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  1. Are you planing to spoof the OS version from NT6.0 to NT6.1? Maybe it would make the MSE work back on Vista? I would like to keep using it till the end of the support since MS stated somewhere that it will receive definition updates up to 2023...
  2. It seems like i can't play "live" vids on youtube, maybe it's my own mistake. EDIT - AFTER A REBOOT IT SUDENLY GOT WORKING BY ITSELF, SORRY ABOUT IT.
  3. Tried the latest Dolphin Emulator 5.0 beta build, previowsly it used to not open complaining about some random QT libs that could not be loaded, but now it's working pretty well. Congrats.
  4. Windows Vista UI all the way... Microsoft never came out with such another diamond design as they did on Vista... It caugh your eyes at first sight. Windows Spaghetti 10 is so damn boring, flat and theres no consistency at all, some menus and icons looks like this, some other like that and even another one different from the previous two.
  5. I've tried Firefox 80.1 pointing to your new dll, so far so good it's running perfectly here! Thank you for this.
  6. I tried the WB Vista theme some time ago, cool but the transparency did not work same or close as aero, it was like 10 times more blurry, barely noticiable as transparent and the start orb didn't look like Vista since it got the up portion that should keep out of the taskbar cut.
  7. I would keep the things in the path they are going now, since the bugs are still existing on Server 2008 updates side and everything to this point is going well as it is. Just my thought.
  8. I can't wait! This and a fix or maybe an improvement for Haswell+ CPUs should drive vista to a completely new level of usability on modern hardware.
  9. My bad, i tried booting from the second "Vista Unlocked" menu entry and now it's ok.
  10. @win32 All went fine here but mine keeps showing as 6.0 instead of 6.1, i did something wrong?
  11. Tried it, theres 3 entries on the boot manager now: Windows Vista Vista Unlocked Vista Unlocked It's not crashing anymore, Vista unlocked booting fine here.
  12. Regarding the runtime apis error, they are all inside the firefox folder, you can try to create an empty text file with the .local extension This way: firefox.exe.local and place it on the same foder where you firefox.exe is located. It usually redirects the loading of libs to the program folder itself and not from the system files. Or download it here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AmDpOpkBOQ_qwjARPC-sdDq6n_W5R7_l/view?usp=sharing
  13. Amazing, works like a charm, thank you a lot Win32!
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