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  1. Thanks very much! Onuora http://www.windows7update.com
  2. Quick question folks. I am writing an article and I assume that there are 5 ways to upgrade to Windows 7. Fresh install of Windows 7 on a Windows XP PC Dual Boot XP with Windows 7 Fresh install of Windows 7 on a Windows Vista PC Dual Boot Windows Vista and Windows 7 Upgrade a Windows Vista PC to a Windows 7 PC I am assuming that it has been confirmed once and for all that there is no direct upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7? Onuora http://www.windows7update.com
  3. I don't mean to spam but on my site, we are really interested in finding out whether PC owners like you plan to upgrade your hardware for Vista or not.. We are trying to find out one way or the other whether Microsoft has done a good job of articulating the value of Vista.. The URL is http://www.windows-vista-update.com/Window...Polls_Page.html Thanks for your time... Mike http://www.windows-vista-update.com
  4. Hypothetical question, does anyone here plan (at this point based on what they have seen) to buy any new hardware to run vista? What are some of the things that make you happy or tick you off about the Operating System? I am doing research for my website... Mike http://www.windows-vista-update.com

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