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  1. Interesting, it has been 2 years since I last Installed CodeBlocks on xp, and actually compiled a program, so I guess things have changed. I'll edit this post later when I find out which CodeBlocks version I was running. Thank you for testing though.
  2. It's hard to choose between Windows and Linux. Both have their perks and downsides, and Linux in particular is great for reviving old systems. I used to frequent Linux a few years ago, but now most of my systems have only Windows installed. I am planning to start using Linux pretty soon though, not as a main, but as a side OS.
  3. Around 2 years ago, I was able to compile programs in C++ using the CodeBlocks IDE on Windows xp. I think Codeblocks still supports xp. There's a couple of IDEs that still support xp but out of the few I've tried, Codeblocks seemed to work best. I'm sure there are better though. I think you could also compile other languages with the compilers that support Codeblocks like Fortran or something.
  4. I found two that work on xp. CareUeyes lite or something, works. I would assume they have a Vista version. Not the best one since all it does is darken your screen though. Then there's Iris, which is great, but it's a short free trial only.
  5. *chuckles* uh, around 428 tabs on my Lenovo Thinkcentre. BUT they just accumulated over time with me keeping everything open (most just unloaded) so that I can go back to everything easily, and setting up firefox to restore previous session every time i open it. Anyways, that's totally on me, and I think that usually just uses around 3GB upon first run of firefox, until I start opening more tabs like youtube and such. Right now I'm using a Dell Optiplex with 12GB RAM with 10 tabs open (3 are just google) in Firefox and I'm seeing approximately, well, at the moment, exactly 3GB used by the enti
  6. Well, how much RAM do you have? I often find Windows 7 taking up most of my 10+ GB of ram on two computers(browser mostly). How fast is your hard drive, 5400RPM, 7200RPM, etc. and how old?
  7. @Dixel Excuse me, but I would like to ask who D.Draker is.
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