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  1. It is blocked by Google Safe Browsing which is also used by Firefox. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen equips Edge. In Edge I use both Google Safe Browsing + Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. Google Safe Browsing feature at the browser level has priority over a DNS-level block. An analysis at VT shows (currently) that the website is not dangerous.
  2. Yes it is so Firefox is heavier than Edge. But very few users are able to configure Edge well. I use Firefox without any extension,not even uBlock Origin. In this mode I can tolerate it.
  3. MSFN members who have CPU and Memory problems and use uBlock Origin can enable the “Ignore generic cosmetic filters” option. This is a feature that Mr.Hill has set up specifically for less powerful PCs.
  4. @K4sum1 It is critical to have a browser set up better than the same browser used in an OS still supported by Microsoft. And Microsoft Windows 7 is still widely used even in your country. https://www.cvedetails.com/product/17153/Microsoft-Windows-7.html?vendor_id=26 So my best wishes for the development of your fork.
  5. @K4sum1 You did well. With 2 of my former college colleagues, we got external consulting for 2 Italian government ministries. Our concusions will, of course, be paid monetary compensation and will be crucial to the implementation of the new server-level protocol standards. I am required to conduct tests with 2 browsers and one of them is Firefox. In my spare time I can do (or recommend) what I have written in this thread. P.S. @K4sum1 could, however, modify these to default: "network.IDN_show_punycode" set to true "pdfjs.enableScripting" set to false If any MSFN members would like to do a PunyCode test I have a POC: https://www.xn--80ak6aa92e.com/
  6. I would like to inform MSFN members that Chrome 124 (and Edge 124) has enabled the "X25519Kyber768Draft00" Hybrid Post Quantum Key + QUIC to default. It will almost certainly be enabled by default in future versions of Firefox as well. In Firefox Nightly it is already at default. I remind you that QUIC is already enabled by default in Firefox. Test: https://pq.cloudflareresearch.com/ Some problems: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/google-chromes-new-post-quantum-cryptography-may-break-tls-connections/ I have been experimenting with the Hybrid Post Quantum Key since Jan. 19, 2024, even in Firefox, and have yet to detect any problems loading websites. I also performed CPU + Layout/sec measurements of website loading with the Hybrid Post Quantum Secure Key + QUIC. MSFN members who do not like the Hybrid Post Quantum Key enabled + QUIC are required to set the flags to the "disabled" value.
  7. Check the connections with this: about:networking It is impossible to disable, after FF 99, from "about:config" CSP reports. Test: https://apps.armin.dev/ping-spotter/ P.S. I personally changed this (but not only): network.captive-portal-service.enabled - false
  8. Hi to all,guys for better performance checks you should use the browser development tools. Also it would be interesting to try at least the Medium Mode in uBlock Origin: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Blocking-mode That reduces CPU and speeds up in web page loading. P.S. Those who do not want to try the Medium Mode could try this rule that blocks risky third-party content that does not come from the most used top-level domains. The more domains you enter in "denyallow," the greater your use of UBO in Easy Mode will be: |HTTPS://*$third-party,script,websocket,object,ping,subdocument,denyallow=your country|eu|app|com|edu|io|net|org|tv|inf|ms
  9. Unfortunately, in my browser the flag is not present I have been using the extension since the year 2019.
  10. Hi, In Chromium-based browsers, search engines are added to the list automatically without your consent. So you have to visit and interact on the web page of the search engine you want to add. P.S. I forgot to write that it is of course also possible to add a search engine manually. P.S.1 Deleted unsolicited personal note from the person who asked the question that no one answered before me.
  11. Hi, If it is a Firefox-based browser you should add the search engine from the address bar. First search for the engine you want to add. In the image I used StartPage (not my search engine). Then right click with the mouse and follow the directions with the red arrow:
  12. For example, Firefox has QUIC enabled by default. Check your Firefox-based browsers. To disable QUIC the setting below must be set to false network.http.http3.enable - false Sorry for the last OT.
  13. There is an alternative: https://www.reddit.com/r/uBlockOrigin/wiki/solutions/youtube/ The rules are updated more frequently. But not all rules of them have the functionality one might expect.
  14. Yes you are right but I use considerable accouterments in my Huawei smartphone. I block the native tracking protection. I block CNAME trackers. I use a secure DNS with at least 6 filter lists.......but this topic is OT so I don't want to go any further.
  15. @Dixel Yes you are right the other search engines are less efficient. Everyone has their own favorite search engine (more private than Google). For example, Kees1958 uses StarPage and has included 4 simple rules for blocking ads: https://github.com/Kees1958/W3C_annual_most_used_survey_blocklist/blob/master/Personal_Blocklis_ABP.txt
  16. Hi to all, why use Google Search and then worry about URL tracking parameters? However, there are several filter lists in UBO that have the ability to block these tracking parameters. I use 3 specific filter lists. (Consider that my browser have native tracker blocking capabilities). The use of Secure DNS (such as AdGuard DNS and Next DNS) especially in browsers that do not have native tracker blocking capabilities (Supermium,Thorium,Chrome.....) is a consideravole surplus. I use Next DNS. Those who use Thorium or Supermium (and care about trackers) should use many more filter lists in their UBO (moreover, almost certainly in Easy Mode) than I do (who use UBO in Hard Mode). My best regards.
  17. Today,is a public holiday in Italy. I decided to pay online the stamp duty (an annual ownership tax + payment fee) of my car. On line the payment fee is lower. I start the procedure with my browser. 2 consecutive SPID (at the second level of three levels) logins: https://www.spid.gov.it/en/ that need to be validated by a security app in my smartphone. Then the payment with credit card (my wife's) which has to be validated with a specific app installed in my wife's smartphone. But the notification does not come....... I have to wait at least 30' and an approval email to try my luck again. I retry.....at the end I find out that the payment fee has increased to 1.5 euros compared to 1 month ago which was 0.95 euros. How sad. I regret a simple life without all these unnecessary complications.
  18. What I write is not a criticism of what you wrote. Readers will learn little about Thorium (but also for other browsers) if the most important issues consist of feature changes that are left to the developers. It would probably be more useful to develop advice/opinions on how to improve the default settings of the various browsers.
  19. OK,you have the PC with VM W.XP. Mine was just a theoretical curiosity. And certainly the topic is boring to other MSFN members. Have a good evening.
  20. That file reports a different registry path than the one you wrote down HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Google\Chrome try checking: HCU\......... P.S. I noticed that the policy "NetworkServiceSandboxEnabled" is true in the file. So theoretically it should work. Try the Command Line Switch: --enable-features=NetworkServiceSandbox
  21. Interesting,so you use Thorium in a VM. Have you tried checking the Policy below: NetworkServiceSandboxEnabled - true is it OK? Thanks,sorry to bother you,and see you on W.
  22. Hi. Policy templates naming is correct now. Did you check if the one Policy you used is OK? chrome://sandbox is available for Windows XP? TH.
  23. @Dave-H Usually that “problem” is associated with blocking/malfunctioning of remote fonts. If you block in UBO (Supermium) remote fonts (click the mouse where I inserted the arrow) you will get the same layout: You can open an issue in Github to notify of this glitch.
  24. Hi. If you need to block Google services you can make up for it with various filter lists found in Filterlists. Check which one is best for your needs. In the image I have included a filter in software (choose your adblock) then you can search for “Google”:
  25. I made a simple point of information. Always wrong conclusions.......... My personal emails in a more private and secure form do not use both ProtonMail and Tutanota. And of course I will not mention in this thread which email service I use because it does not interest the OP and above all it is info that will remain strictly personal.
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