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  1. Hi johnc, thanks for your reply. I actually wanted to ask, is the Windows Installer Service used at all during the T-13 portion of setup (I believe it is the portion of setup where files are installed via svcpack) Because I have integrated some of RogueSpear's switchless installers at that point, and they install fine, so I am starting to think that perhpaps it is one of the packages that causes a problem? Confirmation that the windows installer service is indeed used during the setup billboard would be helpful in confirming this problem.
  2. NLite is for personal use only (See license agreement in the nLite folder in the Program Files folder). I suspect most think you are using nLite in the business environment - I did. Hope not, but let us know and possibly we can help. Enjoy, John. Hi johnc, This is not the case, to clarify the license for enterprise is through the software assurance agreement with my company, and the extension to that agreement known as the "Home User Program" [HUP] which allows individuals to pay a nominal amount for an extra license key to be used with home computers (when saying 'My Company' meaning the one I work for). I mentioned this because I know some MVPs suspect those using enterprise editions of Piracy (since warez releases often go for the 'best'/corporate with no activation) as the "Enterprise" edition is not available online, I assumed it would be a similar case here. Ironic I guess! I have created my own customised visual style, and custom user account (visible in the nlite session file) I hope this will help attest to the fact that it is indeed for personal use. Thankyou for the heads up, and sorry for any confusion.
  3. OK Installing the Windows Installer 4.5 Distributable from the Microsoft Website seems to have fixed the service but obviously that's AFTER my RunOnceEx has failed. Any ideas guys?
  4. Err you might want to blank your PIDKEY= out with XXXX's...
  5. OK I just tried messing about with the order of my RunOnceEx, and it seems that Symantec can't install either, So I'm thinking this is more a problem with Windows Installer than Office. Does anyone know if I removed anything which may have been required for Windows Installer to work properly?
  6. I'm customising my XP SP3 install and am nearly done. The only problem I'm having now is with the unattended installation of Office 2007 (Enterprise, through software assurance for my company) I have created a custom.msp file with all the settings & what to isntall. However, when running the install it fails, returning the error that setup encountered a problem. I checked the log files and found the following: Error: Failed to install product: C:\MSOCache\All Users\{90120000-0115-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE-C\OfficeMUI.msi ErrorCode: 1601 (0x641) After this occurs the Windows Installer Service seems to become permanently broken. I cannot install any other program which uses the Windows Installer Service (e.g. messenger etc) I just receive an error about the Windows Installer Service being unable to be accessed. I believe it might have something to do with the component removal in nLite but I'm not sure as I followed a number of guides to get the current removal options I have. I also disabled/manual set a few services by using the eldergeek.com guide to services (and what was, and was not essential) Anyone know what's up? I have attached my lastsession.ini below. LAST_SESSION.INI
  7. Doesn't SP3 already include the latest DX9?
  8. Have edited my original post ilko_t, it is now working fine, I forgot to copy the WIN51 file as you suggested. Thanks again for all the support!
  9. ilko_t, thanks for your reply. I tried what you suggested, both copying the setup.ex_ file from my source and changing SET TAG= to \OEM, but I still do not get driverpacks extraction at the beginning of setup nor are any of the contents of the $OEM$ folder copied over. I tried creating a fresh USB stick then changing SET TAG= to \OEM but this also did not yield any results. Edit: Apologies for my lack of reading ability, did not notice the bit about copying WIN51 to the root of the USB. DriverPacks is now extracting correctly at setup. Just out of interest, what does the WIN51 file do? I had a look at it with Notepad and it only seems to contain the word "Windows"! Having said that, changing the set tag to SET TAG=\OEM in presetup.cmd did not seem to have any effect.
  10. ilko_t, I have uploaded the log file of the last time I used WinSetupUSB to create the bootable stick, I've uploaded it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?wwylmmwymmm I can confirm that setupORG.exe is present in both the i386 folder in my source, and the USB stick.
  11. Well the file in the WinSetupFromUSB directory was indeed different to the one on the USB, however overwriting it does not seem to have made a difference. I have also just realised that this might perhaps be related but, when the GUI portion of the setup begins, where the Driverpacks extraction would normally take place (i.e. the light blue screen where you can see only the cursor) shows for a few seconds, before launching straight into the "billboard" setup screens However, I also get a Command Prompt appear showing: Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] <C> Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. C:\WINDOWS\system32> I tried typing "presetup.cmd" at this prompt at which point I get a scrolling list of commands, implying that it is running the presetup.cmd, but it doesnt seem to do anything else (I.e. I do not see the unzipping of .7z files as I normally would) not that this is all taking place while normal installation is continuing in the background... (Note that this was happening before as well as after I copied an setup.ex_ files as you suggested, I didn't realise until now that the two may perhaps have been connected) On the case of the log file, there seems to be rather alot inside of it, is there a specific phrase i can search for? Or should I upload the log and link to it? Thanks again.
  12. Sorry about that, I've included the contents of presetup.cmd, it seems to be alright I'm just wondering if it actually gets executed? SET TAG=\WIN51 FOR %%i in (c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) DO IF EXIST "%%i:%TAG%" SET CDDRIVE=%%i: SET OEM=%CDDRIVE%\OEM IF EXIST %OEM%\bin\7z.exe Copy /V /Y %OEM%\bin\7z.exe %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\7z.exe IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\7z.exe Copy /V /Y %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\7z.exe %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\7z.exe IF EXIST %OEM%\bin\un7zip.exe SET UN7ZIP=%OEM%\bin\un7zip.exe IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\un7zip.exe SET UN7ZIP=%SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\un7zip.exe IF EXIST %OEM%\bin\DPsFnshr.ini Copy /V /Y %OEM%\bin\DPsFnshr.ini %SYSTEMDRIVE%\DPsFnshr.ini IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\DPsFnshr.ini Copy /V /Y %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\DPsFnshr.ini %SYSTEMDRIVE%\DPsFnshr.ini IF EXIST %OEM%\*.ins Copy /V /Y %OEM%\*.ins %SYSTEMDRIVE%\ IF EXIST %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\7z.exe ( IF EXIST %OEM%\D*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %OEM%\D*.7z -o%SYSTEMDRIVE% IF EXIST %OEM%\bin\D*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %OEM%\bin\D*.7z -o%SYSTEMDRIVE% IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\D*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %SYSTEMDRIVE%\D*.7z -o%SYSTEMDRIVE% IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\D*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\D*.7z -o%SYSTEMDRIVE% IF EXIST %OEM%\000_SR*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %OEM%\000_SR*.7z -o%SYSTEMROOT% IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SR*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SR*.7z -o%SYSTEMROOT% IF EXIST %OEM%\000_SD*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %OEM%\000_SD*.7z -o%SYSTEMDRIVE% IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SD*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SD*.7z -o%SYSTEMDRIVE% ) ELSE ( IF EXIST %OEM%\D*.7z %UN7ZIP% %OEM%\D*.7z %SystemDrive%\ IF EXIST %OEM%\bin\D*.7z %UN7ZIP% %OEM%\bin\D*.7z %SystemDrive%\ IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\D*.7z %UN7ZIP% %SystemDrive%\D*.7z %SystemDrive%\ IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\D*.7z %UN7ZIP% %SystemDrive%\bin\D*.7z %SystemDrive%\ IF EXIST %OEM%\000_SR*.7z %UN7ZIP% %OEM%\000_SR*.7z %SYSTEMROOT%\ IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SR*.7z %UN7ZIP% %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SR*.7z %SYSTEMROOT%\ IF EXIST %OEM%\000_SD*.7z %UN7ZIP% %OEM%\000_SD*.7z %SYSTEMDRIVE%\ IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SD*.7z %UN7ZIP% %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SD*.7z %SYSTEMDRIVE%\ ) IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\D*.7z DEL %SYSTEMDRIVE%\D*.7z IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SR*.7z DEL %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SR*.7z IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SD*.7z DEL %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SD*.7z IF EXIST %OEM%\bin\DevPath.exe SET SDP=%OEM%\bin\DevPath.exe IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\DevPath.exe SET SDP=%SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\DevPath.exe IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\DSPdsblr.exe SET WDSP=%SYSTEMDRIVE%\DSPdsblr.exe IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\WatchDSP.exe SET WDSP=%SYSTEMDRIVE%\WatchDSP.exe IF EXIST %CDDRIVE%\D SET DP=%CDDRIVE%\D IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\D SET DP=%SYSTEMDRIVE%\D %SDP% %DP% START %WDSP% REM ===========Added by WinSetupFromUSB============ IF EXIST %systemroot%\system32\setupold.exe DEL /F %systemroot%\system32\setupold.exe IF EXIST %CDDRIVE%\$WIN_NT$.~LS\$OEM$\$1\nul xcopy %CDDRIVE%\$WIN_NT$.~LS\$OEM$\$1\*.* %systemdrive%\ /i /k /e /r /y /h IF EXIST %CDDRIVE%\$WIN_NT$.~LS\$OEM$\$$\nul xcopy %CDDRIVE%\$WIN_NT$.~LS\$OEM$\$$\*.* %systemroot%\ /i /k /e /r /y /h IF EXIST %CDDRIVE%\$WIN_NT$.~LS\$OEM$\$Progs\nul xcopy %CDDRIVE%\$WIN_NT$.~LS\$OEM$\$Progs\*.* "%systemdrive%\Program Files\" /i /k /e /r /y /h type %systemroot%\system32\tempunat.inf >> %systemroot%\system32\$winnt$.inf IF EXIST c:\boot.003 DEL /F c:\boot.003 REM ====================END======================= EXIT Additionally, both the $OEM$ and OEM folders are present on the USB Stick (In the LS directory) and both contain the correct contents, but nothing seems to be done with them. Thanks in Advance.
  13. Does anyone know why this is not copying the contents of my $OEM$ folder along? It is causing my RunOnceEx program installations to fail. Also DriverPacks seems to be broken (DriverPacks is not extracting the .7z archives at the start of setup like it normally does) I hear this all has something to do with a "presetup.cmd" file but it is no where to be found on the USB. Can I not just add OEMPreinstall=1 back to the winnt.sif file? Edit: OK seems that there is a presetup.cmd (located in the i386 directory in the "LS" folder) but it just doesnt seem to work? I dunno, can anyone help?
  14. Mirror added. Thanks to x-Shadow-x. Cheers Thanks but it seems the links are all invalid?

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