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  1. ah ok. thanks again =D --edit-- accidentally double quoted and deleting first quote didn't remove the handler [or whatever it's called, lol.]
  2. sweet! thanks. and sadly I'm not very knowledgeable on coding. Last time I looked at one of those my brain was all "System Overload - Too much coding." lol.
  3. Can you link to your theme atlas file please? That one is really beautiful. I'd love to try it out.
  4. I can't login either since I don't have a donate account. But I do wish to get one, I just don't have a paypal account [i tried making one but it claimed o need credit and/or debit card info ...], and can't afford a credit or debit card [especially since my account is controlled by my grandma due to my mental and physical conditions]. However, until I can figure out a way to donate I'm fine with waiting for the official release. Keep up the good work BigMuscle. Eagerly awaiting the official release.
  5. Any info on the progress for Windows 10 RS1 compatibility in AeroGlass?
  6. well, the current version for Windows 8.1+ works almost flawlessly with Windows 10 RS1. The only issue I'm seeing is with the caption text on the title bars. The screenshot I included shows the issue. Basically it doesn't make the caption text's bg properly transparent. This issue shows up on default system themes and custom themes. Also, the modernframe.dll no longer works either. All in all though, I've not noticed any other issues [yet]. I know it hasn't really been updated to RS1 yet, but I just figured I'd give this bit of feedback in case it might be of use to BigMuscle in figuring out what the current issues are so he might know what needs to be fixed.
  7. @NoelC can you please post the .layout file for this? I really like this one. Also, I'm on Windows 10 TH2.
  8. How do I get the layout file for this? [or better yet, can you post it plz?] I'm on Windows 10 TH2 if it matters.

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