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  1. I had to post thanks again, as even though I am still on 1909 (18363.1110), some update broke the fix above. I reran the steps described (including the need for using PowerRun), and after reboot, my aeroglass is once again working. Thank you both again for your posts!
  2. I for one beg to differ. Windows 10 can be made to look and operate exactly like Windows 7, only faster, more stable, and more secure, HOWEVER, to do so requires not only a bit of digging/learning, particularly WRT telemetry and other privacy options, but also some tenacity/perseverance when it comes to those "tweaks" that Microsoft loves to do you a big favor and revert. Here's the basic reason: You and I, and most people at a level to be reading this post, have been around Windows for many years, in some cases decades. I first used Windows at 3.0 (then 3.1 really introduced some stability, and 3.11 introduced networking). I recall playing with memmaker and config.sys for hours to eek an extra 2K of base memory so Doom would load. MOST people who get a new computer today (with no alternative but Windows 10, and worse "Home"), have no clue what the difference between a registry entry and a service is. MOST people today throw their hands up in the air when the machine gives 'em a BSOD or their printer doesn't work, or whatever. Again, you and I and the rest of the gang here know better. We all know enough to make the tweaks needed to make Windows 10 look and feel like nothing more than a better Win7. If anyone is bemoaning Windows 10 because of how it behaves, well, really it's up to them to rein that in and make it behave like you wish it to (and for many, that means "like Win 7 did"). However, the big distinction here, is much of the Windows Metrics parameters we used to use to very finely control how Windows APPEARS (as opposed to behaves) has been taken away from us. And for this, I do agree, Microsoft took a step backwards for us, the minority. But, this is the point. The majority of consumers simply don't have the skills to wield the BFG9000. And so, to reduce the instances of crashes or borked displays, video configurations, etc., Microsoft has dumbed down the interface. I get that from a business perspective, but I wish dearly they'd address the few of us that really do know what we're doing, and give us the "chrome://flags" or "about:config" option. Let *US* take the responsibility... you know, with great power comes great responsibility. *BUT* .... and here's the thing... and we must all really keep this in mind... at least we're not running Mac OS where *everything* is bolted down and you can't do jacketysquat with your own computer. My two cents worth, which today is probably more like .000002 but hey.
  3. Thank you to @sbkw1983 and to @netguru, this worked for me as well.
  4. Originally Posted by Az_Biker in an XDA thread: Dev adds 2 days to the release for every outright ETA, 1 day for each disguised ETA, and 12 hrs for every combo-hybrid question that contains a veiled ETA... Conversely, Dev subtracts several days till release for each day no form of ETA is requested. So there IS hope! As of now, it's up to 22 October for next update
  5. Now see that's how you roll. Thank you, friend.
  6. Thanks a lot for your support, asshat. Software development like this should be fairly compensated, not for the likes of jerkoff comments like this. Go write your own amazing software, dikhead, and see who pays you. It's jackoffs like you that make great programs cost so much. You like it, then pay for it. You don't? Then go away and shut the fukc up.
  7. Ah, total user error, I was certain I'd done that, but must have refreshed the wrong tab or something, now it's indeed there, thank you!
  8. I still only see 668 in the experimental builds page, can you please post a link to 669? Thanks
  9. Actually, RAM steadily creeping up, now 190MB, is that "normal" for a debug build? After stopping the task and restarting it, memory seems to have leveled off at about 130MB
  10. Build 668: DWM is about 2% CPU for me, and ~170MB RAM. (ASUS Rampage V Extreme, 5960x, 32GBRAM, Dual 1080i video cards)
  11. I'm seeing pretty much 0% CPU for dwm.exe so I'd say no, not normal. It is using about 120MB RAM which seems high to me, but no processor.

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