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  1. So basically if you just leave the drivers that you mentioned alone in the directory it will crash no matter what? (Realtek RTL8187S, RTL8191SE Wireless LAN, Realtek RTL8187B Wireless LAN, Realtek RTL8190, RTL8192E Wireless LAN, Realtek RTL8191SE, RTL8192SE Wireless LAN, Realtek RTL8192CE, RTL8191CE, RTL8188CE Driver)? Can you send me them zipped or so?
  2. gerakis please test this and let me know Evotec Hardware Installer
  3. To be honest I've not touch the code since 3+ years now. I am aware of the problem and I'll try to update the code to fix this issue since I see that the author of one library that was causing this updated his code. Not sure if it will be this week thou. I haven't coded in AutoIt for over few years.
  4. When doing a scan for hardware changes it refreshes the device manager list, but nothing happens after that. What i've noticed is. It first starts with the VGA card, but when it found a driver it says Mobile Intel.... expres chipset. Also when i look under Display adapters it has one device named Mobile Intel 945GM express chipset familiy, i think this is wrong because there is still a video controller in the other devices list. Also when it has installed this driver a device with a strange name appears in the other devices list... -> JW804/7?... you can see it on the screenshot. You must understand what my program does. It scans your system for missing devices (HWID) then searches for that HWID inside .inf files you pointed it to and adds that to registry. Then it makes Device Manager to refresh the list of devices and windows is forced to find drivers on his own (with paths given to it thru registry). It should find and install missing devices. It's all it does. No magic :-) What you noticed in right corner is that Windows is finding devices like your mobile intel 945GM and uses drivers that you pointed it to. However if somethings don't install properly means the drivers aren't properly prepared (inf alone might be there but other stuff may not).
  5. Everything seems correct. Program found 5 of 6 inf files for your devices, removed 6 HW devices. [20:11:08] - Unknown devices were removed successfully. [20:11:08] - [iNFO] Enabling Window Managing Wizard [20:11:08] - Forcing system to detect Plug & Play Devices. [20:11:10] - System is now detecting and installing drivers for your hardware. Please wait! Only thing that could go wrong is Detecting and installing drivers. Can you try when it's stuck at that stage to go to device manager and click Scan for hardware changes. If detection starts and works that means something went wrong at that stage.
  6. Hello. The first error is probably some misuse in code, but even if i fix it you will get the 2nd error. The error is related to INI Read (_IniReadSection) and is related to code not written by me. I've reported error on author's thread but seems he doesn't care (http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=32004). The builtin IniReadSection has a limit which makes it unusable. There are 3 choices: 1) Author fix it and for me it's simple fix 2) I try to fix it in his code and i don't know what's going on there so it will take me ages to do so :-) 3) I write my own approach to read the .inf files instead of using _IniReadSection. I would prefer 1st option, as 2nd and 3rd considering a lot of projects i am thrown at I can't quick fix. Hope you understand that. Sorry
  7. Do you have any devices without drivers (being in Device Manager marked as ? or with some error code?)?
  8. I see a couple of things you need to look out for: 1. You need to fill domain username and password: <share_path>\\image-server\share\drivers</share_path> <domain_username>SomeDomain\DriversAccount</domain_username> <domain_password>NewPassw4343</domain_password> 2. When you set your drive mapped as drivers_share you need to use drivers_share as drive letter latter on. <drivers_share> <share_path>\\image-server\share\drivers</share_path> <domain_username></domain_username> <domain_password></domain_password> </drivers_share> So when you use mapped drive latter on use it like: <drivers_directory_path>drivers_share:\</drivers_directory_path> This will make sure program will find at what letter it mapped the drive and use it. So to answer your other question about mapping drive to letter Z -> No, use variables, otherwise program may be confused.
  9. I use all drivers for Windows XP from DriverPacks.net. I download all de 7zips and extract them all in a single folder called Drivers which is located of the root of my USB-Harddrive (Z:\Drivers). P.S. Any progress on this MadBoy? Unfortunately no. I've reported error with this but nobody cares :-) I had couple of findings by fixing inf files by hand but it's a lot of work. Have to find some other way around it and it's hard with time I have now :-) Plus there's not much motivation left in this case. XP is fading away so I would need to support Windows 7 and that's a lot of work. I am focused on things that get me money right now but have hopes. Maybe I'll get some time to fix it.
  10. I tried reproducing your problems and I couldn't. I downloaded like 15 driver packs and db created clearly without problems. Would it be possible that you (psycho or xecutor) to create me some 7zip file of your drivers db and put somewhere to download (can be big) or maybe try to isolate a problem to specific driver, amount of drivers? Edit: I found the problem, it's in one of external libs i use. Will try to fix, ask to get it fixed.
  11. It should be possible, but maybe you should try using driverpacks.net along with some software that installs drivers from them? In sticky in this department you've couple of programs which help installing multiple drivers from driverpacks without having to go one by one.
  12. You should have created new thread. This one is for something diffrent then help with general drivers problems. I assume you have downloaded zip file or similar and after unpacking you have .inf file and bunch of other files but no .exe. This is normal. You should click start then in Run window type in devmgmt.msc. Then find device marked with yellow question mark and then right click on that device and choose properties. There you will find Install/Update driver in which you have to point to the .inf file that you unpacked.
  13. By driverpacks i meant http://driverpacks.net/. Drivers prepared by them are in clean form, having only .inf's and proper driver and not being packed with cabs, setup.exe and so on. It is possible that driver that has setup.exe, cab etc may work but it's not guaranteed so you may have to unpack and prepare the drivers for instalation (or use DriverPacks and pray they have all you need). And yes, it's like in Dell you create on directory with all drivers and you put my program there or you keep it anywhere you want just .xml has to point to that directory. Then you run it (either in manual mode which you have to click thru, but it's very recommended in the beginning so you know what the program does, or in auto mode which after start will do what it says in .xml and shutdown itself when done). By having one directory i mean C:\Drivers but you can have subfolders like C:\Drivers\Mobo\Somethings\Somethingelse. Program will search for drivers in every subdir so you don't have to put all drivers in one folder (it's even not recommended). I would suggest to read this whole thread (this may take a while) but should help you understand the process and see how other people get along with it.
  14. Hello lezhrej, There's no installer for this program. It's one executable to run (my bad for naming it Hardware Installer). You have to create directory somewhere (lets assume C:\Drivers). You put all drivers you have (in clean form - Driver Packs are best for this) and then you modify .xml to your needs (like point program to where drivers are etc). Then you just run program and it should do all for you. Just so you know it's not something you should use for one time installing of drivers (like your private computer, although you can). It's power is in reusing it over and over in company you work for so you can prepare one drivers directory (on cd, dvd or network drive) and program is supposed to do all the heavy work for you. Hope this helps.
  15. Hello psycho. This bug seems to be related to database prepare. I'll take a look at code later on but can you check if it crashes only on that one netbook? It shouldn't be related to hardware because what it is doing then is going thru all drivers and putting them in database. So if it crashes on one notebook it should crash on the other if you're using same share/folder which happens to store the drivers. I'll take a look. As for Windows 7 i haven't had a time to take a look at 7 how the drivers behave there and what could be done to extend functionality of the software to support Vista and Win7. I wanted to add backup drivers solution but since nobody could point me right way and i don't have time to dig myself it's put into on hold. Currently i am working on Ultimate Unpacker in c# which allows unpacking of multiple releases/applications packed with zips/rars with simple queue / drag and drop or choice of a dir for example C:\Downloads, it should unpack and deleted (if option is set) not needed files etc etc :-) Hope all is good with you, MadBoy
  16. Hello Escorpiom, I'm glad the program works. I know about it faults and i will try to make it better (aka use the highest version possible) for installing to unknown devices. As for the updating you could always use OldMethod which adds paths to all drivers to registry (may give some problems) instead of only choosen ones. This would force windows to search for newest driver (if you use the switch to update all drivers in xml). When i'll get time i'll most likely fix updating to new method (using db) and to use highest version only. Unfortunetly I need the time to develop something i get money for ;-) So don't expect it to arrive in few days :-) MadBoy
  17. I've refreshed download location and uploaded newest version that I had not released for quite long time. Enjoy. Version history Version - Added button proceed is now disabled if GHOST32.EXE or GDISK32.EXE aren't found. - Added Recovery Console - Fixed possible config places - Fixed problem with wrong image name when saving (lack of space) Version - Renamed couple of functions to be more descriptive - Fixed reloading of drives on disk wipe - Fixed tab names that were causing gui issues - Added special option that enlarges Builds Window and hides save build features if the Save option is not enabled. - Fixed couple of issues with disk wipe view to make sure proper drive is choosen when selecting Version - Added initialization for Windows PE. This is important as it installs PnP drivers etc - Added force for the keyboard to UK layout - Added Wipe Function progress display in LogBox - Added some CDROM "startup" functions Version - Fixed Wipe function progress was displaying unnessecary space in the begining of percentage. - Fixed Wipe function - additional sleep commands, a bit more changes to wipe look - Fixed Wipe function - problem with array (hopefully). - Added full DVDROM "startup" support. - Added variable to remember the old choice of image Version - Fixed Wipe function - problem with array (100%) - Fixed Wipe function - progress display should be more accurate Version - Fixed Wipe function - problem with array (200%) Version - Fixed DVDROM booting function - problem with array Version - Added progress bar for WIPE option - Removed progress from LogBox for WIPE Version - Optimized progress bar for Wipe option - Added progress text for Wipe option aswell Version - Added About Window - Added initialize commands to .xml config file Version - Fixed problem with error msg "Use GUICtrlDelete to delete items or if items created with UDF function make sure to pass in handle to control not the controlID" - Fixed mapping of drives so all fields have to be typed in before proceeding - Added diagnostic mode Version - Added commands to log window that are executed in diagnostic window - Added waiting screen while winpeinit is running. - Modified Recovery Console behaviour - Fixed loading of config file not always happend. Program will now wait for winpeinit function to execute and find external removable devices. - Fixed extended waiting timeout to 60seconds for Winpe Init function Version - Internal company release Version - Internal company release Version - Little fixes (non-public) Version - Removed company code Version - First public release of 2.0 version
  18. So I was busy but this couldn't get out of my head. So here's a fixed one. Version (public) - Fixed Drivers database creation for larger inf files. (recommended upgrade to newest version because of that); Version (public) - Tweaked logging a bit - Tweaked SEARCH & MATCH function Version (public) - Tweaked hardware wizard a bit. There's no longer need to provide string with & char before the underlined char on button Get newest version at: http://pro-solutions.pl
  19. Hello Escorpiom, Indeed. You found a bug. The problem is AutoIt has a limit to how much data can be in a section in an ini(inf is special case of ini) file. IniReadSection will only read up to 32,767 chars. While the whole file has a lot more. This means i have to rewrite the function that is responsible for reading up the file :-) Will do it later this week when I'll get some time. Nice catch :-)
  20. Escorpiom, I do hope you know about map feature in the app itself right ?:-) But i guess you keep the program on share for easier maintenance with newer versions. As for the copy feature it would be doable but it's not easy. I would need to realy get into .inf files and as you probably noticed my question on this board regarding backing up inf's i'm having a bit of problem with this :-)
  21. Escorpiom please get the newest and see if it works for you.
  22. You shouldn't edit the inf files. Actually i think inf files shouldn't be touched at all as they may break things. I should fix this, as I'm pretty sure it's my fault :-)
  23. Hello everyone, I'm trying to write program to backup drivers from working or non-working system. I've been reading a bit and looking in inf files and it seems I've some unanswered questions. My aproach to backup is looking at Windows\Inf folder. I list all inf files and read all of them. Lets take for example this: [sourceDisksNames] 3426=windows cd [sourceDisksFiles] WSDScDrv.dll=3426 [DestinationDirs] DefaultDestDir = 11 WSDScanDriver.CopyFiles = 11 Now i know i have to backup WSDScDrv.dll file which should be located Windows\System32 folder (as 11 means it's System32 folder). However the file is not there, it can be found at C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\wsdscdrv.inf_x86_neutral_93205116e7f7a608 (Windows 7) So my question is how can i really tell where the file is at (well i can look for it if it's only way). According to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms790174.aspx the 11,12 etc numbers point to specific locations but so far only 12 means it's in the right place. Hope someone can share some light on this, this would help in writting a nice backup program for all Windows systems from WinXP to Win 7 :-)
  24. It's good that you found correct solution. I'll probably add it to the list :-) Also was thinking to add that Hardware Wizard management option for case when it's still enabled. We will see. At the moment I've been playing with C# and Backup Drivers app. Need to find out how things work so maybe i'll release easy to use app to backup all drivers from system. MadBoy
  25. I would check if it works when you apply it in windows manually. If it does then it should work at T12. See if this helps: Go to Start menu, right-click on Computers and click Properties. On the left sidebar of the System dialog box, select Advanced System Settings. Now navigate to Hardware tab and click Windows Update Driver Settings. Not sure if this exists on Win Xp as i use 7 for now. Lemme know if it's there. If the switch is there try playing with applying the setting in reg. Seems like vista http://malektips.com/vista-windows-update-device-driver.html but might be in XP too, can't find it in 7.

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