that the /D is sor searching a semicolon delimited list of directories. although I believe that the pings are unneccesary, it should suspend while running the command.
  11. This is a little onld, but still alost entirely vaild. http://www.javascriptkit.com/howto/active.shtml http://www.kylyria.net/kylyria_tutorial/tutorial.htm also google for help creating "active desktop"
  12. I have been batch scripting since 1983, not kidding. I grew up on it, so when new commands came out, I just added them to my memory. If people want really in depth batch help, not a problem. You can do just about anything from prompt. And with vbs, you can access just about any part of windows that you want. If someone tells me where they want me to put some knowledge then just ask, be happy to help. As for the quesiton. The first three lines are perfect, you will find all occurances of rat in a.list, hat in b.list, and cat in c.list. Now the next three lines need some help. then you do findstr you need to still tell it what you are looking for. In line 4, you are telling it to look for the letter b in a.list. I think that you want to be looking for hat, not a like this. C:>\FINDSTR /S /L /M /F:a.list hat > a-b.list then just repeat for the other entries, in lines 5, 6 you are looking for the string "c" If you changes the c to cat etc, you will have the right answers! Tell me how it goes!
  13. you can use the drivepacks or just go and look at how to integrate at http://unattended.msfn.org/intermediate/drivers/intro.htm
  14. That is overkill Just download and can add in runonce or in the other methods. "dotnetfx.exe /q /c:\"msiexec /I netfx.msi /qn\" And it is already silent. (you need the qoutes) this is in the reunonce in the svcpack.inf do it like this "dotnetfx.exe /q /c:""msiexec /I netfx.msi /qn""" If you want to install the update ( I havent downloaded it together) "KB867460.exe /Q /I"
  15. how complicated do you want to get. If you want to kiss it then just have it work, modify the program so that it looks at the local registry for the connection string and the URL. Then all you have to do is on a local install (clicent side) just a** a text box for thoes two fields, and then have them write to the reg with the other install keys.
  16. try right click and drag, and then release in the new location, and select move. That should do it.
  17. The key is physical, looks like a usb flash drive, only smaller, about an inch long. And the computers comes with two. I put one in my safety deposit box at the bank. And the whole drive is encrypted, actually the whole IDE channel is encrypted. And I hve not been able to see any adverse affects on the system. Yet I do have two gigs of ram. As for raid, no it doesnt work directly. You also dont have space in the case. There is only one 3.5 inch bay, and one cd-rom bay. So I dont do the raid thing in this system. Only my file server is RAIDED and for that I use jetico server edition, and I dont notice a slowdown on the network using it.
  18. Well, hopefully you didnt blow the connections. this is what I would do to check it. try pluggin it into several diffrent usb ports on several computers. If one computer does end up finding it then you should be good to go. If no coputer detects it, then open it up, remove the drive and replace it with another one to test. repeat the test above. If it detects then replace the drive with the original one and you should be good to go. If two drives dont work then go and get a new external case. Sorry, and goodluck.
  19. Check copying like said, but if you still have problems then here is something: The copy command must work becuase if the command isnt there you get So we know that the copy command is ok. Have you tries something like alcohol to just make an image of the disk, then just copy it from the image.
  20. I dont want to give you the answer, becuase you wouldnt learn anything. but here is how you would set it up. the command to look inside a file for a string is findstr. here is an example to search your entire harddrive for "rat" in all text files and only display the text finle name. c:\>FINDSTR /S /L /M rat *.txt You start the loop by looking at the above file, maybe something like a pipe or a redirect, you will need to learn the diffrence, into the same command again. This way you will search for the files that have the next word. Or just get the first list of rat and send all the filenames into a tmp file by taking the output of the command > and redirecting it to a file. Then loop through that list. OR if you use something like c:\>FINDSTR /S /L /M .at *.txt Then you would search for any occurance of three letter words that end in at. then just compare the output Or remember that findstr can read in for console with /F:/ Here is an example c:\>FINDSTR /S /L /M a *.txt > a.list C:\>FINDSTR /S /L /M /F:a.list b > a-b.list The above command will search for all .txt files on the computer with the letter a and then write a file list to the hd and then second command will search that list of files for the letter b and write that result to the file a-b.list Now remember that with three words you have several combinations. words a, b, c combinations include a - b, a - c, b - c, and then if you want a list of all three you need a - b -c I want you to post the final result when you get it. You should have everything you need here.
  21. I dont know of something directly, but I know that you could extend the Alerts, so that when something prints to a file, in a location, then it send it to another printer.
  22. find which folders are being synced then change the setting directly on the folder.
  23. you dont have to use a vpn. VPN is only if you want to make the connection secure. the k: is just what you want the share to appear as on your computer. Remember that you only need to deal with vpn, or any vn if one of the machines is not directly connected to the internet. If you are at work, and trying to connect to to your home computer that is directly connected to the internet, then you should beableto directly connect with out any issues. If you are at home and connecting to your work computer, that is behind a firewall or NAT then you will have to either tell the firewall/nat to forward the ms network connects or you need to set up a virtual network , like built in vpn so that your home computer appears part of the lan at work then you can run the net commands. ask for more clarifications on exactly what you are trying to do.
  24. Ok, final security way! Go get an Asus Pundit-R. It has built in encryption I have one and it works great, but if you lose the little key, then you are screwed because all the data on the machine is useless. Then all you have to do is keey the little key with you, and the machine isnt even bootable.

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