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  1. Clintons justice department went after ms. Think settled out of court for $200 million? Seems to me, ms is justified, giving it back to the consumers... I got mine....so doesn't concern me. Like to fiddle with ms junk, just something to do.... Charl
  2. noticed, Advanced Settings page to "include driver updates.. not present here. Checked gpedit, there is this ...turn off windows update device driver search.... Charl
  3. Have noticed some of my backups, acronis or macrium, do not work correctly. These are win 10 pro backups. my 2 cents Charl
  4. This place I used to work at, still had a bunch of boxes running xp. Charl
  5. some updates made win 10 not bootable, suggested use ISO win 10 installation, select repair selected repair option, fix boot problem, or startup noticed when system did boot, along with partition c:, there was now partition d:, e: win 10 ver 1607 Charl
  6. yes, popular sites have multiple ads now Charl
  7. utube has more bloat than 5 years ago. notice this popular utube site I frequent, may have double ads.. watching that utube video, then their video ad pops up, seems like its just before the good stuff my 2 cents Charl
  8. wonder if its a splash image, or built into boot loader? Charl
  9. notice when windows key is pressed along with number 1 key. edge pops up just my 2 cents Charl
  10. me too, gonna try that out thanks
  11. This is typical of Microsoft nowadays.... Notice on a recent build of win 10... Installed office 16 plus. Open onenote, a yellow bar displays across doc , get office 365 now. Sure is nice... Charl
  12. complained about ads on site, couple of days back... seems like a professional is needed to help the site? Charl
  13. I like how microsoft stuff works. Still battery problems with that surface 3, $600 wonder. Email for outlook.com is still scrabled up, some emails never get through. What a company, eh? Charl
  14. Was wondering about that. Thought all that upgrade stuff was now stopped with a recent update. Charl
  15. have several backups of win 10 v 1511 extreme measures of disconnecting my lan seems to be useless gpedit.msc as Noel suggested lets see if it holds could easily go back to 8.1 or 7 One reason stick with win 10, adobe suite works well when upgrade occurred, 1607, adobe suite did not work well so back to 1511 Charl
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