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  1. Youtube Mobile mode: http://m.youtube.com/?persist_app=1&app=m Desktop mode: http://www.youtube.com/?persist_app=1&app=desktop
  2. I just noticed that NM27 has youtube mobile mode 😍😍 ...very fast Great job Roytam.. Since when ? Nm28 also?
  3. Hi Roytam waiting for win 32 version of Arcticfox 27.12.0
  4. Videos in some sites not working in versions 9 and 12 and 13.... it works just in version 11...why? Versions 9_12_13 Version 11
  5. Wroking solution from github:: general.useragent.compatMode.gecko;true
  6. I tried disabling addos and create new profile but nothing
  7. Hi.. Centaury browser 0.14.0 instagram.com : blank page Any solution... Sorry if not here to ask..idk where Thanks in advance
  8. But some versions has just sse and ia32 in the name like Firefox 45ESR.
  9. HI... Wich version is better for me SSE or IA32 both versions work for me thanks...
  10. Thanks roytam1 .... pls.. what is the difference between NM27 and NM28... wich is better for windows xp
  11. Hi... Is there a version of Arcticfox 27.11.0 for windows xp 32 bits. Thanks
  12. I have the same overr parameters. i create new profile. youtube still not working. NM 27
  13. Thank you. this link dosnt work PM28XP build: Win32 https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-28.1.0a1.win32-git-20180922-3c04affe2-xpmod.7z

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