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  1. i am now on FF 45 ESR-working FB slow. one can say stable till now. Update: PM 27-SSE + FB Hurrah-FB seems to have found out they made a mistake. i can surf the site. nothing covered also here.but a bit slow FB .its 6AM in europe. it all(capacitor plague on both open PCs) started mid-june 2018-one month before my fathers(96) death.good i visited him a last time days before but was busy for weeks. Both are universal SATA-IDE-MOBOs. and i still like asrock. WAs was on ASROCK with Win7 when suddenly booting was not possible anymore pc like dead. i know this kind of problem and workarounds. often cleaning contacts helped but also resoldering electrical points and replacing battery-case. Open MOBOs and a lot of cables touched by my left leg were nothing positive. I know both PCS now byheart. I could reactivate both then concentrated on the older GA since i needed a backup-pc anyhow. Even thought about establishing two identical ones. but both are slow and few space here. Yes will now study the pref-and UOC-PATCH thing. But help is needed since i cannot install these browsers. but i will retry. Where should i find the profiles to backup?
  2. I have no Palemoon-folder in Programme(german). I explained installer non-working. palemoonx86 is empty so is 64 bit version. maybe created during my installation-trials. so i must surf to palemoon-folders which will be changed after every update? i am extracting updates into seperate folders. as i said installer non-working. will first install patch for FF 45ESR where i didnt yet patch UOC. and remove the wrong one beforehand in Palemoon-folder. i have a FF-folder in Programme but its from earlier FF-installations. So where to install the patches? yes i know the workaround but must run FF and PM outside programs aka programme-folder. i have these folders: I removed wrongly set FF-patch in PM-folder. maybe i didnt backup prefs.js beforehand. so i must extract/copy UOC Patch to prefs-folder beside channel-prefs?
  3. sorry now correct. had a kmeleon-crash again when editing. new data lost... should have saved before restarting. better editing outside and posting then. here the old message: 1. Videocard is strong enough but has a driver-problem. resolution reduced and screen squeezed then. MOBO has multiple problems due to capacitor-plague. Its not that grave. cannot or do not want to switch MOBO since second PC (SSE2) is not setup again. same capacitor plague problem have a huge thread in sysopt-forum, better not reading since complicated, need time and strong nerves. but i learnt a lot in last 15 months about how pcs are really working. Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro 2-universal SATA-IDE-Raid MOBO. SSE 4/200 other drives boot-dead and second has a loginui.exe problem. must urgently do a full back, systenpartition first. not enough space on systempartition. 3 partitions. second= copy of systempartition(was a mistake since now not enough space) yes will not change partition. could be suicide now. 2nd SSE-2 PC. Asrock Alive -Dual eSata 2. was wonderfully working had w2k(still have drives), Winxp and Win7-drives. everythink ok. 16/2TB. Have now multiple MOBOs of both brands. quickest possible processor. some capacitors are ill, the one who is resposible to hold cmos-data is ill/dead. cannot switch PSU totally offline or i must reenter setting during every boot. 2. did now a smartdefrag2-using also perfectdisk 11 and defraggler. i am switching. should defrag more often. 3. there are/were some strange things now in about.config. search was nonworking anymore. Drive seems clean and temperatures ok. replaced ram and videocard. pc full open outside case. yet i am cooling HDD from outside(with multi-protected ice-brick! plus fan-rig. I am here with Kmeleon Will first backup and when in 1TB drive i will tryout what you suggested. systempartition must be enlarged. Best i will do a complete new setup. First i want to reactivate second PC. Or i will install i7 beforehand. One bank is forcing us to use win10 for ebanking at 2020. but i have netbook and phablet. also there not powerful enough but lightweight netbook. ok to surf and leaving data alone. 4. yes never touched profiles did that in earlier Firefoxes. Pls give me hints/link how to renew profiles for all browsers i can use: FF 45 ESR, Kmeleon and PM 27SSE.
  4. I have replaced www. by m. but FB is so rudementarily then its better changing to KMeleon. the only FB-browser for SSE. do i need an addon there. What about alternative to Nocript in PM? Https Everywhers-since advised-also deactivated. Complete YT saver nonworking-once worked. Is not important now. and some videos on WMP are buggy too. will use an alternative player. or change MOBO or PC finally. enought lost lifetime!
  5. I did really finally install UOC Patch but didnt know about Enforcer. But if i dont err i installed in PM/NM27 for SSE. Whats next? UPDATE: have found the UOC-thread. site already closed. and found out: wrong UOC-patch Firefox 45 to PM 27-sse used. how to rectify before right installation? I didnt see any improvements. PM-crashes are Facebook-related before FB made this terrible update. cannot be used anymore but crippled with the m.facebook-trick see roytam1s trick by preplacing www. to m. better forgetting FB with palemoon on SSE. maybe its my machine only. So UOC only for FF45 ESR SSE? and Enforcer on your site? I am using Kmeleon for FB and MSFN-board since when i surf here, not logged in yet-i am getting a blue wall. very few visible. cannot use the board with PM-SSE then. Cannot switch to alternative drive since there i have a login-problem and other drive are boot-dead. only could save back older backup to new drive. or new winxp-setup(dont have time now). MS and FB are about to kill PM! thats clear, no doubt about it. Yahoo is killing its groups all data will be deleted soon.....! Geocities free was killed 2009 etc. Beside this:I will go back to analoge(photography) being independent. And since i am a lucky pensionist i dont need to deliver anything to anyone but to me.... Update: cannot use PM and MSFN anymore its so buggy. switching back and forth between correct screen and blue wall. i am now on Kmeleon which seems to crash also from time to time, wheras PM_SSE(if i dont err will observe) is crashing in FB mainly. Yes i have a hardware-problem. not enough space etc. ---------------------------------------- UPDATE: PM/NM 27-SSE + FB Surprised that i could see a user-video-was life-replay here. and almost perfect reg. sound. Didnt yet change anything reg. prefs. Will do the KMeleon-profile-workaround. but i am still unsure since i cannot install it. Do i have to find profiles at different locations?Every update has its own folder from where i am starting KM. its on second partition. maybe i should try saving next update in system partition? to make installation working. Till now i did only adjust PM/NM 27 when updating where it was needed. Adjustments must be made after upates and resets. Very strange: since some weeks search in about:config is not working. i mean if there is an entry present already still search doesnt display it. so then i always have to check to be sure. i will observe.
  6. I am using Kmeleon now with FB. I am still unsure whats the right FB-adress in PM/NM 27. They announced soon they will not support this browser anymore. They are very creative to execute. since i have got an error when adding m. infront. www.m.facebook.com then? 2. resetting PW: i have got the resetlink-a bit long delay on the alternative email. I will ignore since i switched to a different third one. Will now check if i am getting notifications again in newest mailbox. 3. Noscript. Whats the alternative? on PM27-SSE?
  7. 1. m.facebook.com IS WORKING. 2. i am now in here again, had to change email twice. first new email didnt get through. could be both are blocked. 3. Can i send you PM? I have a different solution for FB. 4. Explorer and PM/NM still are crashing from time to time. Old location will be reached again even when one has started writing. Yes pc is clean and organized -defragged etc.
  8. 1. Very big problems with loging here in PM/NM 27 SSE. worked finally after installing update and adjusting all settings. but today login-problems again. I tried all possible browsers. yes also tried to whitelist in noscript. it was greyed out maybe admin.rights needed. will retry. I am now in Chrome and it worked. at least i know now which PW is really working. 2. Bigger problem is-since Nov 5th-Tuesday after FB implemented update(they warned browser will not be supported anymore soon) . here is what i get. after starting to read and scrolling there is a grey surface covering background. one can write, answer but its in nebula and messenger non visible.navigating a mess. I dont like Suckerberg. 3. I still dont get notifications. yes i understood and set correctly, screenshot following i will try to change email. maybe its blocked by you due to possible email-spoofing. UPDATE: No wonder i didnt see below Save-button are more setting. Why is this button not at the end? see second image.
  9. Where is the trigger for email-subscription of this part2-thread. since part 1(til page 200) is closed i dont get email-messages anymore. SSE-installation btw: I am now using portable loader-in the same directory like updates. each in its own. Because installer not working. we discussed it seems my pcs failure. When time is ripe I will generate an SSE-sticky here. Have videodownload-workaround not implemented at the moment and there are still palemoon 27-crashes. Maybe due to videodriver-problem-cannot solve at the moment or all trials didnt help. new-same type videocard didnt help. Update: Have found it under Notifications but its looking completely different than yours in PM27-SSE. Where yours is on upper right side its showing Follow and No of people following and showing them after clicked.
  10. I have a sticky here somewhere backwards. But its not yet updated/maybe a bit confusive. and in my own i have german remarks. But maybe this is enough to make YT running again. Downloading is another thing. UPDATE means must be adjusted after new PM-version installed/running. i cannot run the installer. see old message. From my detailed Sticky 2 6.a) media.av1.enabled true UPDATE b) media.mediasource.webm.enabled true ONLY CHANGE(from false) AFTER A RESET /UPDATE(NEW) https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9329306 Q: VP9 Support? (for PM27) NOT IN FIREFOX SEE 6. a) VP9 works if async MSE option is unchecked UPDATE Extras/Tools, Einstellungen/Preferences, Inhalt/Content b) and "Enable MSE for WebM Video" checked in options. Youtube only used VP9 with MSE but even then not all content is available as VP9, some is only available as H.264/MSE. You can check https://www.youtube.com/html5 to see what your browser supports. maybe the lav-files and ffmpeg-workaround is also needed. pls let us know if YT is working now.
  11. very strange when i checked if available it denied and browser crashed/hadnt been restarted since almost whole day...- after restart i see dom.storage.enable . as user- defined was false. set it to true. whats next? NB: there is an about:config plugin: Open about:config 1.2 https://addons.palemoon.org/addon/open-about-config/ check also realtek-forum. i would spend you 100 usd for a new identical MOBO hoping the others can also do. Then you could send them for control.Always good to have replacement MOBOs. saved me multiple times. I only hope the capacitor-plague is extincted forever. Thats why my next Highend-MOBO will be military-certified. Also had to use an audio-stick since connector worn out. old problem. the industry is thinking about that. I also had audiodriver-problems. no sound. when switching between the versions one must set the right one in windows audio-control-panel. it will not be reset/adjusted automatically. at least true for my pcs/winxp. ------------------------ Update: If not yet done. Bios-update. shut down pc totally. do a cmos-clear and Replace old battery/wait 30 min. then the necessary steps in cmos-setup. If it doesnt help I would go to MOBO x-forum. Asus right? 2. Bios-refresh Make cmos/bios-backup first and then needed steps. read precisely the instructions.
  12. Browsercrashes during/after installation: Winxp SSE They cannot be used on SSE-PC. Basilisk crash after installation Slimjet dito/the same Chrome installation crash Lunascape dito Icedragon dito Lightshot no SSE Mypal SSE2 ok Opera SSE2 ok Seamonkey SSE2 ok Cometbird must rechecked most probably no winxp-SSE
  13. @roytam1 Maybe this can help. if not ask in sysopt.com forum. btw: i am europanorama there. https://appuals.com/how-to-fix-install-realtek-hd-audio-driver-failure/
  14. Febe is most fantastic most important Backup-Plugin for Extensions, Bookmarks etc. He even still has a version for Palemoon 27(SSE-version). There is a FEBE-forum. Pls support Chucks work then. After a browser-reset first is to reinstall FEBE and setup again the old settings.
  15. i registered paid domains at freenom(had free version) and novatrend dot ch.
  16. again- check novatrend.ch(swiss company) they have worldwide domains and .ch is switzerland. nothing EU. also not in the next decade 2. Installer. I have it in newmoon-folder where everything is stored. It seems installationworked now. i installed in admin-account and exe is on desktop. but there was a devicedriver error. more later. will try update Update2: cannot start the exe on desktop. here are the two errors. 1. during start-i closed it 2. 32bit installation worked. but an error stopped starting. my translation see first image below: the format of the virtual devicedriver in the registry is invalid system/currentcontrolset/control/devicedriver Its better we are waiting till i have my tiny 200gb-drive enlarged-backed up to 1tb-drive. cannot switch to replacement-drive. something wrong there which cannot be repaired now.
  17. the menue will open and will show also newmoon then winxp 64 newmoon 28 or something like that. not the one SSE-users need. yes i followed all threads. and i know it had been promised. i can live with it. maybe when installer is working i dont have to make the adjustments after every update. adjustment must be made with a reset anyway. i have crashes. but it may be my pcs fault. not enough space(8 gb) on systempartition.
  18. dont complain get new domain from novatrend.ch different prices also.lower and higher
  19. Mentioned Installer not for XP SSE Newmoon 27. resp installer had been promised. at Mathwiz: Freenom
  20. So your freenom-domain IS paid? if not pay it. Alternative large secure Swiss Provider also webspace/hoster Novatrend. www.novatrend.ch ch-domains are cheap. dont know if possible for foreigners abroad. email: secure email-provider protonmail.com read from where the people are coming. the are in geneva switzerland. Free and paid version. maybe they also sell domains.
  21. Found the answer in a german palemoon-forum. Could solve by starting in safemode and resetting only user preferences. english version now visible. yes will remove german LP. I can now start with implementations from scratch. BTW: Wanted to update my Sticky(what must be done to have everything integrated). have very little time and the installer-problem/question for my SSE had not yet been answered. something happened when i tried the installer but i have no clues what was going on. Maybe a readme for the installer would be wise. Thanks I am still on my 200gb-drive and not on a second backup 1TB-drive. PM/NM quite stable/not always. explorer-crashes from time to time. highest time for a backup!
  22. Reset-Error NM27 SSE any versions back one month. "Informations for Error-workaround or similar(dont know what will show english version. here it is in german: Informationen zur Fehlerbehebung. Thats the trigger ontop for a PM/NM-Reset. Wanted to reset and install newest version clean. But cannot thanks to this error: XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: Nicht-definierte Entität Adresse: jar:file:///E:/PC/BROWSER/Newmoon/palemoon-27.9.6.win32-git-20190928-3f92ddedb-xpmod-sse/palemoon/omni.ja!/chrome/toolkit/content/global/aboutSupport.xhtml Zeile Nr. 166, Spalte 15: &aboutSupport.appBasicsServiceWorkers;
  23. He needs SP3 and Mai 2014 Rollup explicitely otherwise endless problems. I must know since spent endless amount of time reviving old SSE-PC(this one) after capacitor-plague-problems stopped it and new ones occured. That was also my luck finding marvelous altered browsers like Palemoon 27 SSE.
  24. built in help helped, only important thing is how to setup whitelist. false positives can be unblocked.
  25. there is a workaround with a hotfix. in the forum is a thread of mine. Non-SSE2-Hotfix see attached file from forum over there. link to hotfix can be found there. its Malwarebytes_2.1.8_SSE2_Hotfix.zip was very surprised about the speed of response. If needed i can add full instructions downwards. Maybe somebody can find the link to the forum-thread over there. I could also attach the hotfix if allowed. link needed since Malwarebytes 2.2.1 is also needed. app, hotfix and instructions Malwarebytes 2.2.1 is highest to use with SSE-PC. Precisely do what is recommended. Dont panic slowly do it step by step its easy. I would deactivate/closing/finishing in tray Clamwin or whatever AV you are using when scanning with MWB AKA MBAN, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As Antiransomware the only working one is Sophos Virus Removal Tool all are free. MWB_NON-SSE2-HOTFIX.txt

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