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  1. Thinking about updating an important Vista Machine. For a Vista machine from scratch until the latest 2008 updates, what's everyone's experience when running all these patches? Besides Windows Defender, have there been any stability issues or even small problems when running these?
  2. Thank you everyone for the help. What program do you use to modify this file? Can something similar be done with KB4494528 so I don't have to remember that I need to run " regsvr32 MSI.DLL" 10 years from now? What are some good simple options automate everything in this thread so that 10 years down the line, when I need to reinstall XP, I remember all this stuff?
  3. What host OS are you using? I've been doing some testing things are running ok with a Debian Host but with a Windows 7 Host, I keep getting errors everywhere.
  4. Is there a way to repackage KB4507456 so it never installs the telemetry parts in the first place? What options we do we have to modify this package?
  5. Has anyone installed this on VirtualBox 5.1 or higher? I'm trying a few and I'm getting occasional random crashes and random complete sound loss until reboot. Is there a way to create a virtual USB stick?
  6. Hi, I'm a newbie who's confused. What is this issue about and should I worry about it? I use English XP but have other languages installed. I'm holding KB4494528, KB4493563, KB4501226 because of reported issues. What should I do with them & how do I install them? Thank you.

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