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  1. Dreaming with Bill Gates

    ehm, what is UA?
  2. Firefox 1.1 alpha

    http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/fir...20Alpha%201.exe hope it hasnt been here before
  3. who wants gmail?

    You are currently using 470 MB (21%) of your 2238 MB.
  4. hmm...notepad2 is great, but i love notepad++
  5. music

    right now -> Sentenced - No one there rulezzz
  6. Free Opera v7.54 Licence

    link is dead... // no, its again working, sory
  7. who wants gmail?

    yes, and you can also click on Send invitation 10times before next page load and you will sent 10 invitations )
  8. Hacker´s attack!

    megarofl ))
  9. firefox 1.0.4 beta

    http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/fir...05-aviary1.0.1/ its quite better then 1.0.3 (on 1.0.3 i could not log into my etomite blog, on 1.0.4 beta it works fine ) btw, 2005 is a year 04 a month, 21 a day...and what does that 05 mean?
  10. who wants gmail?

    2black~cobra : look at the top of page, gamehead200 has written it.. (you need to send invitation to your second mail and youll se url in sent mail
  11. Free Opera v7.54 Licence

    so it realy isnt a warez?how have you found out that c't Magazine code: OJD000MN ? i just wants to be sure that nothing illegal can happen..
  12. Browser you like most!

    only firefox, modded by myself...but the latest 1.0.3 has really disapointed me..
  13. [Desktops] 2005

  14. New HDD

    2TiXer : it would be better if you told us what motherboard do you have and what OS you´re using..