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  1. @Angelico_Payne Is final since 31 May.
  2. @cyberloner Yes you can stop it if you make your own release, so you can disable the lines where they are executed the archives concerning the registration. @slavestate Only i use nero to burn, i am sorry. perhpas someone can help you. Best Regards
  3. Updated the first post with the Slovenian Language For the users who cant download from rapidshare, send me a PM and i will send you the links in MediaFire via PM to avoid confusion. THanks and Best Regards
  4. @hamohd70 i have never edited with waveeditor, what did you do in order to try to reproduce the same error? @PROBLEMCHYLD I don´t understand you, you have tried to launch nero bunring, but it launches nero express? did you try to launch it from Menu Start, or from Desktop?
  5. Updated the first post with the Thai language. @arom I will take a look in it.
  6. I have the links, in order to avoid confusion i send them to anyone who request them via PM. I am going to send you the links. Thanks
  7. @ricktendo64 All these files are present in the installation of Nero Lite/Micro, are in unicode, they are copied to Nero\Nero Core. No, these files are copied only one time, they are copied to System32 @Solomon That file NeroCmd.exe is present in the installation of Nero Lite/Micro, is copied to the directory Nero\Nero Core. Regarding to NeroDiscCopy.Gadget, i think is a nice idea. If the users want it, we implement it, only it needs 2 archives Best Regards
  8. @Goofy2000 If you put a valid serial during the installation, it will work without problem. Yes, that option does not work, because it uses the setupx.exe from the nero premium
  9. Try the new release version please to see if it works. Thanks EDITED: do you mean convert .swf files to .mpg?
  10. @john2007 SDK: is for the users who want to make their own release, the SDK include the script .iss and the files required, after you put all the files in the corresponding directory, you compile it and you get the release. Final: i refer to the release i have got from SDK. I don´t know if i have understood you well. For the users who can´t download from rapidshare, i have uploaded the English Lite/Micro to MediaFire. Thanks
  11. I have uninstalled it without problem. I think you have to install it first properly in order to uninstall it. So you can use any regcleaner and then install it.
  12. @amitri Ok, i will do it, i am going to send a PM to translate a sentence @john2007 Do you want i upload The Nero SDK with the original files? if it is so the size of the SDK will be bigger, don´t you think so? @ricktendo64 Really, don´t know as i don´t have windows vista. Best Regards
  13. Updated in the first post all the language versions except the Thai language which i will upload this night. Thanks and Best Regards
  14. In two hours all the localized versions will be posted. Now updated the first post with the SDK. Best Regards
  15. Yes all the Localized versions are planned. The german version is uploaded and updated the first post.
  16. Thanks, i will edit and mention that all the files are updated to today. In a few hours, all the files will be uploaded, also the SDK of nero for anyone who wants to create his own release, as it has been suggested by the users. Best Regards.
  17. @KM7MK After i uploaded all the lozalized versions, i will upload the Lite/Micro English to mediafire for the users thwy can not download from rapidshare. Updated the first post with some languages, i will update more whenever the files are uploaded. Thanks
  18. After wasting time for the vote, finally the version is the same, only i have added MauSau Audio Plugins for the Micro Release. Also i have added the option to disable start menu folder. I have deleted Nero Recode because some people has told me that there are better utilities for encoding. Updated the first post with the beta version Lite and Micro, please report feed back asap because perhaps this night i will upload all the localized versions and also the SDK. If you have any suggest, tell it please. Best Regards.
  19. As i have seen, we have wasted time, finally i will let the version as it was execpt i will add the MauSau plug-ins. Tomorrow i will begin to upload the localized versions.
  20. I think it is clear that Nero Start Smart is discarded. I will add MauSau Audio Plug-ing to the Micro Release. I will add ImageDrive to the Lite Release. I have doubts on Nero WaveEditor and Nero Recode. In the installer i will add the option to disable Nero Start Menu Folder. Thanks
  21. Peace Guyz, i will upload all the localized version and also the updated SDK within one or two days, then anyone can make his own version. Patience please and Best Regards
  22. Hi, let´s select which components does he want each one. I will add also the option do not have Nero on Start menu, and the option to have the shortcut of Nero Express. Best Regards
  23. Yes, really i tried it in the version beta and i burned successfully the KVCD and played after in the DVD player. Have you tried the version beta
  24. @neo I will include also nero start smart in the option of selection. @0d14r3 it think we can not remove nero express, only we can remove its shortcut as it is within Nero.exe. Sorry, the title of this topic was an error, i apologize. So please there is no need to vote in this topic, only tell me if you want another utility to include it in the selection I will open a new really topic poll and this topic will be closed or removed in order to avoid confusion. So please if you have another utility which you want i include in the option of selection for Vote, tell me it because i am going to close this topic and opening a new one complete poll with all the options posted above. Best regards
  25. Hi to all users, this topic was for selecting the components you want in each Release Lite/Micro. I am testing it, it is not complete yet, but before to put it i want to know which components do i include in the poll for selecting: For Nero Lite version: Nero Burning ROM (with VideoCD Support) MauSau Audio Plugins Nero CoverDesigner Nero WaveEditor Nero Recode Nero Toolkit: Nero InfoTool Nero Toolkit: Nero DriveSpeed Nero Toolkit: Nero CD DVD Speed Nero Toolkit: Nero BurnRights Nero Toolkit: Nero ImageDrive For Micro version: Nero Burning ROM (with VideoCD Support) MauSau Audio Plugins It seems well or do i include other component?

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