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  1. If the custom theme is running off Windows Blinds, likely yes. Unfortunately Stardock has been known for only building their products to support their own implementations. So it likely won't play well with custom .msstyle themes... only WidowsBlinds themes. And their biggest problem imo is they take so long to update chances are your system will likely break before they update their products to support whichever build your system chooses to update to.
  2. Just use the Chrome Flag --disable-windows10-custom-titlebar You can add it to Chrome's Target path in the properties window like so: Default Path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" Updated Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-windows10-custom-titlebar Adding the flag this way still works with Chrome.
  3. Yo sorry for the late reply. Sadly complete modern app support has been discontinued. So unfortunately you won't be able to get full ModernFrame skinning anymore.
  4. Eagerly awaiting the update @bigmuscle. Really love AeroGlass and already running Windows 10 v2004 May 2020 Update.
  5. Unless you've done some edits these don't work on 1909 as is. Need working .layout files at the very least.
  6. anyone up for updating this one to work on windows 10 1909?
  7. Yeah for me it doesn't theme the entire title bar on most modern apps due to the fact that it is discontinued. Only 1 or 2 modern apps are themeable with it now. I use to love the modern frame support, was bummed when it got nerfed.
  8. Working great on Windows 10 1909 (OS Build 18363.476) as well. Just needs the version check to be updated... I'm guessing the errors showing up all over that log are due to version check failing to recognize the build as compatible. debug.log
  9. I just use a system metrics file if I want to change the size of the window borders, buttons, and such.
  10. Yo, so far everything is working flawlessly. I haven't encountered any issues as of yet that I'm aware of. Proud to have it working so well tbh. However I figured I'd post my debug log here anyways in case there is something I missed that might help with the progress. It's a tad large soe I won't copy and past the text, instead I'll just attach it, lol. debug.rar
  11. How did you even get ModernFrame to theme that far on 1903? I haven't been able to get it to work since it got discontinued. The most I can get to theme on 1903 is the min/max/close buttons on Modern apps. Other than that the rest works perfectly, but I would KILL to have ModernFrame support back.
  12. Hello, sorry for the late reply. I'm actually not sure how to change the border size tbh. This is actually a mod that I made with the help of a friend from another website. Most of the resources were provided ahead of time and I simply edited the png to match what I wanted out of it. Unfortunately as things stand I can't even use it as I'm testing out Insider Builds on the Fast Ring so I'm currently on Built 17760.1 which is completely unssuported by the AeroGlass mod at the moment. As soon as Windows 10 RS5 makes it to official release I'll swap out of the Fast Ring but for now I'm really enjoying the dark file explorer, lol.
  13. yeah im not going to trust that method just off the bat, lol. messing with the registry is dangerous asf. especially if your on a system with as many lockdowns as mine, lol. even if that 'does' work on most systems, it likely wont work on mine. The lockdowns on mine can cause even the slightest registry modification to bork my system. theres a few modifcications that are ok, but modifying the way a system dll works on my system unfortunately 'will' brok my system do to all the lockdowns. so that one likely won't work for me, lol. For me ThemeSignatureBypass, and the Personalization(Classic) option from WinaeroTweaker work flawlessly. [the reg file for Personalization(Classic) also works i just don't need it since WinaeroTweaker has a way of restoring the Classic Personalization Window in the Control Panel).
  14. You need the Classic Personalization right click Context Menu for applying custom .msstyle themes anyways. The default personalization panel doesn't support them properly anymore. As for UxTSB.dll, that stopped working for me with Windows 10 1703. I use the Theme Signature Bypass method to inject them via registry now. That works fine for me [when done properly anyways]. Either that or patch your system with the latest version of UltraUxThemePatcher.

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