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  1. Hi all, here's just a short question from me: is there any possibility to install apps which need 2000 or higher? Thx Seppl
  2. @wquatan Don't hijack my thread; if u have a question too, start your own thread.
  3. Greetings at all @ Gurgel would u be so kind and give us a short status report about USP Extr.E? But first of all, how are u doing pal? Are u feeling well again? Can u say us which percent of EE u have approximately finished? Seppl
  4. Future versions? Please take a look at gurgelmeyer's usp 5.1 extreme edition for windows 2000. It will have everything!!! -slipstream (ok i know it is very tricky for 98se) -every patch -all updates -directx -.net 1.1, 2.0 -ie6sp1, mp9 -etc. Simpy perfect. Only thing still missing is an updated driver package... BTW: i don't give a XXXXX about download size anyway
  5. @ Gurgelmeyer Hello, any word about the USP process? How are u doing? Current status? Regards Seppl
  6. Hi all, I am a bit confused now: Is this really SR1 *FINAL* ? I've installed it but it's displayed as SP5 in my softwarelist, not SP5 SR1!
  7. Guten Tag Herr Gurgelmeyer which Patches/Updates are in your USP included? I am planning to do a fresh install with usp5 with ie60sp1, dx90c, msconfig, tweakui, etc.
  8. Gurgelmeyer you are a hero!!! Congratulations!!! I have just a few suggestions/questions about your forcomming OptionPack: will it contain/will u add TweakUI msconfig MS RegClean PolEdit (maybe from OfficeXP Reskit) better editor MS MovieMaker 2.1 (I have miniDV Camera) AktiveSync ( I have PPC 2003 GPS Navigation) XP icons
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