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  1. I am having a trouble understanding how to subnet ip addresses. I am using the Microsoft Official Academic Course guid 70-293 and their explanations just don't make sense to me. Can someone give me a few ideas on how to do this in a way that actually makes sense? For each of the following IP address assignments, specify the # of bits in the subnet identifier, the # of possible Ip addresses in each subnet, the subnet mask for the IP addresses, and the Ip address ranges for the first and last subnet. yes, I could just use a calculator but I'd like to know how to do this manually! Thank you!
  2. Hello, My company has agreed to pay for me to finish my MCSE certifications (lucky me!) and I would like to know if anyone here has a recommendation for good places to go, or places not to go. Thank you!
  3. I am tryin to restrict it per user. Thank you very much for your help!
  4. Hello, I set up a test environment at my house that includes the following: 1 windows 2000 server w/ sp4 2 windows xp pro w/ sp2 I want to be able to restrict drives on the client machines as a test. I found the settings in group policy that allow me to do this. However, when I restrict the drives it doesn't affect the 2 client machines. I created the group policy on my domain (lets say it's called Hello.com) and I placed it before the default policy but I can't get it to work. What am I doing wrong?
  5. ok I know this should be posted in MS Office forum, but it wasn't getting any views so I thought that I would bring it here. The problem I'm having with MS Access. Upon start-up there is a logon screen with several choices: Administrator, Data Entry, General, and Library. Then you are required to enter a password in another box. My clients lost the password so I purchased a nifty program called Advanced Office Password Recovery which works very well for everything except this application. Can anyone recommend a way to get into this database?? We can read the data if logged in as General but cannot edit or add any data. Thank you for your assistance
  6. Hello, I have an Access database here at work that a user lost the password to. Is there a way to recover this password?
  7. jaclaz, thank you. There is no pagefile.sys to delete so I will try changing the registry settings as suggested. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you for all of the suggestions. I still have no solutions. I only get this error when I upgrad from Win2k to WinXP Pro on Dell 3500 systems. Maybe it's a problem with these particular machines? Although I have never seen this error before.
  9. That should work, however it doesn't. This has happened on 3 boxes that I have upgraded from Win2K Pro to WinXP Pro. Any other suggestions??
  10. The option is not available. It's shaded out almost like if I didn't have admin privledges, however I'm the admin of the box.
  11. The drive has 10GB of free space left on one HD. I can't even create the pagefile.
  12. There is NO pagefile, therefore I can't set it to anything!
  13. Thanks, but I'm looking more for a solution to the problem rather than wiping and ghosting. Unless of course, that is the only way to fix this
  14. upgrade several PC's from Windows 2000 to Windows XP SP2. After the install completed, and administrator or any user logs in to the network, you get a Pagefile error. It says that there is no pagefile set or it is set to low. When you go into Settings, Control Panel, System, Advanced, click on the Performance Settings button, Advanced Tab, Virtual Memory Change button...I have tried to set it to a Custom Size (1024), and let System Managed Size, click on the Set button and click on, even reboot, but it still gives me the error, and when I check there is nothing set (currently allocated: 0 MB). HELP??

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