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  1. I use Ultra UX Theme Patcher, and third party themes are working fine here, I need to repach my system today, ThemeUI was not patched for some reason, but after this everything works fine
  2. Working fine, no problems here atm So happy again.
  3. OK, good to know, I don't have so much experience with test builds. Now it is more clear.
  4. On my system I've all the time "debuging cmd window" and water mark after switching dwm dll is this normal? Donation key seems to be working fine.
  5. It is not, If You fallow few posts back, then You will get clear answer on all Your doubts. Wait as We all
  6. First HI, my first post on this forum! I hope we can see update for Creators Update soon, atm, solid color on frames burn my eyes

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