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  1. This video fails to play in latest Basilisk UXP "Video format or MIME type is not supported"
  2. The browser seems more aggressive in disabling incompatible extensions lately.
  3. HAL.DLL comes with windows. If it's not there, something went very, very wrong.
  4. Rightclick context menu appears to have healed in UXP Basilisk.
  5. Easiest to change in about:config, at key: general.useragent.override.discordapp.com I use value: Mozilla/5.0 (7; Windows 7 X86; rv:63.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/63.0
  6. Electron-based, I think. I just stick with web version.
  7. Confirming that, and inability to copy image location, or rightclick-viewimage.
  8. Hehe, while we're at it regarding friends, try your luck at irc.freenode.net, #winapi channel.
  9. Eh, I'm using XP with unofficial "SP4" updates(OS reinstall from POSReady 2009). https://anonfile.com/RbQ7w4qfb4/Python37_zip I've repackaged and twiddled with python 3.7 a bit, using a few suggestions from other thread. Cleanup folder structure a bit, separate misc files from the pyc(fixes pip failure), added tkinteri+tcl, include get-pip.py, One slightly curious thing is this. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/40ef233105b36ea12b600235ad96905820053246bcb003f22eb33ca180ef28c1/analysis/1544275319/ https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/a29e6eef3a1ee7a9606b5092d3ca61e7f1675a67798e9514bcfad7b46b9fbad6/analysis/1544275691/ I'm thinking maybe false positives.
  10. I've been toying around between latest UXP basillisk, last non-UPX basillisk, palemoon 27 and 28, with new profiles. Youtube playback performance seems roughly about the same between browsers, although I couldn't test PM27 there. I've used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvbPSf2JwrE in 1080p for testing. It probably has a high framerate and tends to get choppy on my end. As for my previous npapi flash complaints, I think old Basillisk and PM27 did things slightly differently from UXP-Basillisk and PM28. Something changed under the hood. The latter two seem to have that gross inefficiency in rendering flash.
  11. Let's not forget an earlier patch that checked for POSReady2009 XP registry key and prevented browser startup. The git commit for it had rather a vague title. Their logic here was that POSReady2009 had sufficient differences from vanilla XP, that it warranted extra support issues. The decision for this block was reversed eventually, at the community's pleas. They said that if any POSReady2009/"XP SP4" patch user made bug report pretending to be vanilla XP, they would outright cancel this compatibility. Then came newer PaleMoon for Vista+ The end.
  12. I did a little doohickey, untested. Throw it in python directory. Edit: whoops, I f***ed up, redownload. Edit: third time is lucky. patch.zip
  13. Hmmm, the registry settings I had in mind are relevant to py.exe launcher, which is useful for managing multiple python versions rather than a portable package. https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0514/ https://pastebin.com/Da2NYpTd How these work is that py.exe will launch appropiate python(w).exe according to registry settings and beginning of script. #!python2 #!python3 #!python3.4 #!python2.7 It's good to know when installing new python into place. Also another note is when installing on x64 system with x86 python, is changed reg path. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Python\PythonCore\...
  14. The IAT imports of the other .pyd and .dll are fine.
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