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  1. What version and settings might I ask?
  2. Has anyone else managed to get steam working under Windows 2000 and if so does anyone know specifically what makes it work? I have gotten steam working on two different installs but it appears to be very hit and miss whether it will work or not. Most of the time it will download install and once installed if you try to run it it will display "verifying installation" and then close no error message just close i install Windows 2000 as follows: 1. Install 2ksp4 from CD 2. Install all drivers 3. Install unofficial service pack 5 (note: I skip update rollup 1 because I have a dual core processor and update rollup 1 seems to break it only being able to see 1 core) 4. Install IE6 sp1 roots update and Windows update agent 5. Install all remaining updates from Windows update including directx and media player 9 6. Install the ie6 cumulative security update that BWCs extended kernel requires and then install extended kernel and extended core in that order Note: I don't really need steam on this computer for any practical purpose but due to the seemingly random nature of steam not working I'm just curious as to what exactly will make it work every time. this was done on physical hardware and always on the same machine (it's just a spare laptop not a main computer)
  3. actually i got java 8 update 25 to work heres how: 1. have access to windows vista or newer or a java .msi file 2. on the vista or newer machine download the offline installer for java 3. execute the installer but when it says it next to install java leave it 4. go to \users\user\appdata\locallow\sun\java\jre1.8.0_whateverversion and drag the msi file to another location 5. use a usb device to transfer to your windows 2000 machine or email the file (or if dualbooting just drag it to the 2000 partition) 6. run the .msi file it will say gathering required information for awhile then it will close 7. check your add/remove programs for java 8 if its there it worked (theres no way to tell if it worked unless u look manually) im not sure if im allowed to here but i can post the java msi file if needed
  4. do you think you can update it to support java 8? i get an error while trying to install
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