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  1. HELLLLOOOOOOOOOO................
  2. im thinking ill need an autorun.inf and a winnt.sif file?.
  3. nice logoff code gunsmokingman!!
  4. thanks purewaveform, but i dont want the drivers on an xp installation disk, i want them on a disk on there own that will auto install them the moment i bash the disk in, is it possible? i have gleaned some info from the link you provided, such as the drivers folder and the numbered driver folders in it ..eg:- 000_chpset .....and so on, but then it goes on about where to put this folder...xpcd\oems\.......and so on. this is not what i am looking for im afraid........unless im missing something?, which is quite probable . any more help would be very gratefull. thanx.
  5. hi , im trying to make an autoplay cd that will install my laptop drivers, these drivers are for chipset, sound ,graphics, and so on. with no menu ,just stick it in and go get a coffee. is this possible?. and if so how?. thanx.
  6. pob


    smeeagain, im having a problem with various drivers for my laptop, the problem is i want to create an autorun.inf to load each driver one after the other if this is possible. i think it is, after reading the unattended guide, the thing is that most of said guide was rocket science to me. anybody help me on this one? thanx .
  7. N I S picked it up straight away
  8. hmmm... this could take some time, but thanx anyway. should find enough here to bung together a batch file....
  9. all links asume u know something about dos,... i dont . pls let me know if anybody has heard of a tutorial or an prog.... or anything.
  10. happy to learn together totoymola, but beware i know absolutly zip about dos ... will check out them links from jdoe first.
  11. thanx jdoe, will chek out those linx
  12. erm.. cant understand that guide, thats why i asked for an idiots guide...( new to computers ). all the other stuff has basic walkthrus.. cept batch files.
  13. hi, can anybody tell me if there is a idiots guide to making batch files around? i am very new to this unnatended thing, but only seem to be stumbling on this batch file thingy. sorry if this is in the wrong place......

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