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  1. ArcticFoxie last v11 stucks at "Checking your browser before accessing ..." Humming Owl v11 opens after few seconds
  2. Sound works fine now by following your previous answers Q: Having audio distorted when watching Twitter/etc.? A: Please try turning on "Firefox compatibility" in options dialog or either "general.useragent.compatMode = 2" or "general.useragent.compatMode.firefox = true" in about:config and reload the page.
  3. NM28 distorted sound when playing videos in some sites..
  4. Other thing... how to add google search engine
  5. Yes it works in private mode... and now it works for all...Thanks Roytam
  6. Right click open link in new tab and stuff... not working with me in NM27
  7. Done... I deleted Tahoma Font ..the result:....Thanks Humming Owl
  8. FontFamily value for me is 宋体 I can not change it.. it returns to the same value
  9. To aplly dark theme in version 9, I renamed jisu9_dark.srx to jisu9.srx and copied it in skin folder by replacing the original jisu9.srx
  10. what is yr best version u prefer and give me the link pls

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