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  1. Thanks, I guess. Note that the POSReady patches aren’t included there. I had problems uploading Vista’s since it was a 7GB total and my network timed out, though. I’ll get around to XP x64 Edition soon.
  2. It’s worth mentioning that Audacity hasn’t supported Vista properly for some time now, and simply throws an error upon start on the last few versions. I’m unsure what the last version was that worked correctly.
  3. I’d like an IRC channel with a link to the Discord server too for those who want to chat there on older MS OSes or don’t accept Discord’s monopolistic takeover of Internet culture (as has Twitter).
  4. Hello. I have uploaded all the Windows XP x86 English updates generated by latest WSUS Offline (9.2.5) here: https://archive.org/details/WindowsXPx86ENU-Updates I am currently in the process of adding Vista (x86/x64) and XP/2003 (x64) in separate places on the Internet Archive. This post will be edited once I have uploaded them with the extra URLs. Thought this was worth mentioning on here in case anyone wanted to download directly a prepared WSUS Offline image file containing the updates instead of having to generate it all themselves, so enjoy!
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