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  1. What is the best Windows 7 Aero theme for Windows Blinds?
  2. Please provide us with the list of alternatives.
  3. And this version of Aeroglass is available where?
  4. So how can we get this software? Why isn't it published yet?
  5. Same topic here but locked by bigmuscle. Wonder what's going on?
  6. Please fix AeroGlass for Windows 10 1909
  7. Any way to directly contact the developer?
  8. Any updates on AeroGlass for latest Windows 10 1909?
  9. IF modern frame will work on 32-bit system after initial public, then of course there is nothing to complain.
  10. This is beautiful, is that an atlas? Could you please share it? TY! --edit-- That is win8rp atlas, right? Yeah it is, I edited it on top of win8rp.png. Well it's basically the same modifications I made to myself on the clearscreen sharp skin in few years ago, and I was happy running Windows 7 with that. I still feel there might be some tuning to do - like actually edit those min/max/close button symbols more, but surely it works fine right now as it is with default caption size. Set the Glass color as white, opacity to 0 and balance all the way up. And put caption coloring to white wit
  11. Who knows what BigMuscle does on the weekend. Maybe he rests during the week! LOL Maybe he flexes his muscles?
  12. @bigmuscle Will Modern Frame work now for Win10 on 32-bit systems?
  13. Its amazing that Microsoft removed all the great features of Windows 7 like this Aero and WMC. I have tested Aero Glass, and I hope it could become serious replacement for something Microsoft should have offered built-in!
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