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  1. Dllhook if I don't mistake and no, there isn't a trial version as far as I know..
  2. You can find it in his site (see his profile). But it is not free... EDIT: By the way, I recommend you to wait because Blackwingcat always updates his kernelex.For example firefox 53+ doesn't work even with windows XP. If you want an up to date browser for windows 2000, you can use basilisk,k-meleon or palemoon. They work with Blackwingcat's kernelex. Roytam releases the binaries every week
  3. Yeah, even windows xp will not work anymore in the near future.
  4. Strange it still working with ie6 , i thought it was deprecated as browser.
  5. I tried one more time with kernelex and yes it seems not to work anymore...
  6. Wow, I still prefer the original one, though
  7. I didn't think it was possible to get the xbox one controller to work on vista, thanks for sharing.
  8. Cool, but it's "normal" since they are close to the final version.
  9. Yes, try to do a clean installation and see if it will work. Hope you solve
  10. Well, it is better to discuss in that topic for questions about windows 98 since this one is not the right section.
  11. You have to install first the kernelex 4.5.2 and then replace the files. It's an update. From now, send me a PM if you need help because this is the topic of windows 2000.
  12. I'm using this one, from the open post... Just replace them in the kernelex folder. https://msfn.org/board/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=41628
  13. You need to install the last kernelex from jumper,KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates and set compatibility to at least windows 2000 sp4
  14. Yes, that version doesn't require kernelex on windows 2000, it works also with vanilla one... As for windows 98, it requires the kernelex to work. EDIT: Also, HTML5 videos will work fine.
  15. Thanks, I had the same problem, and it works in this way.
  16. Yeah, I have a similar tablet and I wish I could install a Windows x64 system... The x86 systems will be become more and more useless since developers nowdays are developing only x64 applications. It is still possible to install a x64 system and it is linux with a modified bootia32.efi.
  17. is still working flash player 29 for SSE processors today?

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