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  1. Hello, I'm trying to vLite the Windows 7 public beta. I've downloaded vLite 1.2 and have installed the WAIK beta for WIndows 7 ( http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en ) I've installed the WAIK, copied the wimgapi.dll into the "C:\Program Files\vLite" folder but... vLite keeps asking for the wimgapi.dll file, trying to persuade me to download the vista SP1 WAIK... Does that mean that the WAIK for W7 beta has an incompatible (with vLite) wimgapi.dll version ? I'm quite puzzled... Can anyone help me? Thx!
  2. Those kind of bugs should be reported to MS and fixed. Even though the repros steps seem to give random results
  3. So you guys only look at a product through its icons/graphic resources ? It might have taken a long time to release Vista but I don't think those kind of graphic glitches will prevent you from working with Vista at all I guess that will all priorities set the shell team didn't have time to update them all. Is this more critical than fixing other bugs? I think not Everybody can complain about a new version of an OS and there will always be people who are never happy about any release and will always try to find the imperfections in a product. What really matters to me are the features and the real bugs.
  4. How do you replace a protected system file like the winload.exe.mui ?
  5. ddebacker

    Windows version

    Key is located there: HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop REG_DWORD: PaintDesktopVersion Value: 1 to enable Works with both XP/Vista (never tested with 2K)
  6. Are you using the 97.19 version of the nVidia drivers? If so there are still issues being worked on by nVidia with those.
  7. It can, the same goes for i945 chipset. Not the best Aero experience but smooth enough :-) Since Aero experience depends on resolution used, don't hope getting a dual mon config with resolution of 1600x1200 on both displays though B)
  8. The only way to change the locations all at once is to modify the unattend.xml file that is used by the setup. You can change it, save it to a USB stick and insert the stick when you launch setup. It will be automatically taken in place of the default one.
  9. Heard about TCP/IP, the de facto standard today (which was already more than common 10 years ago) ?
  10. Build 5717 will not be the RTM. There have been a lot of builds since that (old one). Don't be fooled by the build numbers. Sometimes they jump to the next hundred just because of build forking.
  11. Be aware that the current experience with Vista running inside VPC2004 is NOT good at all. Why is that? Simply because you need the Vista enabled VM additions and they've not yet been released to the public. The next release of Virtual PC will contain those additions (and since VPC is now free...). My two cents on the topic.
  12. Be sure to run the Migration Upgrade Advisor before trying to upgrade XP to Vista. There are a some drivers/apps that will get your upgrade to fail. Got an issue where a Toshiba App (CPL file) got my Control Panel to crash every time I tried to open it. Get the Upgrade Avisor here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getr...or/default.mspx
  13. If you prefer the XP Start Menu then you really like cluttered things The one from Vista just blows imho. The embedded search is really great (no need to find the proggy/file/email anylonger, just insta search for it). For the games issues try running them in XP SP2 compat mode 'right click the exe and check the compat from there and most of your issues with games will be solved).
  14. I'm surely not an MS Guru but let's face it: Beta software was never meant to face benchmarks. If they get released to the public it's because people want to be able to evaluate functionality, not speed. Builds get more stable over time. I've seen tremendous gains in terms of perfs from Vista Feb CTP in the Beta2 build and even better response time in the TAP/OEM refresh which was released through some tester channels about one week ago. Be patient, evaluate the features and wait for RTM in order to get a clear vue on speed/responsiveness.

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