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  1. [Release] XPize Darkside 2.0 beta

    Hi Zedox I have to say that I love your work. I have always been using Luna noir or some other dark theme and dark wallpapers but your project is a step far beyond it! Since your asked to tell if we notice something left that doesn't fit, here is a small list: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Wizards Frames are still blue Automatic Updates "Help protect your PC" label is still blue, would look better as dark I think Windows firewall labels from blue to dark Nvidia nView Desktop Manager from green to dark? Nvidia controlpanels labels from white to dark? You have been incredibly accurate with your work and it's really hard to find anything left. Your new icons and logon screens are really impressive. Keep up the good work!
  2. [Desktops] 2006

    This is my current desktop. All of the tribal icons are shortcuts for my programs. The theme looks nice with my black & blue sonata 2 case Link Please don't post full sized screenshots in posts --Zxian
  3. I need some help with my matrix type xp Theme!

    Thanks! The result 1 works fine but and I think that color chaning must be done with some program. It may not be possible by changing windows registry. Google black text with black background is still my biggest problem because it takes the backcolor from "Window"="0 0 0" registry. I cant change it or else it dramatically changes my theme by adding white areas to gui. I still cant find where to change font color to green but it cant be done by [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors] settings. The grey area in full list view is still a problem and I dont know where to change the grey color to black.
  4. Hi! I need some help with my windows theme. Im currently using windows xp classic theme with reg Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors] "ActiveBorder"="0 0 0" "ActiveTitle"="0 0 0" "AppWorkSpace"="0 0 0" "Background"="0 0 0" "ButtonAlternateFace"="181 181 181" "ButtonDkShadow"="64 64 64" "ButtonFace"="0 0 0" "ButtonHilight"="0 0 0" "ButtonLight"="0 0 0" "ButtonShadow"="0 0 0" "ButtonText"="0 255 0" "GradientActiveTitle"="0 255 0" "GradientInactiveTitle"="0 100 0" "GrayText"="0 0 0" "Hilight"="0 0 0" "HilightText"="255 255 0" "HotTrackingColor"="0 155 0" "InactiveBorder"="0 0 0" "InactiveTitle"="0 0 0" "InactiveTitleText"="0 145 0" "InfoText"="0 255 0" "InfoWindow"="0 0 0" "Menu"="0 0 0" "MenuText"="0 255 0" "Scrollbar"="127 127 127" "TitleText"="0 255 0" "Window"="0 0 0" "WindowFrame"="0 0 0" "WindowText"="0 255 0" "MenuHilight"="10 36 106" "MenuBar"="212 208 200" Preview I need help with 4 problems. 1st is how to change the font of desktop icons to green too 2nd is when i use full list view mode the list appears in gray box. How to make it black? 3rd when i use opera internet browser the search text in google search is black with black background, so no text seen. How to make the font green? 4th is that i dont get what "GrayText"="0 0 0" means. What text is it and in which screen? Please let me know any kind of solutions / ideas of how to work with these problems. Please also tell me what do you like about my theme? Any ideas of how to make something look even better? btw, if you want to try my theme, then here is backup for original windows classic theme colors Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors] "ActiveBorder"="212 208 200" "ActiveTitle"="0 84 227" "AppWorkSpace"="128 128 128" "Background"="0 78 152" "ButtonAlternateFace"="181 181 181" "ButtonDkShadow"="113 111 100" "ButtonFace"="236 233 216" "ButtonHilight"="255 255 255" "ButtonLight"="241 239 226" "ButtonShadow"="172 168 153" "ButtonText"="0 0 0" "GradientActiveTitle"="61 149 255" "GradientInactiveTitle"="157 185 235" "GrayText"="172 168 153" "Hilight"="49 106 197" "HilightText"="255 255 255" "HotTrackingColor"="0 0 128" "InactiveBorder"="212 208 200" "InactiveTitle"="122 150 223" "InactiveTitleText"="216 228 248" "InfoText"="0 0 0" "InfoWindow"="255 255 225" "Menu"="255 255 255" "MenuText"="0 0 0" "Scrollbar"="212 208 200" "TitleText"="255 255 255" "Window"="255 255 255" "WindowFrame"="0 0 0" "WindowText"="0 0 0" "MenuHilight"="49 106 197" "MenuBar"="236 233 216"
  5. How to change position of text in the setup? I mean texts like "collecting information" and "preparing for installation". I'd like to change it from left side to right side. Is the in the winntbbu.dll? What value should i change? I use resource tuner for editing but i can use use alternative methods if i have to.
  6. Help with unknown installer

    WIHU & USSF cant find any knows installer from the file. I dont know anything about "Ghost Installer" and i have too searched internet for ginstall.dll and i found only virus info. But your autoit script works MHz! Thanks! Now me and my friends can enjoy from hotkey master unattented install. I have to learn how to make autoit scripts myself.
  7. Hi. I have created myself nice collection of switchless installers with all different types of installers. including : Inno Setup Installshield NSIS Windows Installer (.msi) Wise Installer But now i have a problem. One of my favorite programs called Hotkey master wont install with any of the methods that i know. http://www.hotkeymaster.com The installation looks like this. This is the first screen in the install. Notice that there is no "about setup" option in droplist, so it cant be "Inno Setup". There is also "I Agree" spot and when i check it, the "next" button activates. The installation doesnt create setup.iss folder to windows folder with any method that i tested but it creates files "ginstall.dll" and "License.txt" to "Documents and Settings\%user%\Local Settings\Temp" After I select "next" button it goes to a screen like this After I click "start" in this screen it installs the program. Can anyone help me to create silent switch for this prog? Thanks in advance.
  8. Which VMWare version?

    I have read much about VPC2004 and VMWare and I have persionalle tested VPC2004 and it was pretty slow. So i want to try VMWare now but i dont know which version should i try? http://www.vmware.com/download/ - I'm confused about all of the versions and the homepage doesn't include much info about any of the versions. So, which version do you use and how does it work? Does it keep crashing? Is it actually faster than VPC2004? Which version should i try to install windows 98 and to play old DOS games and to use old win apps? Is there MIDI support in VMWare cause VPC2004 doesn't have one. I dont need any complicated server version.
  9. How to add links to folders/.exes in desktop?

    Thanks, but im still a noob with HTML-coding... How do I place height/width/position? Or text font color? Small example please?
  10. I saw one pic in this forum where user had added links of his hdd drive folders (Like my pics & and launch half-life 2) to his desktop. He said that it was done by active desktop and if I remember correctly it had something to do with shortcuts too. The links were plain text. They had no pics / icons. Im noob with html-coding, so i can't make the code myself and I don't have any example. Can anyone knowing HTML-coding give me code / example of how to make that kind of active-desktop object? Or if someone has any idea of how to do it in other ways, please let me know. And btw, how can i add activedesktop objects to windows installation?