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  1. I always thought IE 8 was aesthetically better than other browsers so it seems a good idea to do this
  2. Local ATM near the chinese takeaway had an error and it had a windows xp cmd prompt icon using the classic theme and a strange red background. I'll get a picture later.
  3. How would I do what is described in the thread title with a Windows XP x86 computer? I haven't got access to another computer running Windows 7+ (only MacOS and Debian 9) and WINE will likely not be very co-operative with tools like NTLite... Thanks for any help.
  4. Didn't work for me, I just gave up in the end. It's probably too much hassle so I'll set up a VPC 2004 VM at some point ^^ Still, at least I have something nice to write on my blog now.
  5. Thanks for the information. I'll look into doing this soon. Should I also add entries for the AR5B95 and AR92785? Also, i need the IDT HD audio codec driver, does this exist for ME?
  6. @jumper I tried that download and it says something about unable to find drivers, then manual INF choice says 'Cannot find for hardware info' or something... :/ What is the vender/etc info for the AR5B95/AR9285? Maybe modding the driver INF would work but I have no clue on doing this... vendor info for AR5B95: PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002B&SUBSYS_E016105B also will need the AR9285's vendor ID
  7. ugh. looks like there are no drivers support for wifi ar9285/ar5b95, and I'm unable to buy a new wifi card or so, meaning... ugh.
  8. got it installed and running, but USBs don't get detected... Ah, got that working as well as display drivers, now i need wifi drivers (ar9285 or ar5b95)
  9. Hey, got a few questions: 1. where do I find the UniATA for 9x? I can only see NT support officially 2. are there any modded drivers for the display adaptor to work on 9x (specifically ME)? I did a search on it, didn't find anything useful. I'd like at least some sort of support for DirectX in order to use some emulators and such 3. how do I slipstream the drivers into the ME iso? 4. Lastly, how to make the ISO bootable?
  10. Thanks, I'll check out some of this later on ^^ I would use it for less internet based activity and more for retro gaming and the like ^^
  11. Just for an experiment I want to try installing Win98SE or ME, on a Compaq Mini CQ10-101SA - which runs on a Intel ICH7M/MDH and 945 chipset I believe. I'm not sure this is possible, has anyone tried installing a 9x OS on a netbook?
  12. Sorry. That was my fault. I've only ever tried SP1 as a kid and SP3 as I got older, never really tried SP2 because of the fact it didn't have WPA2 internet connection encryption included as default, as well as the fact some programs for whatever reason need SP3.
  13. Debian is probably better than Ubuntu for privacy: I've heard about Canonical doing questionable things to Ubuntu releases sometimes. I'm also unsure why you dislike SP3, it is barely different from SP2 from what I can tell (other than removing a few things).
  14. It appears that you are correct about the 64-bit assumption from a quick Google search, though I cannot be certain since you said it worked on another computer.
  15. Going to check out the K-Meleon builds now. I like the browser for its lightweight resource usage and I expect it to be more lightweight than Pale Moon. Though both browsers have a great backing community.
  16. I spotted Windows XP at the local snooker centre a while ago, alongside Office 2003.

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