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  1. Right click open link in new tab and stuff... not working with me in NM27
  2. FontFamily value for me is 宋体 I can not change it.. it returns to the same value
  3. To aplly dark theme in version 9, I renamed jisu9_dark.srx to jisu9.srx and copied it in skin folder by replacing the original jisu9.srx
  4. Thanks .. no extension im sure... its ok.... i have one other problem in versions 9 and 12 and 13 example:: https://www.kooora.com
  5. And other thing... Using your version 11,,first time i can reply here on msfn. the reply option not working in other versions...when i click submit a reply ..it stucks at Saving
  6. Thank u ArcticFoxie... Now it works... my logins kept... its a good version i think,, keep working on it and pls give the links of all yr versions...
  7. I tried with and without the squares but nothing ... its weird.. do your version keep your logins?
  8. Thanks; I did that before. Same result, auto log out I use version 11 modified
  9. Auto logout google account and other sites when exit the browser How to fix
  10. "360Chrome 2206 rebuild 3 - unran - MSFN"not showing option of saving my login and password when i login to a site. no saved passwords Sorry ..done ..i didnt activate "prompt when saving passwords"
  11. Hi Problem of boot because u installed xp after Seven insert win 7 cd.... Repair startup...it will find Seven and xp entries... Restart ... choose xp ...when xp loads, insert your usb flash or xp cd to continue the installation I do like that always
  12. Nothing wrong with your browsers..If u use mobile mode.. u cant use desktop mode even u try the normal youtube.com... to come back to desktop mode enter the link of desktop mode...
  13. Yes, less options in mobile mode...to disable a mode, switch to the other mode by entering its given link
  14. Yes it happened with me the same...first load the youtube.com normally..let the page loads all..and after that paste the link of mobile mode and enter...tested on NM28 mypal and centaury and basilisk...works fine

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