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  1. Thanks for that, the old RTFM strikes again
  2. That's good and I have read through them and there is enough there to get me started, but... What about using Xplode itself, once I have written the XML file what do I do with it. Where do I put it, how do I start it, these sort of basic questions. I know these questions may seem trivial and if they are documented somewhere please tell me to pull my head in and read ... Otherwise I would love some help. Oh yeah and thanks for the quick reply Wraith
  3. I am a newb to Xplode and not knowing XML I am afraid to start because I don't know where too. I have had a look at the doc.pdf and this is a great Language reference and will be of great assistance once I get up and going. So to rephrase, Where the hell do I start?
  4. I got this script to work after many painstaking minutes, as I use Firefox and not the "Other" product, so I wanted to make it conform to W3C standards. Simply load it into your browser and it "should" work. Although when I tested it in IE, it didn't work, so much for standards. <span id="clock">00:00:11:00</span> <input type=button value="start countdown!" onclick="onTimer()"> <input type=button value="stop countdown!" onclick="window.clearTimeout(timer);"> <script language="Javascript"> var elapse = 100; var start = "00:00:11:00"; var finish = "00:00:00:00"; var timer = null; function onTimer(i) { if (start == finish) { window.clearTimeout(timer); alert("time is reach!"); return; } var hms = new String(start).split(":"); var ms = new Number(hms[3]); var s = new Number(hms[2]); var m = new Number(hms[1]); var h = new Number(hms[0]); ms -= 10; if (ms < 0) { ms = 90; s -= 1; if (s < 0) { s = 59; m -= 1; } if (m < 0) { m = 59; h -= 1; } } var ms = ms < 10 ? ("0" + ms) : ms; var ss = s < 10 ? ("0" + s) : s; var sm = m < 10 ? ("0" + m) : m; var sh = h < 10 ? ("0" + h) : h; start = sh + ":" + sm + ":" + ss + ":" + ms; writeLayer("clock",start); timer = window.setTimeout("onTimer()",elapse); } function writeLayer(layerID,txt){ if(document.body.getAttributeNode){ node = document.getElementById(layerID); var newRange = document.createRange(); newRange.selectNodeContents(node); newRange.deleteContents(); var newHTML = newRange.createContextualFragment(txt); node.appendChild(newHTML); }else if(document.getElementById){ document.getElementById(layerID).innerHTML=txt; }else if(document.all){ document.all[layerID].innerHTML=txt; }else if(document.layers){ with(document.layers[layerID].document){ open(); write(txt); close(); } } } </script> The timer itself should work respective of which browser you use, it is only the writing the information to the screen that seems the problem that I was finding. If I could be of any more help with this drop me an email.
  5. Thanks all for the welcome, but alas MCT from what I have read I don't think v4 of Xplode will make it into the wild. I think from reading the forums it may be now an animal merely seen in captivity.
  6. If you call WPI.cmd it merges WPI.reg which is located in the common folder. This reg file has this statement: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Styles] "MaxScriptStatements"=dword:ffffffff I had this exact problem and actually find M$ had the solution and so did WPI. How this error occurs is when a script repeats a certain number of times, IE thinks that it may be stuck in a loop and then pops up this message. The registry key sets the number times a script can run b4 this pop up will appear. Since I made sure this reg file was being imported I no longer get the popup.
  7. It is important to take notes between versions of you CDs/DVDs as you may fix something onetime and thus break something else. I used a spreadsheet with this layout: Program Problem Fix This way I was able to keep track of what I was doing and if I needed to search for help I was easily able to refer to what had gone wrong. Also I could look back and see how much of an id*** I was when I couldn't spell a directory name properly in a path.
  8. amd64 I think he is asking about txtsetup.sif which controls the text part of setup. I am curious too as I find that I have to wait for crap to load during my install that I know my disc will never be used for.
  9. sanjaykumar, I have used WIHU originally and it was very functional and then I thought that other people will be seeing this, so I decided to move to WPI. As it is based on HTML and CSS I am able to modify the code myself and thus get the look I want. It can also be used from an autorun CD, so if you just want to install an application - click the button.
  10. I went from the copy path to straight installation and I found that you do save time without the copy. Concer with Maverick in that installation times don't seem affected.
  11. I have used nLite to remove IE, but I leave the IE core as you could appreciate a lot of stuff relies on it. Whilst I have only been testing this on a virtual machine, I have configured my system so that it automatically get Windows updates. So windows still gets updates.
  12. When you bought your laptop, no doubt you would have got an "OEM" licence of Windows. What this means is that the version of Windows is licenced for the machine you bought it with. I.E. you can't install it on a desktop or another computer as it was bought for you laptop. Now as you said you are merely upgrading your laptop and this is fine as Zxian has said. It will ask you to activate and if it has been some time since you did your original activation it may not ask you to call MS, it may just work. (Sorry for the long winded reply, just like to keep people in the loop)
  13. Pretty lights, no only if I could get my Windows shell to do that and I would be right. By the way:- Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!! You know the rest.
  14. Here's what it boils down to: Doing something that I love for $0/hr Doing something that I love for $24/hr Just that little bit harder, eh? ;-) Now I wonder which one I would pick How about the job that you love By the way, trying to get it back on topic, any idea on a time frame for the version 4 release?
  15. I have been organising my own CD/DVD for about a month now and I am hooked. It is good fun, but also a challenge. I would like to hear what "interfaces" other people are using because that is the part I like to work on. I started with WIHU and have now moved to WPI, but I do like the look of Xplode, but I don't know too much about it. I look forward to communicating with all people in regards to this topic. I'm hooked.
  16. I'm glad I could help. I don't beleive that this is a problem with hasi's code though, more a IE problem I feel.
  17. Good choice mate. I haven't really seen much of Xplode, but I like what I see. I am currently using WPI so I will wait for version 4 of Xplode before I delve. I know it is hard to do something that you love for nothing, when you could be doing something that you can be paid for.
  18. I am interested as I have come from wihu to WPI and I have just started to read informaition on Xplode. I like things that look nice and are easy to use. I think it would be great to get these two programs working together, but your method seems over complex.
  19. I have used Nlite to remove IE, but I leave the IE core in ther due to the amount of stuff (read "crap") that uses this stuff. I have found that depending on which Windows XP (SP2) CD I used, I had problems with WPI. Yes as hasi has stated WPI is designed for IE, but I have had it working when I have IE removed. What I have down in my launch file is added the following code: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\htafile] @="HTML Application" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\htafile\DefaultIcon] @="C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\mshta.exe,1" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\htafile\Shell] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\htafile\Shell\Open] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\htafile\Shell\Open\Command] @="C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\mshta.exe \"%1\" %*" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.hta] @="htafile" "Content Type"="application/hta" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.hta\PersistentHandler] @="{eec97550-47a9-11cf-b952-00aa0051fe20}" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{3050f4d8-98B5-11CF-BB82-00AA00BDCE0B}] @="HTML Application" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{3050f4d8-98B5-11CF-BB82-00AA00BDCE0B}\DefaultIcon] @="C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\mshta.exe,1" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{3050f4d8-98B5-11CF-BB82-00AA00BDCE0B}\LocalServer32] @="C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\mshta.exe" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{3050f4d8-98B5-11CF-BB82-00AA00BDCE0B}\ProgID] @="htafile" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{3050f4d8-98B5-11CF-BB82-00AA00BDCE0B}\Version] @="1.0" I add these to the registery before I launch wpi.hta and it runs fine. The only problem I had after this, was that I was getting Javascript errors. I found that by turning off transitions that I no longer had this problem. By the way thanks hasi for a great app, cheers
  20. I have a number of sub items dependant on item 1, which I have made default, but I have item 1 not selected. E.g. Item 1 |_ Item 2 |_ Item 3 Item 1 is not selected and I have items 2 and 3 dependent on item 1. When I select item 1, items 2 & 3 do not get selected. I thought by having them set to default, when Item 1 became active, it would automatically select Items 2 & 3. Is this by desing or just a small over sight?
  21. Whilst aelfwyne I don't have a solution for you I have experienced the exact same problem. I have dual monitors and what I have found is that if I double click ot open WPI on my secondary monitor it does exactly as you say. How I get around this is to have the folder open on my main display and then double click on WPI. Whilst I know this doesn't help much but it might be a little bit more info on what is occuring.

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