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  1. Well I've found the string I'm a little stuck at this point since I haven't had a lot of experience This is to do with the windows vista boot animation color BTW.
  2. I modified shell32.dll since I decided to change some icons however, I think it removed certain functions since Firefox kept crashing afterwards. I re applied the original extended kernel shell32.dll and it worked perfectly fine just llike before. I'm definitely sure that I modified the extended kernel shell32. I don't know the cause of this. I used resource hacker to modify the dll file to replace icons and manually change the file copy animation color.
  3. does this list include all pre EOL and 2017 updates? or is it just server 2008.
  4. I have some bad news, Microsoft discontinued SHA1 so Windows Vista Update is dead so i don't think we can install updates anymore.
  5. Unfortunately it seems that the software by JJoelC has been taken down or the link has been removed. and when i type the string in my hex editor (which is hex workshop hex editor) is says no matches found. It's been a while since i last used it so i've forgotten a few things.
  6. Thank You! Now i can change it from green to pink?
  7. Hello, sorry if this is off topic but is there a way to change the Windows Vista boot animation? I mean the sliding green bar. Thank you.
  8. Dear WinClient5270 I compiled an installer for firefox 79 (beta) for Windows Vista with the extended kernel When installed, it should work out of the box. https://mega.nz/file/7jRymQYT#FCZXhFv9C8nWLF9hV7AJqGZQ8deh6oh31vBhP3wJSFY I hope this makes it to the compatible software list Best regards!
  9. Thank you, I do believe that it is an x86 application, that must be the issue. EDIT: I've also made a firefox installer (Version 79.0B9) I opened up the firefox.exe file in CFF Explorer and set the entry point in ntdll.dll from RtlQueryPerformanceCounter to NtQueryInformationProcess and it worked perfectly fine. It runs perfectly! I also credited Win32 in the installer. I hope you find my installer useful Here's the link: https://mega.nz/file/7jRymQYT#FCZXhFv9C8nWLF9hV7AJqGZQ8deh6oh31vBhP3wJSFY Best regards, Looking forward
  10. Thank you very much for creating this extedned kernel update Win32. Windows Vista finally has a brighter future with better program compatibility. However, when I tried to launch Roblox to test to see if that runs, I get an error message regarding a missing function in ntdll.dll and kernel32.dll I believe the ntdll.dll was due to the fact I may have made an error whilst changing certain stuff in cff explorer. However, I have nothing to complain about since this project is only in its alpha stage. I was just stating this as a possible suggestion. Best regards.
  11. I made a custom Windows Vista Image called Windows Vienna (Named after Windows 7's codename) I gave it it's own kind of look anyway i'm kinda off topic. I used a program called gimagex which is very useful. all you have to do is extract install.wim from the .ISO file and mount it but be sure to select the 'read and write' check box. you can directly replace the modified kernel32.dll file in the Windows directory without any permission issues. once done, check 'commit changes' and then select unmount. here's what i achieved whith gimagex: this t
  12. Thank you, i was wondering if i could make a Windows Vista ISO file with the updated kernel32.dll file.
  13. Is there a chance that this would work with version 6.0.6002.18005? I've never really had experience with messing around with .dll files in this kind of way.
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