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    re-insert Aero ?

    Is it possible, once vLited Vista Ultimate installed, (plus Office, updates, etc.) -- with vLite modification to remove Aero -- to somehow "put it back" into the o/s installation, without re-formatting and starting over? Now creating new .iso with 'protect Aero' checked, in case helpful, or wipe and re-install required. PC: IBM ThinkPad R51 laptop, (1830- MU1). Centrino, Pentium-M @ 1.7GHz + ~1,150MB Ram. Believe Intel 855PM chipset, integrated ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 video. MS compatibility advisor, (also AMD/ATI's), said OK for Vista, maybe minor issues XP IBM/Lenovo utilities -- (there are Vista versions). However, all said "NO!", re. video "card", ATI 7500. Apparent issues: pixel shader 0.0 & vertex shader 1.1. OK minimum RAM at 32MB (shared). All else reported OK for Vista. Previously: XP SP2 Pro, with IBM/Lenovo or Omega video drivers. Worked fine, [except non-support of desired games]. Re-partitioned and formatted before Vista install. Neither IBM/Lenovo, nor Microsoft, could say whether any Vista, any configuration or features, would run at all; but, definitely not "Glass", hence removal. High-intensity video features, e.g., 3-D translucent Aero "Glass", Flip, etc., not required; just Aero Basic appearance. [Yes, saw posts stating = same]. ATI forum: select o/s-included driver for related 9000, which appears to work fine in present "dull" install. Issue: laptop primarily son's. Needed new o/s install. Saw my PC, with full, supported Vista install, and enchanted by appearance. He wants computer to "look like Vista", i.e., Aero Basic. Classic -> problematically unappealing. First install -> square, gray, flat, dull look to everything. Advanced properties has all 'glitz' boxes selected. However, "personalize" shows only classic and other-dull options. No Aero, anywhere. [Otherwise, running great]. Creating .iso with vLite 1.2b, the application said OK to remove Aero, but somehow re-install/insert features or 'look' later, which forum member said faster. However, cannot find that post, nor download, that would put anything Aero back into installation. Also, not found: some registry hack. Possible transfer from .iso with Aero? -- (without repair re-install). Or, is wipe and total re-install with new .iso required? Thanks!!
  2. Appreciate the reply and suggestions, and I loved the xcopy thing. I had used it once before, it was neat to learn more about it, it worked slick and it is a really cool tool. I really liked that, in theory, it would remove, by default, the read-only protection, which I was having trouble removing select-all, copy and paste. Well, when I did the xcopy, I found that the folder, and everything in it, was 'sanitized for my protection', and read-only. Moreover, it is very determined, and when I change folders, even granularly, individually, and then go back, they have reverted back to read-only. I tried the apply to this one and everything underneath, all the sub-folders, but, no-dice, nor to one-by-one. Any idea why it does this thing, and what to do about it? I don't know if I can apply the USP if it is read-only. Thanks!
  3. I was going to try creating a new build with Unofficial Windows 2000 Service Pack 5.1.2195.24 Refresh -- and to ask if I were to use nLite, if I should use the integrate Service Pack option, or to install the USP5 like a hotfix, in that section of the program. But, I like what you were just seeming to suggest about streaming the pack from, I guess, I "run" command "w2ksp51.exe /passive /n /integrate:E:\Create\W2ksp4_USP51", but I have a question: What then is the E:\Create\W2ksp4_USP51? That would look like where the pack would have to go that you would have to create first, would that be right. I have C as hard drive, D as CD-Rom, E as CD-RW. Do you create a file and put the destination Windows 2000 source there to receive the USP5 to be integrated into it? So would that, for you be a Directory you have called W2ksp4_USP51, in "Create" on an E: hard drive, for you, or is the W2ksp4_USP51 the file name of some already slipstreamed Win2k version? (I am just not sure about the syntax of this command string.) Thanks!
  4. Thanks. Those are easy to confuse, but this time, I have them straight, and I went to check in Services, but did not see "Messenger" at all. Hence, the concern. I was going to say I did not nLite, but I then realized that was how I integrated the "Un-official Service Pack Five". That was one of the suggestions I saw, and saw recommended. If there is a better way, I would welcome learning it. I guess if I have to, I could go back and re-integrate 5.1.2195, without nLite, and "repair" Windows, and see if that installs the Windows Messenger service. Would that be your recommendation, and if so, how would I go about it, please? Is there a different way, also, like, adding the select files for Windows Messenger in a surgical addition? I did not otherwise, on purpose, do anything special or goofy, of which I am aware, to try to lead to losing that service. But maybe, as you may be suggesting, there was a gift from nLite, which I have heard sometimes results in some unexpected effects.
  5. I recently installed Windows 2000 in a Hotstream version SP5 Build 5.1.2195, updated from SR-1a, Volume Select. I have since used the available Autopatcher updates. I went to install the needed software, APC-C (the UPS guys) PowerChute Business Edition Basic, and found that it required the Windows Messenger service to be running, which I found in looking in Administrative Services to be altogether missing. Ordinarily, I would be very happy to not have this running, because I have often heard it to be a security risk, but this software apparently counts on it for its communication between the various constituent elements. I do not know if this would have been uninstalled in running the SP5 Hotstream, I guess it really does not matter, what would be a much more germaine and meaningful question, about which I could very much use help and would appreciate assistance, would be how now to get it back. It would be a bonus if there were a way to do it without a whole new install of Windows and updating everything -- the machine in question is dog slow, which does not help. I have seen lots of sites discuss re-enabling the service once turned off, but nothing about restoring it if it is just not there. Thanks very much!!
  6. Greetings. First post, clearly newbie question:... I have run nLite and RVM before, a couple times. I recently read the RVM site a little more and found other additions, like service packs and switchless installers. However, trying to just put them into either Ryan's installer or nLite did not seem to add them to the finished product. I just saw that there was more to turn them into additions for either of those products, but it looks like this HFSLIP will add them, if I put them in to the right folder. OK. But the idea of the folder is new to me, too, and it is not clear to me *where to create and put the folders*. If I add a folder called HFSVCPACK, do I put it in the Windows disk files, and, do I put it in the root, or in the i386 folder, or how exactly do I do this, please? Also, I saw something about a HFSVCPACK_SW and an EXPERT folder, and I'm not sure about the difference. When Tomcat76 lists HF and other folders on site: http://users.telenet.be/tc76/winup/_win2k.html , where do these go, please? The key to getting all those hotfixes, updates and such into HFSLIP seems to get this folder thing right -- I tried poking around to look for this basic info, but 'fraid this was not quickly clear to me -- but then the wife says I am easily confused. ;^) Thanks!
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