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  1. You forgot about LOTUS NOTES in the poll. Ppl in companies use it
  2. Isnt it just activation that Microsoft implemented a while ago, and so all OEM software must be activated by phone or internet. As i play a lot with notebooks and other pc's when you replace motherboard (same model/same type) all you have to do is replace bios also (leaving old bios in new mainboard) and everything should be fine. Else you have to call microsoft and enter zilion of codes that they give (including 2 phone calls that you have to make, you can't just make one ;p). I think i don't understand what you want to achieve with your batch script that you're trying to make? Maybe someone wanna explain it to me?
  3. After some reasearch i managed to get to some point: REM Finds cd-rom set tagfile=\DRIVER_00 for %%i in (c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do if exist "%%i:%tagfile%" set CDDRIVE=%%i: REM Drivers Path %CDDRIVE%\BIN\SetDevicePath.exe %CDDRIVE%\DRIVERS REM Enable installation of unsigned drivers start %CDDRIVE%\BIN\WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe REM Starts Device Manager devmgmt.msc I want to find a way to make Windows 'refresh' all devices and Update drivers for all devices that doesn't have them (so it would take them from CD). As i noticed doing it by hand (from Device Manager that was started by script) i had to delete not working DEVICE and click REFRESH. It worked but i had to do several steps afterwards (as in many more clicks ;p). I want it to be more automated. Anyone have some idea? I'm sure it can be done with AutoIT or so but that's a lot of code to do, maybe there's a simpler way? PS. Responding to my own posts seems to be a bit boring practice :/
  4. www.altiris.com/docs/partners/ Single%20Image%20for%20Dell%20PowerEdge%20Servers.pdf You meant that PDF. And i have read it thru but i haven't found anything that would be usefull for me. Anyone else that could help?
  5. Okey i worked it out: ---- 832483 --> "KB832483.exe /C:""dahotfix.exe /q /n"" /q:a" you need to add it with all the brackets (yes it looks stupid but it works ) ---- jsscript(814078) --> can be replaced with SCRIPTEN.EXE /Q:A /R:N It's a Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 2000 and XP that repleces that hotfix ---- So only missing thing is that GDi Tool but i already have saw some threads so eventually i'll post it here when i get it to work :/
  6. I have done as you suggested and used those 832483, jsscript(814078k) without any switches. It asked me during installation about it, i have installed them and still jsscript is on Windows Update to download. Also i don't see GDI detection tool on your list and it also apears on the list. And isn't there a way to make those mentioned above REALY unattended? It kinda misses the purpose of having them included on cd ;/ They will stop instalation until you press something.
  7. I will be happy to read it but you need to gimme link to It or somethign
  8. Lets say i have this project. I would like to have a CD with drivers for 10 diffrent computers. I would put all drivers there, each in separate dir etc. Is it possible to force Windows 2000 and/or XP to go thru the dirs and find drivers for all devices that aren't fully installed (for example lan drivers/graphic) without too much intervation of end-user? Automated process just like unattended install of programs goes. I don't want drivers to be included onto Windows CD. I want it to have a separate phase. Hope you guys know what i mean? EDITED: Some sort of a script or something, batch file..
  9. [setupHotfixesToRun] IE6/ie6setup.exe /Q:A /R:N KB891861.EXE /passive /norestart /quiet /nobackup KB842773.EXE /passive /norestart /quiet KB883939.EXE /passive /norestart /quiet KB890046.EXE /q /n /z /o KB894320.EXE /passive /norestart /quiet KB896358.EXE /passive /norestart /quiet KB896422.EXE /q /n /z /o KB897715.EXE /passive /norestart /quiet KB832483.EXE /C:""dahotfix.exe /q /n"" /q:a KB814078.EXE /Q:A /R:N KB893803.exe /q /n /z QCHAIN.EXE REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\GdiDetectionTool" /v "GDITool" /t REG_DWORD /d "00000001" /f That's what i have in svcpack.inf but after installation 3 hotfxies still aren't installed. Those are "KB873374" (which is GDI TOOL), KB832483 and 814078. What i do wrong? :/ Rest seems to have installed without problems I feel like a n00b sometimes..
  10. Problem is i don't see svcpack.inf as i have been slipstreaming SP4 post rollup 1 update and forthcomming hotfixes thru nlite not manually. I only have HFINT.DAT that is located in svcpack dir. I added there following line (pasted at the end of post) just before all other lines (since i was monitoring what nlite does and it seems it was modifying this file. Now waiting for results, but i doubt it will work [iE60] ie6setup.exe
  11. He meant that Windows 2k doesn't support RunOnceEx. You need to use batch files like the one i paste below. RunOneEx is a registry input which isn't supported in Windows 2000. Example: @ECHO OFF start /wait \\server\Install\Advanced\Microsoft_Office2003\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- start /wait \\server\Install\Main\7_Zip\7z423.exe /S EXIT Just a normal .bat/.cmd file
  12. Great i was missing that switch: ie6setup.exe /Q:A /R:N Every thread/forum i read was only giving this line: ie6setup.exe /c:"ie6wzd.exe /D:1 /s:""#E""" and nothing else. Tnx muchos for that. Question for jon15n is what do i exactly put in svpack.inf. Just ie6setup.exe before any other fixes dll's or anything else?
  13. I believe you will need setup.exe for it to work. REG ADD %KEY%\002 /VE /D "Microsoft Office XP Standard" /f REG ADD %KEY%\002 /V 1 /D "\\server\Install\Microsoft_OfficeXP\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-" /f I have something like this and this works like a charm. I would suggest you getting proper version of Office.
  14. How to integrate/slipstream Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 into Windows 2000 Instalation CD? I have currently Windows 2000 with SP4 and rollup 1 slipstreamed but still IE 6.0 isn't there. I need Windows 2000 to have all updates with IE right after clean Windows install. Is it possible?
  15. Anyone have unattended switch for that Cisco Version. There is no .msi anymore in that rls.
  16. I'm having problems with Lotus Notes in version 5.0.10a and 5.0.9a (unnatended instalations). I created setup.iss and i used this switch: Setup.exe -s -f1 SETUP.ISS to install it. It just never was installed on system :| Dunno why it doesn't work since 5.0.2c with very similar config works fine. Maybe i am missing something. Please help out on this. I also tried "setup.exe -s -SMS -f1 setup.iss -f2c:\notes5.log" as someone suggested on other forum and i got this error: "Setup requires _SETUP.DLL and _ISRES.DLL (located in_SYS1.CAB) in order to operate properly. Please ensure these files are located with SETUP.EXE." Dunno what else i can do ;/ Help. Just to say manual instalation goes without any problems.
  17. setup.exe -s -SMS -f1 setup.iss -f2c:\notes5.log I tried that as you suggested. And i got this error: Setup requires _SETUP.DLL and _ISRES.DLL (located in_SYS1.CAB) in order to operate properly. Please ensure these files are located with SETUP.EXE. Dunno what else i can do ;/
  18. Just if someone might be looking for an answer add this 4 lines to some 7zip.reg file and execute: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ;Fixing 7zip registry settings [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\7-Zip\Options] "ContextMenu"=dword:113 This fixes the problem mentioned above.
  19. I'm having problems with Lotus Notes in version 5.0.10a and 5.0.9a (unnatended instalations). I created setup.iss and i used this switch: Setup.exe -s -f1 SETUP.ISS to install it. It just never was installed on system :| Dunno why it doesn't work since 5.0.2c with very similar config works fine. Maybe i am missing something. Please help out on this.
  20. When I select multiple .doc/.xls files after having 7zip installed in unnatented mode (but i am sure it acts the same after manual installation), right mouse click and then 'open' ... it opens as many 7zip instances as many files you had choosen instead of Opening Excel or Word (which was my intention) . I know it can be fixed by going to 7zip and options changing it there.. but since i do 'automatic installations on few computers' it's too annoying to do it on each new computer I do. So my question is: is there 'registry' line that could fix my problem.. so i could just add it to registry? Or some other quick way for unnatented solution... PLEASE HELP!
  21. Hey, I've been reading a lot on this issue but can't find solution for it so here it goes: I've been editing sysdm.cpl file without problems with hacker resources and when i have it ready and nicely done i apply it by copying oeminfo.ini / oemlogo.bmp and sysdm.cpl to /Windows/System32. The problem is when i copy that file over orginal file in /Windows/System32 it works for like first 5 seconds or when i open it for first time.. but if i try to open it many times.. or i do some changes to oeminfo file in the meantime it changes back to ORGINAL file for some reason. Any solution to this?
  22. You mean SP1 for 2003 and SP3 for XP :-> Well new critical updates can come up later or even 5 of them at once so it's not realy an issue if you haven't seen any updates for months And uhm, as for that server i thought you have something else. Since i also have the rls of Office 2003 and Office XP on one of our servers in some dir just ppl don't know where. If they would found that .. they can update it by clicking setup. just my collegues are saying "what if someone goes to japan'". So i need some 'easier' way to update office 2003 or XP. For example with some script that can be executed when someone logins to his computer (Ad 2000)? Or with some script executed once per 2weeks to check if the Office 2003/XP is up to date.
  23. Can someone then tell me the perfect way to set Office and it's updates?(steps prefered) Maybe like you (Astalavista) said is to make main server with office and then deploy hotfixes and everything from it? But can users work on office applications while not being connected to network? Or how does it work with main server having office?
  24. Heh, Astalavista. "and there hasn't been any office updates for along time." Tell that to my collegues at work! I've been trying to explain them that like 0,1% does updates manually and office updates get out once per year... but they were just saying "what if someone goes to Japan and can't update office" and they wouldn't listen to me saying that noone updates office or that updates are not so often. That's why i wrote this since i am so p***ed off by them today, by their bashing .. before they were doing it all by hand.. installing of office, updates from Internet and all other programs all by hand.. Now it's one click just they want me to do it by hand too even thou i do like 10 computers per day. So I need to find a way for updates, easier way. Souling -> i didn't understand what you mean. I updated office already, just i need to spread it to users some way.
  25. I need help regarding Office XP/2003 Unattended Version. I did it some time ago so all service-packs, hotfixes are integrated into office. But now i've got a problem. When new hotfix is out i can integrate it into Office.. and then after i click on setup.exe it updates version on computer i am currently on. But then i would have to go to all computers i have and do the same. How to spread it to other computers on the network? (besides sending them link where the setup.exe and whole office installation is). And also Office Update page isn't working as it should since it says that "I have administration version of office" and i need to use 'administrative updates only'. I don't care, i could do it the long way since there is link to that administrative updates page so if i would be normal user i would go the long way and update office.. however some ppl don't have time or anything and they don't do it. To summarize: I want some way to do automatic updates of office whenever new hotfix is out on all computers in network (we use Windows 2000 Active Directory if that helps) having unattended/integrated Office XP/2003 version of office. Or/And having possibility to update from Office Updates page like it was possible without unattended version. Hope someone can help and it's all clear what i want to do :->
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