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  1. @zorro1 Nero Activation does the activation of Nero Nero Express closes the windows nero express. @andy04102002 I have you sent the PM. Thanks
  2. @andy04102002 Ok, i will need your help to translate some text. i am goind to send you a PM. Thanks
  3. @svenby I have sent you a PM to translate a sentence please. Thank you @RaGhul I have sent you the link of Nero Micro Best regards
  4. @kir202 Uploaded the localized version Russian and updated the first post. @RaGhul Thanks Ok, i am going now to send you the link Nero 6 Micro, and please test it and tell me if it is ok or not to fix anybug, and then i upload the Nero 6 Lite. Best regards
  5. @kir202 I need your help, i have sent you a PM with a sentence to translate. Thanks @PROBLEMCHYLD First, test it please and then if all is ok, i will upload also Nero 6 Lite which include what you want. Best Regards.
  6. First of all, i would thank to all users. :Hello @andy04102002 Please, would you download the nero premium and tell me if your language is supported? because i have not seen it in the wizard of languages. @PROBLEMCHYLD I have sent you a PM with the link of Nero 6 Micro @kir202 Ok, i will do it. @sk8er_boi Updated the first post with the Localized version Turkish Thanks and Best Regards
  7. maybe that error is due that nero wants to register some dll but it find it (the same dll), so i think that you have uninstalled any previous version and not all the files have been deleted.
  8. @sk8er_boi I am sorry as no one has requested it. I am going to send you a PM to translate some text. Thanks very much.
  9. @RaGhul I have sent you a PM with the links. @elajua I think that you have to disable UAC, you are the first who it happens that error. But anyway, is a good idea to do a manual because a lot of people has asked for it. Best Regards
  10. @cyberloner I don´t know why it happens to you that popup. I think is better for the moment you kill it via the switch. i have a question, the Nero Lite works well after installation? Best regards
  11. @KM7MK I have sent you a PM with the link of Nero Micro English in the server PirateShare.net @cyberloner Maybe, but anyway, download the final version and test it. If it appears to you the popup, we will try to fix it although the installer must kill it itself. Best Regards.
  12. First, Thanks to all users. @cyberloner If you have installed the final version, it does not appears the nero express after activation because the installer kill it. Best regards
  13. @odyn1982 I have attached a text file with the MD5 of the files in the first post. I have made only one change of an icon that is not installed correctly and a few cosmetic changes. @quirky9 while you are installing the program, don´t do anything in the PC until it terminates the installation. @andy04102002 I will take a look. Best regards
  14. @uf@82 This the first time i have heared this anomaly because i have tried it in windows vista ultimate 32 without problem. @PROBLEMCHYLD I will take a look in nero, after i post the final realease. The final version is out. The first post has been updated with the links of the final realease of Nero Micro/Lite Thanks
  15. @qazwsxbots I have sent you a PM with the link in another server. Best regards
  16. I am very glad it has worked to almost everybody. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, i will upload the final release. If somebody wants another language version, tell it to me and i will look in it. Thanks and enjoy
  17. @odyn1982, @foxfirediego Updated the first post with the localized versions: Polish, Brazilian portuguese and Portuguese . Please test it and report here in order to make as soon as possible the final version. Thanks. @qazwsxbots Which version do you want to download, i will upload it to other server. Thanks
  18. I will put this night the Localized versions: Polish, Brazilian portuguese, portuguese in order to try it. In one or two days, i will upload the final version for all languages posted here. Thanks
  19. @odyn1982 I have sent you a PM to translate some text, please. @razor813 Neither for me, as i don´t have any recorder of that type (HD, BlueRay), nero express tells me: "This compilation can not be burned on the selected recorder, should nero express automatically change to the appropiate recorder? I think i have already a single version posted in the first post, only i made a test version for you to close the nero express (the latest image), as it was not closed for you, it is the same version that RC1, the only difference, i implement an other way to assure the closing of nero express. Perhaps i will include it in the final version. @PROBLEMCHYLD It is not a problem, but as i have seen that @urie has responded to you with a tool "NCAB" that exists and is very useful, i think there is no need to make a build for nero It is just an opinion, you will have to decide yourself. @sp00f it is not a problem, you must wait a few seconds without doing anything in the PC while installing the Nero Lite, However i will include in the final version the other way to close the last image of nero express. To all users, i am wondering if you want that i include MauSau Plug-ins in the Nero Micro? in order to make the last version which i think it is time to do it, there will not be changes respect to the version RC1. Thanks
  20. @odyn1982 OK, i will make a polish build, perhaps i will need your help for translate some text. Thanks
  21. @razor813 I don´t understand you, i have tested it, and nero express appears in a shortcut and also within nero burning, it can be launched whithout problem. HD-DVD and BlueRay appear also in the new compilation (there are 4 types: CD, DVD, HD, Blueray) @sp00f Updated the first post with the link of the Dutch version. enjoy Thanks
  22. @sp00f Ok, i was doing it. It will be uploaded this evening. Thanks
  23. @pepelu The link of Micro Spanish is fixed. @razor813 @accessdenied is right, you have to wait a few seconds while it is being activated. Usually the registration desappears even though without a serial, because it did it also with the demo serial automatically. However it is better to put your serial since the beginning in order to activate it correctly. Please, try the last test reinstalling it without touching nothing in the keyboard until it has finished and disappeared the process of activation, if it takes more than a few seconds, so you can close it manually and try the test version which link is the following: Removed because it was updated with the final realease.
  24. @sonic The version R4 no longer exists, i have updated to the version RC1 which i have tested it in Windows Vista and XP, it worked fine. Please can you download it from the first post and try it. Thanks @razor813 No, it does not concern burning audio CD. Now we willl try to fix your problem Which localized version did you install? Please if you can reproduce the error installing again nero lite and post here the exact image (the image which did not close) I have also a question does not have much importance: which processor do you have, to see if the pc is slow? Thanks.
  25. Updated the first post with the version "Release Candidate 1" of Nero Lite (Lite and Micro localized versions). I have tested it Windows XP and Windows Vista, it has installed well and worked fine in both operating systems, also in a clean and fresh installation. I was thinking to put the release final, but as it is never known, i have decided to put "release candidate 1", i hope that there are not still errors. Enjoy @razor813 don´t worry, it is not important, it seems the installer does not close the nero.exe, it can be due to several causes, but we are going to do a test. Try installing it silently without any intervention. Type in the prompt of CMD in the directory which is placed the installer the following sentence: Nero7850_......exe /Silent /Serial="xxxxxx " and inform me later please It is not included in Nero Lite, it is included in Nero Premium Full. I am not sure but i think it has the same work like DVD Author, it lets any mpeg to be playable with DVD, it transforms the *.mpg to *.vob and *ifo (the structure of a DVD)
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