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  1. From what I see in the page source it could be attributable to Polyfill. But I can't fully verify with W.XP. Try the extension: https://github.com/martok/palefill/releases/tag/v1.6
  2. https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&p=225418&sid=25005a71b7b26f79d4c6783387caf37d#p225418
  3. I saw it here, it's been 21 days: https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal/issues/57
  4. This article is fairly recent, and may interest you: https://www.gpudrive.com/gpu-rasterization/
  5. Thanks for the reply can you check the sequence below for me: Right click on the desktop, then in the context menu, click on Properties Click on the Settings tab, then click on Advanced. Troubleshooting tab Move the hardware acceleration slider to the third notch or higher. OK - close And check in Chrome as well? TH. _______________________________________________________________________________________ P.S. Has anyone heard from Feodor2?
  6. Greetings to all MSFN members. I have noticed that most MSFN members have great hardware at their disposal. It would be interesting to see if it is possible in the browser to lighten the CPU work to the advantage of the GPU and thus improve the browsing experience. First we need to verify if the hardware acceleration works: chrome://gpu If hardware acceleration works, whether it can be improved via 2 experimental flags (if any): "GPU rasterization" "Zero-copy rasterizer" the difference with the 2 active flags is visible in the following images: Some more info on your GPU from the GPU-Z software that follows in the footsteps of its more famous big brother, which I assume runs on Windows XP: https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/ You will forgive me as always if I can no longer verify this information directly, even at work we no longer have Windows XP available.
  7. My daughter's pc that I recently converted to Linux also has 4 GB of RAM. I have tried Edge, it consumes less RAM than Chrome but is less fast. Firefox is also less fast despite the fact that I have cached it in RAM. For the test I used Spedometer 2.0. P.S. Feodor2 is almost certainly enlisted in the Ukrainian army You can tell from what he wrote 3g. I made for you the translation from his language to English. @feodor2 Try to have a thousand eyes and be very careful my friend.
  8. I don't want to get into political discourse. Just being close to Feodor2 (Ukrainian) developer of MyPal. War is always a defeat for humanity.
  9. @feodor2 No. At the moment, no. But it is good to consider this possibility at a probabilistic level. https://opensrcsec.com/open_source_security_announces_rust_gcc_funding Best wishes for your browser.
  10. My slide rule is traditional: In the picture I am in front of my Lenovo all in one pc.
  11. Me too. And we're not old....if life starts at 40 we're still in the prime of our youth. And I have no anti-XP sentiments. Look I wrote elsewhere on Saturday: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/how-much-ram-have-you-got.444036/#post-3067449 Unfortunately I don't have my C64 anymore, even that is broken, but I still have my slide rule similar to those used in the movie Apollo 13.
  12. I used XP until my pc broke down. Summer 2021. I used XP from 2001 until 2021. If you have been using XP for 20 years you probably have the same experience of using (let's talk about this,but I would have written about something else) this OS as I do. If you have used it for less than twenty years.....try to reach this milestone that I have already reached in the past year.
  13. Although Feodor2 (who is a Ukrainian national) probably cares about more than answering my question right now, a fork of FF into the Rust language could increase the vulnerability to memory exploits. Even if it's likely that malformed web pages with vulnerabilities affecting OS x32 + OS Windows XP will be infrequent or not at all, I would personally recommend that when this browser sees the light of day, it should be combined with anti-exploit software.
  14. Ah....this is why Yahoo doesn't work. The version you are using of PP cannot use the Oauth2 authentication required by Yahoo and moreover the internal browser of PP (I.E.) does not have this functionality. The build I recommended runs the default external browser for Oauth2 authentication. The last build is not bad, try it.
  15. @NotHereToPlayGames Weird. PopPeeper handles Yahoo accounts well. Even with Oauth2 authentication. Have you tried to see if you have the latest build (5.2.2) of PP?
  16. Give it a try (light) launch CCleaner and clean the registry. Then a reboot of the pc.
  17. I deleted the 4 insecure cipher suites 1.0/1.1/1.2 from Edge: You need to create the registry key as per the path in the image and then insert the string values as per the image below:
  18. I use Android Opera as my browser, not Brave. This is my mobile security setup: Huawei P 30 Lite Android 10 Account security - Protected by 2-Step Verification Screen Lock - Protected by 6-digit PIN Biometric Unlock -Fingerprint(s) Notifications - Hide sensitive information when locked Google Play Protect - Activated SIM card lock - Activated Private DNS: AdGuard DNS - (For the block CNAME-cloaked trackers) Real-time protection: Huawei Avast AV built-in Email client: BlueMail Aruba PEC Opera: Search Engine DuckDuckGo Cookie on - Except third parties Pop-up blocker - on Close tabs + clear History and Data on exit Opera ADS blocker Opera Anti Trackers blocker
  19. Interesting. If all MSFN members need help with browser privacy/security configuration I will certainly be available.
  20. With Firefox it would be possible to see that the disclosed CNAME allows for an additional line of defense,but this is not on topic with this thread. Good night.
  21. I stay tuned for developments, now unfortunately I have to disconnect.

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