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  1. http://www.w4rc0rpz.net/dLiCi0US.php
  2. Thanks OK I understand most of it but what is Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC
  3. .......................BUMP........................ I am really curious about this option.
  4. I have never messed with this option much but what does each mean Default ACPI Multiprocessor PC ACPI Uniprocessor PC Advance Configuration and Powee (ACPI) Compaq System Pro MPS Uniprocessor PC MPS Multiprocessor PC Standard PC
  5. I ordered 4 of these http://www.jab-tech.com/YATE-LOON-120mm-Ca...ed-pr-3771.html 2 for main puter and 2 for spare and 2 of these http://www.jab-tech.com/120mm-Plastic-fan-...er-pr-2470.html Thanks a bunch
  6. Dont worry about messing things up. Usually you press F1, F10 or del to get into bios. If you look at the right things you should the boot order, set it to boot off cd first and HD second.
  7. It has to be your media then. Try another blank cd or burn iso at a lower speed.
  8. check bios and see if cd is first boot device.
  9. Oh sorry I thought you meant the "press any key to boot from cd" I dont know what happened with yours unless you got some bad media
  10. It shouldnt affect installing, but you accidently checked that option. When you make your cd next look at all options carefully.
  11. You could have left it compressed, then people could download it to look at it. So what is the problem?
  12. I have a couple of questions. Is there a way to tell air flow direction before pluging them in? On a pcu heat sink does fan blow cold air in or draw hot air out?
  13. Tux I used your presets and kept some stuff and deleted others then ran your batch 121 mb even after slipstream dx9 with hfslip. Very stable too. You are very good.
  14. Some fans have 4 pin connector + 3 pin MB connector. If I dont plug it into MB will fan still work?
  15. I am interested in getting some case fans. I want a lot of air so I know I will get a lot of noise. What do you all think of these? http://www.yesbuy.net/link-depot-120x120x3...-3pin-4pin.html http://www.yesbuy.net/yate-loon-120-mm-bla...-3pin-4pin.html If anyone has another link for good fans please post them.
  16. Remove the I386 folder it will be very lite The fastest BSOD you will ever see.
  17. I think he used hfslip as a slipstreamer. Lited it with nlite then ran his batch file.
  18. Did you use nlite or hfslip or a combo of both.

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