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  1. Try to add search plugins folder in basilisk\browser searchplugins.zip
  2. Hi I installed windows vista lite ... Everything is working well except the wireless connection.. the wifi light is ON but cannot enable it BTW the ethernet is working Any solution pls
  3. In User Data folder (same directory of 360chrome.exe), create a new folder ..rename it LuxLOL for example.. Send two shorcuts of 360chrome to the desktop... one for the default profile and the other for your new profile Right click on each shortcut, click on properties..shotcuts.. in taget, add at the end: (space)--profile-directory="Default" (space)--profile-directory="LuxLOL" it looks like that for example: "C:\Programs\360 browser\Chrome-bin\360chrome.exe" --profile-directory="Default" "C:\Programs\360 browser\Chrome-bin\360chrome.exe" --profile-directory="LuxLOL"
  4. Thanks; live videos work now for ArcticFox in desktop mode.. i was using mobile mode of youtube
  5. youtube and facebook videos work by adding lav dll files to installation folder.. live videos in youtuube and facebook not working "Live event playback is not supported on this client."
  6. NM27 and NM28 and Centaury have an old google images, you cant upload pics to reverse search;; it works in Serpent 52 and 55 and mypal.
  7. last update of v9 modified not opening some sites,,blank page. the previous update works.
  8. I have SP3.. versions 11, 12 an 13 work fine... But the version 9 has a lot of that message "The link to the site is not private"
  9. Hi is there a way to import a password file. "password import and export" flag exists but not working.
  10. ArcticFoxie last v11 stucks at "Checking your browser before accessing ..." Humming Owl v11 opens after few seconds
  11. Sound works fine now by following your previous answers Q: Having audio distorted when watching Twitter/etc.? A: Please try turning on "Firefox compatibility" in options dialog or either "general.useragent.compatMode = 2" or "general.useragent.compatMode.firefox = true" in about:config and reload the page.
  12. Yes it works in private mode... and now it works for all...Thanks Roytam

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