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  1. I will add the option to not have nero on start menu. Regarding: Mausau Plugins to Micro Release ---- Remove CoverDesigner, Toolkit from Lite Release. I am in doubt, i need the opinion of the users. Also I am wondering if would @Shark007 does a suggest please, if i have to create a topic with a poll like as @Seven Alive has suggested. In two or three days i will upload the version final for the all the localized versions and also the Nero SDK updated. Best Regards
  2. Because you must burn it to SVCD as it is a mpeg II. When you uninstall nero lite, it does not remain any key, it is clean 100%. To encode clips or movies to mpg1 or mpg2 there are a lot of utilities like tmpgenc and use avisynth to use filters, the quality is better.
  3. @OCedHrt Thanks for your contribution. So Nero no longer encodes to S-VCD, only burn S-VCD already made?
  4. I think Nero Lite does that trick, is a customer installer. Regarding CoverDesigner, i think most of users use it. Anyway, we are going to see what they will say the users. Best regards
  5. @razor813 Do you encode the avi files to a VCD? I thought only you want to burn a clip VCD already made.
  6. @razor813, @OCedHrt You are right, but the problem was from the Nero Core because in the new version, i have just burned a VideoCD no standard without problem (is a film of my friend in the format KVCD), i will try it in a DVD Player to see if it plays correctly. I have a question please, Have you tried to burn a VideoCD with the nero premium Well, download please the new version beta Micro and try to burn a VideoCD and report back please. For me it has worked perfectly. Thanks
  7. @adamlau, @acetken I have just burned an Audio CD from the album "the last samurai", the files were .mp3 Would you like please to tell me the error exactly? Thanks
  8. @razor813 i don´t have any .mpg, a friend mine will give me a clip mpg and i will try to burn videocd and report back.
  9. @slavestate You must install nero first, then copy all the files required.
  10. @Braese, @Shark007 Thank you very much @Shark007 for your support. regarding the files SDK, it is a good idea. When the release is stable, so i will upload the nero SDK for everyone who want to do its own release. I will take a look in it. Best Regards
  11. Hi, I have compiled the version Nero 7 Lite Micro which Acheron has posted the Nero7850SDK. All the works has been done by Acheron www.updatepack.nl, i only repacked and compiled. I have tried it in windows XP and Windows Vista, and it works perfectly. You must have a valid serial to install it correctly and activate it, if not, it will not work. The Nero Lite pack contains: Nero Burning Rom (with VideoCD Support and MauSau Audio Plug-ins) Nero Express Nero CoverDesigner Nero WaveEditor Nero Toolkit The Micro version only contains: Nero Burning ROM (with VideoCD Support and MauSau Audio Plug-ins) Nero Express These are the instructions to install it silently recopiled from the post of Acheron. ;Install Silently /Silent or /VERYSILENT /COMPONENTS="Nero_core,xxx" --->Nero_core is obligatory to install it correctly ;Available components: "Nero_Core" ---> Nero Burning Rom "Nero_Core\Nero_MauSau" ---> MauSau Audio Plug-ins "Nero_Core\Nero_VideoCD" ---> Nero VideoCD Support "Nero_Toolkit\Nero_InfoTool" ---> Nero InfoTool "Nero_Toolkit\Nero_DriveSpeed" ---> Nero DriveSpeed "Nero_Toolkit\Nero_BurnRights" ---> Nero BurnRights "Nero_Toolkit\Nero_CDDVDSpeed" ---> Nero CD-DVD Speed "Nero_CoverDesigner" ---> Nero CoverDesigner "Nero_WaveEditor" ---> Nero WaveEditor ;For Micro Version the only components available: "Nero_Core" ---> Nero Burning Rom "Nero_Core\Nero_VideoCD" ---> Nero VideoCD Support "Nero_Core\Nero_MauSau" ---> MauSau Audio Plug-ins /TASKS="" ---->comma separated list of task names, ;Available tasks: DesktopIcon = Create Desktop Icon for Nero Burning ROM ---> it is selected by default, if you want to deselect it put in Tasks "!DesktopIcon" Imagefile_assoc = Associate Nero with standard CD-Image formats (CUE, IMG and ISO) ;Registration details /USER="YourUserNameHere" /COMPANY="YourCompanyNameHere" /SERIAL="YourSerialNumber" ============================================================================== Here is the final release of Nero Nero 7 Lite Micro for the localized versions posted in the alphabetical order, and also the MD5 hash file attached above. I have also attached the Nero Lite/Micro SDK updated for anyone who want to make its own release. All the files are updated to the date 31-05-2007, there are no changes in the english version respect to the beta version. Nero 7 Lite/Micro SDK Files Brazilian portuguese Nero Lite Final Release Brazilian portuguese Nero Micro Final Release Chinese Simplified Nero Lite Final Release Chinese Simplified Nero Micro Final Release Chinese Traditional Nero Lite Final Release Chinese Traditional Nero Micro Final Release Dutch Nero Lite Final Release Dutch Nero Micro Final Release English Nero Lite Final Release English Nero Micro Final Release French Nero Lite Final Release French Nero Micro Final Release German Nero Lite Final Release German Nero Micro Final Release Hungarian Nero Lite Final Release Hungarian Nero Micro Final Release Italian Nero Lite Final Release Italian Nero Micro Final Release Polish Nero Lite Final Release Polish Nero Micro Final Release Portuguese Nero Lite Final Release Portuguese Nero Micro Final Release Russian Nero Lite Final Release Russian Nero Micro Final Release Slovenian Nero Lite Final Release Slovenian Nero Micro Final Release Spanish Nero Lite Final Release Spanish Nero Micro Final Release Swedish Nero Lite Final Release Swedish Nero Micro Final Release Thai Nero Lite Final Release Thai Nero Micro Final Release Turkish Nero Lite Final Release Turkish Nero Micro Final Release Enjoy and Thanks MD5.Nero.Lite.
  12. @slavestate You have to create the directory BIN and include all the files which request the script. In the script, you must look for SOURCE, it means you have to create all the directories follwing the word SOURCE, and then include all the files required. @razor813 I will test to burn a video cd. i have not ever done it before. Released the new version Nero 7 Micro English beta in a new thread, when some users tell me that the installation has gone well i will upload all the localized versions Lite/Micro. Best Regards.
  13. @coucou I have downloaded the trial version from http://download.winzip.com/ngs/winzip111.msi I have tested the silent installation and has gone well, i did not have any error you described above. winzip111.msi /qr INSTALLCMD="/noqp /noc4u /notip /nodesktop /nopredefinedjobs /autoinstall" I think that could be some interaction with an other compressor.
  14. @Shark007 Thank you very much for the link, i did not know that a new version is out. @jordi.c I am not good in explaining, you have only to copy the files which Acheron has put in the script install from SDK. You take the nerolite.iss and see the files required, you install your version of nero and copy the files you have seen before to the corresponding directories, finally compile the script. If you have any question, don´t doubt to ask. Best Regards.
  15. @shanahan Updated the first post with the Hungarian version. @PROBLEMCHYLD, @RaGhul Here are the links of Nero 6 Lite/Mmicro English Nero 6 Lite English Nero 6 Micro
  16. @slipk487 You can add this cammand: TaskKill /F /IM nero.exe Anyways, tell me which version have you used and i will send you a PM with a test version trying an other way to close that windows nero express, since it is not closed for a few users at the moment. Best Regards.
  17. @shanahan Ok, i will dot it. @Pipol At the moment, you are the unique who requested it, so i will wait if more people want it. Thanks
  18. @PROBLEMCHYLD Nero 6 Lite will be available soon. @sp00f I have sent you a PM to try looking for a solution to your problem. Thanks
  19. @sp00f You can kill that windows pop up with the switch "TaskKill /F /IM nero.exe".
  20. @fernandoze very good. @Meteorite I have sent you a PM with the links in PirateShare.net @jvcjvcjvc, @svenby Updated the first post with the languages: Chinese Simplified and Swedish. Thanks.
  21. @andy04102002 Thank you man. i am glad it has gone well. @jvcjvcjvc Ok, i will do it. I am going to send you a PM to translate a sentence please. Thanks
  22. Ok. If you are installing a fresh unattended installation, i recommend you to take a look at http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/v...4ca9160f921031/ @andy04102002, @svenby Have you received my message? @RaGhul Have you tested Nero 6 Micro? EDITED @andy04102002 Updated the first post with the language: Chinese Traditional (CHT) Best regards
  23. Why do you install it via nLite? Try to install it via RunOnceEx.cmd it is easy. have you compressed it before installing? i don´t know why 7-zip appears during the installation of nero?
  24. @fernandoze Have you tried to install it via CMD silently?
  25. it has not no mechanism, only it registers the name, software and company silently in order if some one wants to install nero silently, it will find it easy.
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